First of all, as long as it is your intention to use the subliminal program just for yourself, there is nothing to worry. Even if you make multiple copies of the programs you have purchased and If you move it from device to another, the anti piracy programs will never work.

So what exactly is Anti Piracy affirmations? Is there anything negative in it?

Anti piracy affirmations are just simple affirmations which is there to stop the program working for people who listen to it if they pirated or downloaded without paying for it or people who may have basically shared this program with others. If you want to purchase it for someone else, simply pay for the program and send it to their email address. The subliminal programs are also designed to stop working for people who are being manipulated without their knowledge. Those who pirate it or download the program illegally may find some signs of the programs working but it will stop working after sometime as it does take some time for the messages to start being processed. It is like driving with parking brakes on.

There is nothing negative. If you pirate our programs which are meant to make you more attractive, you won’t become ugly, its just that it will never work to your expectations.

Our programs were initially priced much higher but over the years we have revised the price and make it more affordable. For the price we sell, you will not find a better quality subliminal maker. We have priced the programs in such a way that almost anyone with some money can easily afford it.