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This is our new and updated version of ‘ATTRACT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN FAST’ (Please do not confuse this with Sexual Magnetism)

This subliminal program is very effective in transforming your inner thoughts about the way you behave when there are beautiful women around you. Your body language and the way you behave will make you more attractive to beautiful women, you will get noticed.
There are also affirmations in this track that makes you less anxious when you are around them. You will be always cool, and you will behave like as if the Beautiful women are just normal people. You are going to be less needy.

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. More powerful affirmations infused, apart from ten lines we used in our previous subliminal program, over 300 of them are totally new. We watched countless videos from famous pickup artists and read a couple of important books that focus on how to attract beautiful women fast.

.Improves your body language to make you physically and sexually more attractive for Beautiful Women.

.Not presenting yourself as a needy person while you are around them. This itself is a very attractive trait in a time when women complain a lot about how needy men are becoming. This could actually turntable in some cases, women who are used to men behaving like needy morons, are going to be worried why you were not needy like them, this will make them a bit weaker and will try harder to get your attention. This part will be fun.

.Approach any beautiful women without being scared. This is a problem these days, men are panicking a lot these days even when a beautiful woman asks for directions. We have affirmations in this subliminal audio where it destroys your approach anxiety such that you can approach any beautiful women and talk to her. What you tell her, and how you behave with her depends entirely on you, all this subliminal audio will do is to help you approach them with a lot reduced anxiety.

. The way you feel about yourself. This is the most important part. You are going to value yourself much higher than before. You are going to feel much much more secure with your looks. This takes a big load that you have put on yourself away while you approach a beautiful woman.

.You are going to spend some more time in front of the mirror. You are first going to make sure you look at your best all the time and then spend a few more seconds looking at your new Attractive Self Image. 😉


Listen to this track for at least 4 hours a day or up to 12 hours. 8 hours for the next one month will bring amazing results.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lorenzo the Magnificent

    I bought this program back in 2017, when MindPro had their original channel on YouTube.

    I was new to the world of subliminals then, and I had stumbled across the channel. I was listening to the free 30 minute versions of Sex Magnet and Pheromones Booster for about two weeks. I was impressed with Pheromones Booster. I might have considered purchasing it, but one night I listened to Attract Beautiful Women Fast. Somewhere around the 20 minute mark, I felt something like an inward shiver. I listened to it a few more times, and I would get the same feeling around the same time. I was surprised at what I felt just from listening to this more than the other subs, so I bought the full version.

    It got me more attention from women, and it gave me a good spike in confidence. I guess what I noticed the most was that very attractive women appeared normal. For example, I would notice blemishes or things that might make a woman’s beauty seem less intimidating. It’s not that they ceased being attractive, it’s just that it wasn’t a big deal. This made me more relaxed when being around most people. Women seemed more romantically inclined and flirty, and sometimes they were the ones being nervous. It was amusing because it never happened before.

    I also purchased the original Sex Magnet (which consists of only one part) a bit later. The two programs helped me in different ways, and I’ve run them both twice. I would say Attract Beautiful Women is more internal. I had no relationships until my 20s, and I had been very bad around girls for a long time. It brought back some painful memories but cleared them up. I’ve definitely had more dreams that were related to listening to this one. I would also say this one feels more relevant to issues with romance and relationships.

    Based on my own experience, I think it would be good for those new to subliminals or MindPro or perhaps for a guy wanting a boost in confidence and self esteem.

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