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Super Natural Beauty!

We are proud to present you a brand new subliminal program which is derived from our program ‘BECOME THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN’ which has been quite successful. This subliminal program is designed to bring out the raw and irresistible sexiness from within you and make you look as sexy as possible.

Like ‘BECOME THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN‘ this program is designed to help you change physically and mentally but still make sure you look like a much more sexier version of yourself.

Inspired by some feedback we received while making custom subliminal audio, we created this insane track for those who are looking to make physical changes to their face and body to look really sexy.
This track helps the listener to make physical changes mainly on the face. Over time your face will start changing and appear much sexier compared to the time before you started listening to this track. When you listen to this track, you won’t end up looking like someone else, you will still be recognized but it’s just that you will look much better. It’s like two sisters, who look similar but one grows up looking sexier than the other one. Please remember that this program is designed to bring out the raw, feminine sexiness and it is different fromBECOME THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN‘. Those of you who want to just look beautiful can continue listening to that program, Please do not ask me which is better, please decide for yourself what you want.


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Some may need just a few days of listening, others will need up to three months. While listening, some of you may experience some tingling sensations, others may feel like as if their face was massaged, for those who need the nose to be altered, you feel like as if your nose has been pulled, for those who may need the shape of their head to be transformed, you may feel like your head is being massaged. Do not worry, the changes are being made in a positive way.

  • What can you expect from this track over time?
  • Feel happy the way you are first. This is the most important part.
  • Become a new, improved and a much much SEXIER looking version ‘YOU’.
  • Become one of the Sexiest Women.
  • Get that face that belongs on the cover page of the famous magazines.
  • Minute facial transformations that make BIG differences in the way you look.
  • A better sense of fashion and style.
  • RAW Irresistible Sexiness.
  • Attract Handsome men’s eyes naturally with the new looks.
  • Look a lot sexier and behave sexily.
  • Behave like a world-class sexy woman.
  • this paid version contains triple the amount of affirmations and the changes are designed to be even more profound.
  • The paid version also contains affirmations derived from ‘IRRESISTIBLE SEXINESS’


  • 3D Affirmations This feature allows your body and mind to make faster changes.
  • Ultrasonic: Continue Listening to this program even when you are not in a position to use Headphones/earphones. (Please remember to use the normal version for at least 4 hours)
  • More than three times the amount of affirmations used in the YouTube versions

Listen to this track for just two hours on the first one week, this is to ensure you are able to adapt to the extra attention you will get in the future. Then you can listen to this track for at least four hours a day for the next 1-3 months. Or if you want super fast results you can listen to the track for at least 8 hours a day for the next month, but not more than 21 hours.
If you ever feel that you are being tempted back after 3 months, you restart and use this program as a refresher and listen to it for a week.
Listening to the track using headphones/earplugs.
After listening to the program for 4 hours with the normal version, you can shift to listening to the ultrasonic track if you are not in a position to use Headphones/earphones. The Instructions on how to use the ultrasonic version is inside the file you download.

Please note that this is a much more powerful version of the program found on our YouTube channel and it really makes a big difference. This program is designed to make you much sexier and obviously, you are going to be sexually more attractive to men and continue with your purchase only if you are confident of handling the extra attention this program brings. If not, please check out ‘BECOME THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN‘. The link is posted below.

You can listen to other music while listening to this track, and you can carry on other activities such as working, studying or playing or sleeping or working out, etc.


We reserve our rights to keep the affirmations a trade secret.


  1. 5 out of 5


    I feel the sensations all over my face, I notice my jawline being more clear. It just seems like my face is getting small makeovers. Every week, I notice something different and my friends whom I see on the weekends asked me what was I was doing to my face, because its better and they don’t understand what!
    Men chase me, but the only draw back from this product is that you can also expect people who you don’t like can also be attracted towards you and women can get jealous. But this is problem every beautiful woman face!
    I am into my third week. I will use it for another 1 month and update this review if mind pro lets me.

  2. 5 out of 5


    My hubby just can’t keep his hands over me! But warning to ladies with jealous men! He does get jealous when other men look or try to talk to me, but I am enjoying this attention. I do not know how long this spell will last but he is hooked to me!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’ve listened to this for the last 2 months in hope that my ex would see me differently. He did but not to the extent I had hoped for. I would say this has had affect on several blokes I know in their 30s whilst I’m 52!! One of the guys is 37 and has told me (bearing in mind he has seen 1 photo of me and our chats are over the phone only due to distance) that he finds me sexy, smart, intelligent and he wants a chance to date me so he can love, adore and protect me. Never has a bloke in my life said that before. I’m going to try the Super Alpha Female Foundation as he has said that I need more confidence in myself. 4 broken marriages what did you expect lol. Once I’ve done that one I will come back to this and see how much I’ve changed again. Wish me luck LOL 😊

  4. 5 out of 5

    Kristine Lesher

    i listening this more than a year,,,when i look at myself at mirror i am finally happy what i see,,,my men i love says i look more beautiful every day he sees me,,,i wish i can show you the pic of me but i cannot here,,,my mum said last week that i look like Brigitte Bardot when she was young 💜🦄🍀😍

  5. 5 out of 5


    I didn’t give this one 5 stars only because I have just began using it. I have noticed some subtle changes in my face and body. I have also noticed an increase in male attention. This is something I’ve always had, but yesterday when I went out I was a bit taken aback by the staring! I might switch to the “Become the most beautiful” only because I don’t like this amount of attention. It is making me bit uncomfortable.

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