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This is a very very powerful Subliminal track, It is much more powerful than the version you can find on YouTube. Infact, it is one of the most powerful subliminal audio tracks we have ever created. We advice you to read the instructions carefully before using it.
This track is not just the female version of the ALPHA MALE.
The affirmations had to be built from scratch to make sure it is highly effective to women.

This track is designed not just to make you an Alpha Female, but also take you beyond that. Whats the point in being just an Alpha Female when all you can do is to be a dominant Female in just the office or while at gym or bar with other women
We help you become not just an Alpha but also become a very successful woman.
To be an Alpha Female, is not just to be the loudest of boss about and be a dominant female. We are not aiming for that. What we are aiming to make you is to transform you into someone who will be looked up to by other women, and make them want to be like you. Be a good example to others. Set a high standard. We would love to help you get that edge world class women have, the kind of charisma, attitude and confidence that can take you to places you have never dreamt of.
The affirmations we have infused are not just to make you an Alpha Female, but to make you a very successful Woman. What is the point in being an alpha when you end up as a broke loser who can only be a dominant presence in an office party?
There are a lot of subliminal audio tracks claiming to instantly make you an Alpha Female. Most of them contain affirmations like ‘I am an alpha female or ‘I am dominant’ etc.
But what makes them an Alpha female or a Dominant male is missing.
This is where we blow them all away.

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We focus on the topics, destroy any blocks that are coming in your way to become an alpha female, and instill new positive belief systems to make you an Alpha female.
We have infused affirmations that makes you charismatic and attractive to everyone, someone who is likable, so that people readily listen to you despite being dominant, but that does not mean you will end up playing a nice person, you will display aggression when needed, a lioness who won’t let others to mess with her!
We have studied the personality traits of the most successful and liked people on this planet. Its with this research we have made affirmations that will take you all there and really wish you all the best to become a successful person who are loved and remembered by everyone but also turn out to be your enemies’ worst nightmare!

Below we have mentioned what are the core points we focus on to make our subliminal Audio the best you will find anywhere.

.BECOME UNAFFECTED BY REJECTION (This ensures that you will move on quickly to the next one without dwelling up on the past, its not just focused on being rejected by the opposite sex, but in general)
Those are the core points we focus on to take you beyond the alphas, to dominate other alphas, to win respect from other Alphas, to make other alphas feel like they are betas in your presence.
Set yourself apart from other Alphas.

Due to the sheer size and content of this subliminal track, we advice you to listen to this audio with caution. Listen to this track for just 1 hour per day for the first one week, this will allow your mind to slowly open up to new and better ideas, then listen to this track for just two hours on the second week, then increase the listening time from two hours up to 8 hours the following week.
DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHER SUBLIMINAL TRACKS FROM OUR CHANNEL OR ANY OTHER CHANNEL while you listen to this track for the next two months. From the third month, you can listen to this track as a refresher once a day along with other tracks.
This will enable the best results.

If you want to try to understand the effects of this subliminal audio, we invite you to click the link pasted below and listen for few days!

The track contains Anti Piracy affirmations, it will not work properly if its downloaded or listened to in offline mode or pirate it anyway.


Do not download this program illegally,or pirate it in anyway. This track contains very strong anti piracy affirmations.
You can listen to this program by making multiple copies as longs its your intention to use it for only yourself.

We reserve our rights to keep the affirmations we used for this program as a trade secret. 🙂

5 reviews for SUPER ALPHA FEMALE!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I found these guys on youtube. I was desperately trying to turn my life around after being dumped for no fault of my own. I was confused, insecure and lonely despite having so many people around me.
    At first I didn’t trust as I did not have much results from countless other self help programs, book or hypnosis! You name it!
    I did not read the instructions well, so I listened for more than 4 hours looping it. It was still in YouTube. I really liked the way I felt, I did not feel anything negative like they warned if I listened for more than one hour everyday on the first week.
    I liked the way I felt and from the second day itself I was feeling more motivated and by the end of first week, the victim mentality I had started fading. Then around eight days later, I read the instructions and I realized I jumped the gun, but nothing bad happened so I continued listening to the video without any limitations for another 4 day before I purchased it. Whatever I felt while listening to the online version, I felt like it was multiplied 4 times.
    In the end of 3 months, I feel like I have made drastic changes with my mindset. I live with more optimism. I have moved on from my past. I am giving myself more time for settling in a relationship as I don’t need any company to keep me fulfilled. I dated few men who were better than my ex, which gave me more confidence that I can pick who I want.
    with my job, I am still not in a leadership position I want to be in but I have been given more responsibilities and I don’t allow anyone to push me any more. I am taken more seriously.
    Thank you Elena for the advice. It was on your advice that if I took more actions, I can see the results that made the difference.
    I am listening to Unstoppable Success and I love it.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Thank you for this! I am back in control of my life! Well, still a lot of work to do, but it has helped.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Helped me get back on my feet after a terrible divorce. After getting married to a man whom I met only on the day I got married, after being taken to another country with him and then found out he was still in touch with his ex gf, after being dumped for not being modern enough and I had to return back to my country because I could not take it anymore and I was destroyed from inside out because I faced a lot of negativity from the society too, and my self esteem taking a big hit along with being depressed for most of the time wondering what on earth did i do to deserve it! while that man is having a good time back where he is working. I was using the online version for few days and it was not practical for me so I purchased this along with the foundation. I have to say that the foundation part is not pleasant at first, but in 4 weeks, I accepted what happened and I made up my mind that I have to move on. Then I started this and I feel amazing, I feel confident and more powerful. I am taking steps not to be dependent on my family for money and I have started selling clothes through whatsapp and I am happy with my income. I do not know if there are affirmations to become entrepreneur but I feel I want to be one!
    The advice I got from Elena and Silvia were amazing. They asked me to take actions without the fear of failure and I took little steps and it has built my confidence very well. My self esteem is quite high and my new found confidence and presence is attracting men’s attention and interests despite the fact that I remain married. I was angry with him wile listening to the foundation but the anger slowly turned to sympathy towards him. I will not reach out to him though. It is time to move on, that is what I feel deep inside.

    I am now brave enough to file for a divorce and move on from here. I know my life will become better if I allow it to become.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    gr8 work by these people. Thanks a lot for being so polite despite being such a bitch! Lol.
    I will be buying more from you.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    When I purchased this there was not enough reviews about this product and I had to rely on the reviews of the male version. I think more women should leave their reviews here to help each other.
    This subliminals have helped me a lot in the past few months. I have been using this for 3 months and I plan to continue using this for another 3 months unless something better than this comes out. I did not have the option to buy the ultrasonic version which was disappointing.

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