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Have you ever wondered how the monks from far east are portrayed as people who can always smile , look at the world in a more meaningful perspective, be calm in any stressful situations and totally be unfazed by toxic people? Its their state of mind.
Have you ever wondered how people are able to make their living or working place look totally calm, neat and tasteful by just using furniture, colours or decorations that are so simple and devoid of any brand names?

Zen is a state of mind. Its a state of mind in which the person is totally immersed in the present moment, totally in peace with himself/herself. Its a state of mind with which the person can calmly deal with any situation with steadiness that a normal person would break under stress. Its a state of mind with the person is totally in peace and harmony with the universe.
For this a person has to spend a lot of months or even years meditating, but with our Subliminal program, we can help you reach that state of mind in few weeks by following the instructions.

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This is one of my favorite Programs and its on of those programs on which I have invested a lot of time in. I had a lot of requests to make a program like this from few subscribers, though the titles they requested differed, but the end goal was the same.

This paid version has triple the number of affirmations and it even has extra affirmations to destroy stress.

Listen to this track for at least 2-3 hours a day everyday. You can listen to this track for up to 8 hours. The more you listen to it, the faster you will notice gains.

Those you are listening to paid version, there is no need to listen to MEMORY BOOSTER, as it already contains Memory boosting affirmations optimized for it.
While listening to this track, it is advisable to use headphones/earphones for the maximum benefit. You can listen to this track while working, exercising or any other activities.

Do not download this program illegally,or pirate it in anyway. This track contains very strong anti piracy affirmations.
You can listen to this program by making multiple copies as longs its your intention to use it for only yourself.

We reserve our rights to keep the affirmations we used for this program as a trade secret.


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