In most of the new versions of our programs, you basically get to download 4 mp3 files.

Three files are what we call masked subliminal mp3 files. These files basically have affirmations that are masked by natural sounds such as Calm Ocean Waves, Gentle Stream or Thunder Storm. They all contain the same affirmations. It does not matter which background sound you choose as long as you listen to the program as instructed. You can listen to all three files on the same day. Some people have asked us if they can play two different files at the same time, please! it is not necessary. You are just complicating things for no reason.

The reason we give 3 different sounds is for you to have some choice. Some may like a thunderstorm, and some may not like it, and some may get bored of the same sound. The other reason most subliminal makers have water sound as background sound is, it helps you relax and this lets your mind absorb the affirmations faster. You can also play music while you listen to the programs.

Then there is the Ultrasonic Version. Please click here for more information.