How long does it take for subliminal messages to work?

You will usually notice results within 2 weeks, but it may even be as fast as only 1 or 2 sessions. Any two people, even with the same subliminal program, will always experience a difference in speed for the changes to manifest or benefits they expect to encounter.

Furthermore, some of our programs address deeper issues (for example, the Super Alpha series) and they will generally take longer before you see results – this is due to the fact they may be dealing with deep-rooted psychological issues or behavior that they have conditioned themselves into over many years.

Physical Changes take some time. For some people, they will notice changes in two days, but for some, it will take 2 months or more. The changes depend on the age and the number of changes that one expects. No two persons can experience the same results. Some people have a very stubborn mind, which needs more time to see the changes as the resistance is greater. Please be patient.