1. The Best way to listen to the subliminal program is with the help of headphones/earphones. This makes sure the messages are delivered to your mind with greater precision than the speakers. But PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO ULTRASONIC version with headphones or earphones. The instructions for using ultrasonic versions are there in the file you download. For ultrasonic, please use a set of stereo speakers. Before listening to the ultrasonic version, you have to use the normal version for at least 4 hours every day with a pair of headphones or earphones.

Use the normal version for 4 hours a day using headphones or earphones, then listen to the ultrasonic version with the help of stereo speakers.

2. You can listen to the subliminal programs any place, anytime as long as you are not doing anything that requires your full attention like Driving or Operating Heavy machinery. You can listen to the program while working, studying, sleeping, relaxing or exercising

3. You can also listen to music along with it. For example, you can play the music of your choice by opening it with another app or window.

We do not know how effective the subliminal program will be when you are listening to it while watching the news or movie or other programs on tv or the internet. We personally have not had a problem with, but we are not sure if it will be the same for everyone.


As long as you can hear the natural white noise of ocean, water or rain, you will benefit from the subliminal program.

For Ultrasonic, as we mentioned earlier, the instructions are available in the file you download. We will soon be upgrading every program with an ultrasonic option and we will have a separate link in FAQ for Ultrasonic.