Become A Successful Pickup Artist 3.5Q | Light


Become A Successful Pickup Artist is a powerful subliminal program that helps you develop the mindset of a pickup artist.

BASPA 3.5Q Light

Type A

This version is mainly for those who already have a reasonable amount of success with women. This will improve the game even further. If you have a history of trouble approaching women, please click on the link below. Do not purchase this version. This is the Part 2 version of the one found on the link below.


Become A Successful Pickup Artist 3.5Q

NOTICE: Please read the description before you purchase this version. This version is the Part II version of the BASPA 3.5Q Full-Version. Purchase this only if you don’t need to listen to the Part I version because you already have the necessary foundation for what Part I aims to address.

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