Heal Your Inner Child 5.0Q


Heal your inner child is a powerful subliminal program designed to help you heal any emotional trauma you may have experienced while you were a child.

Heal Your Inner Child Subliminal uses the power of affirmations and other techniques such as the Quantum Alignment Module to bring the best possible results as quickly as possible. The Quantum Alignment Module was redeveloped for this program and has brought excellent results.


Type A

Warning: This program is very potent. Please read the instructions carefully before purchasing.

This program will challenge your core belief system and how you view your past more than any other programs we have made. It can be challenging for some people in the first few days. Each of you will have a completely different experience with this program. Please read the instructions carefully and only purchase it if you are willing to do and go through a bit of self-reflection, which may not be very easy. It’s going to feel like a bit of tough love at first.

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