Powerful Third Eye Chakra


Opening and Balancing Ajna | Intuition | Awaken | La – 852Hz|

Tune into our Powerful Third Eye Chakra Opening and Balancing audio designed for awakening your Hidden power and enhance your intuition.

The most common Sanskrit name for the Third eye chakra is “Ajna”, which means “command” and “perceiving”.

This chakra is related to the “supreme element”, which is the combination of all the elements in their pure form.

Yogic meaning of the 3rd eye chakra

In yogic metaphysics, the third eye or Ajna chakra is the center where we transcend duality – the duality of a personal “I” separate from the rest of the world, of a personality that exists independently from everything else.

The third eye chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral characteristics:

  •     Vision
  •     Intuition
  •     Perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy
  •     Psychic abilities related to clairvoyance and clairaudience  especially
  •     Access to mystical states, illumination
  •     Connection to wisdom, insight
  •     Motivates inspiration and creativity

There are Multiple layers of different tones/waves stimulate, awaken and balance your third eye.

Some of you may feel a sensation on the forehead. Especially the place between your eyes. Others may simply feel some sensations on the eyebrows slowly moving towards the middle of the forehead. Don’t worry.

Also please make sure you set the audio to a comfortable volume.

This audio does not contain any subliminal messages or affirmations.
The Audio you are about to download is 1 hour long.
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