Super Sex Magnet 2.0

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We want to thank all those who have purchased this program, especially those who have always been honest with their feedback. This has been one of the most successful products in our store. We are focused on improving this product further to bring a better success rate for our customers.

SSM 2.0 is now being replaced with SSM 5.0 in a couple of weeks.

Please stay tuned.


Type A

What is Sex Magnet?

The answers you are going to find are

” 1. someone who is able to sleep with multiple women in the same day.

2. Someone who can get many chicks at the same time (and are not afraid to have a threesome).”

But it’s simply more than that. We have spent a lot of time to understand what makes a person a sex magnet and used to develop this product.

This subliminal program was developed to improve your magnetic sex appeal to help you attract and seduce beautiful women with the help powerful affirmations.

The Sex Magnet was one of the biggest selling products from our store, it had plenty of positive feedback from guys who were active in the dating scene. We have developed it into something much more powerful. This program is designed to make you more appealing to beautiful women, not only from your looks but also with your body language, the way you talk, manifefavorable circumstancesyoand u, improve your luck with women. Don’t expect a woman to just land on your lap if you are just going to sit there.

This program also helps you to approach beautiful women maintaining a calm composure and balanced confidence and transform you into someone whom they want to approach first. Twelve of the fifteen gentlemen who helped us to test this said that women were actively approaching them in two weeks since they started listening to this program. Sometimes you may catch women staring at you helplessly. The program has affirmations for helping you to take action to meet women, improve your dating skills, improve your flirting skills, reduce approach anxiety, and all the tools that are needed to make you a successful Sex magnet. Now there is one ingredient that is missing in this and that is nothing but will power. A little amount of your will power along with some actions will give you wonderful results. The program also has affirmations to detect BS, and harmful manipulating ways some women can bring.

But, just like in the James Bond movies, not all women will come running to you. You may have to make the first moves for certain women.  For that, we have a lot of powerful affirmations in this program which will make it easier for you to do so!

What this program aims to achieve is to make a man more sexually appealing to beautiful women, someone who they want to approach, someone who literally can do what he wants (but don’t think for a moment to hurt them) with his life. Someone who can transmute a sexual connection effortlessly without even realizing what he is fully capable of.  The affirmations for body language that speaks without uttering a word and when he does speak, he speaks like someone who they want to go to bed with. With improved flirting skills, playing games with words, the man can get her hooked to him and make her wanting for more time to spend with him, which can give him more opportunity to transmute his masculine aura and warm her enough to make her feel comfortable enough to be his lover.

This program is designed to make you totally comfortable with yourself and be comfortable around beautiful women like its normal for you.




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This product has been in development for over a year. This program is divided into four stages due to the sheer volume of topics it covers. The original Sex Magnet was one of the best selling products after Alpha Male. We used the feedback gained from it to develop this product. There were over 15 volunteers who tested this product in various ways, and some of them were different from the other. This subliminal program had four different versions and we wanted to know which version worked the best or which techniques worked the best before we put it for sale. Some volunteers were testing just the ultrasonic version alone, and we didn’t reveal the contents to them apart from the fact that it had the affirmations for Sex Magnet 2.0, it was just to find out or test if the improved ultrasonic frequencies are delivering and they did!

This was one of the programs with which we had a lot of fun, especially with reading the reports from those who were testing.

This is designed for men who are actively looking to meet wonderful women. Men who are ready to take some actions to get to know more women. If you are going to purchase it and just sit in front of the computer or just watch Tv during your free time, we advise you to save your money now!

You do not have to listen to Super Alpha Male 2.0, but Listening to Super Alpha Male will make it easier for this program to work.

Not all women will approach you all the time. If a woman is in a strong and committed relationship, she may just stare at you helplessly, but may not approach you like a girl who is open to a relationship.

All the topics have been redesigned and rearranged. Only a fraction of the affirmations we used for Sex Magnet V2 is used here, the rest of them are new and there are over 4000 affirmations in total. They have been spread around all 4 stages. While some of the topics covered in each stage are repeated, the affirmations are slightly different in each stage. You need to listen to all four stages in order.

Improved 3D Affirmations Technology: Positive affirmations are sent from one ear and affirmations to clear negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the negativity to come back.

Self Adjusting Speed Absorption. The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will be able to absorb them regardless of how your mood or state of mind is.

Improved Ultrasonic Version. Ultrasonic will now be standard in all our subliminal programs, this allows our listener to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the normal version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic. You can find more information on how to use Ultrasonic Version among the files you download.

Below we have mentioned what each stage aims to cover. We would like to repeat the fact that despite many topics being repeated, they contain different affirmations. For example, you will notice that Supreme Self Confidence is repeated across all stages, but all the stages have different affirmations that are slightly different for Supreme self-confidence.


Stage 1:

Supreme Self Confidence.

Supreme Self Esteem.

Be More Organized. (It is important to be a bit more organized, not only with time but also the surroundings like your house or your room or office space. When you have successfully brought the person to your place, you don’t want to ruin it all by bringing her to a mess.)

Overcome Rejection. (This helps you to move on from rejection as soon as possible go for the next one without the fear of failure)
Stop Self Sabotage. (You may have all the qualities that are needed to attract women or seduce them, but you find a way to sabotage it even without your knowledge)

Destroy Approach Anxiety. ( With reduced approach anxiety, you can approach more beautiful women than you have done in the past, there may be a bit of anxiety when you approach the first few times, but it will still be much less than it was in the past)

Destroy Guilt, Shame, and Fear. ( This topic is very important to remove any negativity from your past that may be preventing you from attracting the women of your choice, or any guilt, shame, or fear associated with past experiences. This topic is present only for the first Stage)

Improve luck with women. (Luck is something we make, you don’t get lucky by sitting in one place and expect it all to work out automatically, the more you try, the more you go out to meet women, the more efforts you put in to meet women, the more luck you have with them. You make your luck. We have affirmations to help you improve your odds with women)

Improved manipulation skills (let’s not take it the wrong way. The affirmations for this topic is there to help you to make you present yourself as someone who can be trusted to be in a relationship with)

Learn dating skills fast (The world is changing very fast, and many of us are moving from one place to another, from one continent to another, even those who have dated in the past, and was in a relationship for a long time and suddenly find themselves single again may find it difficult to get up to speed in dating. The Internet has changed a lot for us! So when you put some efforts to understand new tips for dating, there are affirmations targeted at just the learning speed for acquiring the skills for dating.

Improve flirting skills (There is no need for us to type why we have introduced this to the program)

Raw masculine Aura (Raw masculine aura is something that helps you stand out from all the other men and make women give you the priority for their attention even before you say a word)

Irresistible sexiness (The entire list of affirmations from Irresistible Sexiness has been introduced to this program to gain an unfair advantage)

Improved seduction skills (This is a primer for the next stage. It won’t be as strong as it is in the latter stages, but it is there just to prepare you. The affirmations for Learn dating skills fast will aid you to learn seducing skills fast too. But you must look around for some materials, there are tons of good pick up artists out there who can give you some important tips)

Attract beautiful women ( Last, but not the least, this script will help you make yourself look more attractive to beautiful women through your body language and some subtle changes you may make to your dressing style or hairstyle)


Stage 2:




Unaffected by rejection.

Seductive masculine tone. (This is aimed at changing the tone of your voice to a more seductive tone. This will not happen overnight. Just give it a few weeks)

Pheromone booster. (The Pheromone boosters will add to the Raw Masculine Aura you gain from the first stage)

Reduce Approach Anxiety.

Luck with women.

Improved manipulation skills.

Learn dating skills fast.

Improve flirting skills Classy sense of humor. (We took this script from a program calledWicked sense of humorand adapted to this program, One of the men who tested this program suggested that if we could help him improve his sense of humor, his life will be a bit easier, we noted this and rebuilt it and gave the copies away for testing. In few days he got back to us and said he forgot about the updated affirmations and it took him a few days to realize how much his sense of humor has improved and women like being in his company because he makes them laugh, but also how he didnt have to be a clown to make them laugh, We noticed the feedback similar to his from all those others who were testing the updated version he got. But some guys were already funny and they said, it didnt make much difference. That is because we have affirmations to prevent the program from being too funny that you will be viewed as a clown and make women lose any sexual interest in you)

Improved Eye Contact and Seductive Looks. (This set of affirmations were later added to help you to build a small sexual tension while having a conversation and the affirmations for improved seducing skills will help you to do what is needed. Raw masculine energy Irresistible Sexiness Improved seduction skills

Attract Beautiful Women.

Stage 3

Social confidence.


Effortless seduction.

Pheromone booster.

Unaffected by rejection.

Approach Anxiety.

Improved manipulation skills.

Eye contact and seduction.

Seductive masculine tone.

Classy sense of humor.

Natural flirting skills.   (The flirting skills you learn or gain from the earlier stages will be more natural and you won’t even know that you are flirting when needed)
Raw masculine energy.

Raw sexual energy.

Irresistible sexiness.

Attract beautiful women.

Luck with women.

Improved Sex Drive. (The script from one of our popular programs called Unlimited Sex Drive is now adapted to this to help you improve your sex drive to a reasonable level without escalating it to a level where you are too desperate for sex.)

Stage 4

Social confidence.


Effortless seduction.

Pheromone booster

.Unaffected by rejection.

Approach Anxiety.

Improved manipulation skills.

Eye contact and seduction.

Seductive masculine tone.

Classy sense of humor.

Natural flirting skill.

Raw masculine energy.

Raw sexual energy.

Irresistible sexiness.

Attract beautiful women.

Luck with women.

Improved Sex Drive.

Stage 4

polishes all the rough edges from the previous three stages and it can also be used as the refresher stage. But please do not skip the first three stages and jump to this.

Binaural Session

There are two Binaural Tracks in the program, it is not mandatory to listen to it, they contain different affirmations but they are there just to complement this program and it can be used from the second stage every time you are taking rest or the time before you fall asleep. Please use a pair of headphones or earphones and set it to a comfortable volume while listening.

Change Your Life.

If used as instructed, this program will change your life in a good way. You will be able to meet wonderful women on the way whom you won’t just view as sexual objects, but also respect them for who they are and recognize their strengths. Some guys who are going to purchase this may not have been very successful with women in the past and its okay. The mindset you need to have while using this program is to first get to know women, talk to them casually without expecting anything in return. Sex Magnet 2.0 will help you to reduce your anxiety take advantage of this and try to just have conversations with them and learn how it works.

The program has affirmations to improve your intuition when it comes to women stitched among other affirmations, This will help you to understand them better and know what you should do next. For others who have been successful with women to a certain extent will find this program only adds to their game and experience. Do not be tempted by the reviews of this program or any other program from any other seller very fast. Everyone comes from a different level of experience and the results are going to vary. The program is a long term investment, so don’t hesitate to restart listening to this program if you feel there is more to come.

While you listen to this program, it would be good to pick up a few books to improve your personality, get some dating tips if you are lacking skills. There are plenty of good quality materials available, take your time, and read the reviews before purchasing them. I cannot pinpoint any one single book or Pick Up artist, as this program will be used by many people worldwide and culture differs. So, I leave it to you to choose the place where you can get your information on the dating scene.

Like we said earlier, we took over a year to develop the program. We are six months behind the schedule to launch this, that is because we wanted to make the best program before putting it for sale.

Below you will find an Audio which you can use as testing before purchasing. It has a small sample of the affirmations used for this program.


Do not download or pirate the audio as it has strong Anti Piracy affirmations. It is meant for just testing. You can listen to it for 2-4 hours every day to see the results. We do not have an option to loop right now, but in the coming few days, we will add the function when the website will receive a big update.

While this program has 4 STAGES.

You have to use each stage for at least 1-2 months. Some suggested that 45 days were enough. We leave it up to you.

Will listening to Super Alpha Male help?

Yes, for sure, Super Alpha Male before you start using Sex Magnet 2.0 will help a lot to build a strong foundation.  But not everyone wants to be an Alpha male, so if you have listened to the Super Alpha Foundation before you start listening to this program, that too will be enough.  That said, ‘DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OTHER PROGRAM WHILE YOU ARE LISTENING TO SUPER SEX MAGNET 2.0″.

You can find more information on the foundation by clicking Here

If you are impatient and you want to start listening to SSM 2.0, you can go ahead.

Well, the best exposure time to this program is 8 hours, You can listen up to 18 hours if you can, but not more than that.
You have to be consistent, if you miss a day or two, it’s okay, but please add an extra 2 days to the Minimum 31 days (1 to 2 months) schedule. You may miss listening to the program on weekends, it’s okay, just add the number of days to the schedule, but try to be as consistent as possible.


Ultrasonic is the silent version that can be used in situations where you can’t use your headphones/earphones. But, we advise everyone to listen to the normal masked version with headphones for at least 4 hours before listening to the Ultrasonic version.


The optimum volume for the ultrasonic version would be 20-30%. I have found that if you are using a VLC player, it is much easier to control the volume. More information on how to use the ultrasonic version can be found in the file you have downloaded. Please look for a file called ‘ULTRASONIC INFORMATION
If you use this program for one hour a day, it is a waste of time and money. You will not get any results.


Please use good quality headphones/earphones while listening to the masked/normal versions. Headphones/earphones must be of good quality. If you find a pair of headphones from a reputed brand for just $12 or $15, even that is good. Do not go for cheap ones.
Many people may be scared to use the ultrasonic version because they think it needs special speakers to work. All you need is a set of good quality STEREO speakers. I can give you one example of a pair of good-quality speakers you can find for less than $20. Logitec z120 is a good one. We tested it and it works. You can find any other speakers that are from a good brand with a similar configuration.
We at MIND PRO LABS wish you all the best and we hope to read about your positive transformation soon.

This program will change your life, and it is designed to give you the push that you always wished you had, such as less fear, more confidence. It is up to you to use these tools to make a positive transformation in your life. You have to decide when and where to apply it.

We reserve our rights to keep the affirmations/script as a trade secret.

Due to the sheer amount of affirmations, your mind needs a lot of time to process the information being fed, and this for some can take time and it could be tiring. Make sure you are well hydrated and practice eating healthy food. Do not listen to any other programs/binaural beats or frequency etc on the same day. Please do not send us emails asking if it is okay to listen to any other subliminal programs /Binaural beats (other than the ones provided with your purchase)  on the same day.


Do not pirate this product or use pirated versions of this or any other programs on our website. We have infused strong anti-piracy affirmations designed to stop the program from working if pirated. The anti-piracy codes will be activated if you attempt the pirate it or use a pirated version. You may feel some gains while listening to the pirated version but eventually it will stop working completely and for the person who pirates this, the effects will wear off completely and no matter how many times you listen, you will never get back the results.

If you paid for this and you made multiple copies just for yourself, then it will work for you. Do not have to worry.



36 reviews for Super Sex Magnet 2.0

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I would like to state that I got this product for free to test. I wasn’t paid to test. I had already purchased programs from them worth over $2000. They were mainly custom programs related to my business along with custom programs for two of my friends. We had a close relationship with mindpro. We constantly keep them informed about our progress and when there is a problem, they help us out somehow. This maybe the reason why were were one of those chosen to test. But I have also realized what they mean by saying that subliminal programs can only help, we still have to do most of the work. If you accept that, then the programs can help. If you play the subs on a loop and expect everything to pan out for you, then – Good luck!

    Over the past few months, I met and dated several beautiful women and I am still a friend with benefits with three of them.
    My sense of humor has improved a lot and this has helped me move or change even the awkward situations around.
    When I was meeting more women, I was first mentally unprepared to escalate it to a physical relationship as I thought I would be worn out, but the increase in sex drive from stage three took care of it.
    It feels like this sub is constructed in such a way that each stage is preparing you for what is going to come next. I also need to confess that I had already finished the earlier version of the test programs, hence it gives me head start compared to someone who is going to listen to this for the first time.
    Apart from physical encounters, I notice that I flirt a lot more effortlessly. I sometimes have to control myself from doing that because I was flirting with my employees, I had promised myself I won’t do it, but it was all still fun. Lots of sexual tension in the air. There were times when men got a bit defensive with their women. But I ignored it and moved on. I do not know how well the pheromones work but while making out I noticed several women sniffing around my neck and ears, and while sleeping they liked to lie on my chest and sniff. I was even kissed in my neck several times and it was the first time it happened. Other observation is that my approach anxiety is virtually zero, but there were two or three women with whom approach anxiety kicked in.

    Use it properly and give it some effort and don’t be desperate. You are not a hero in a movie where everything will happen like its scripted. If you fail, move on to the next one and enjoy your life.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Holy crap! It works fast on me.
    I was listening to this from saturday night. I am back in the office and the chicks are looking at me like as if I am new hot male employee here. I was never noticed in the past!
    I do not know if this is a placebo or if it is really working, but it is encouraging.
    Who knows how I feel after one month!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just loving the results I am seeing in three days. I did not see such fast results with SAM 2, but I Know they are both different. I can easily talk to girls now without any anxiety. But I am still having trouble approaching girls who are 9/10 or 10/10. Sure it is too early, but it is a big improvement of anxiety.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    In just 10 days my results are much better than the results I got from subs I used for over three months and cost over $100. Men can get a bit jealous, so you need to watch out for them. Also the ridiculous motivation and confidence is helping me in other areas as well.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    surprised how quickly this is working. SAM2.0 Took more than a month to show some results. This is fast in my experience. Even during the foundation the results are amazing. I cant wait to see what will happen from stage 2.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was going to wait for the guys who tested it write their reviews but I just couldn’t hold myself back anymore and went ahead and purchased it. Later I got a message from Elena saying that I am entitled for a discount since I purchased the previous version and was refunded over $10! That’s professional!
    I have finished Alpha Male 2 and I am doing this for the past two weeks. Sometimes the stage 1 feels like doing the foundation or stage 1 of alpha male. At nights I had some strange dreams where I found myself in embarrassing situations with women, it was only while I was driving to work I was able to decode it. They were deep rooted insecurities I had within me. I also could not help but smile at women while I walked in the streets, a sort of positive vibe sometimes, this is then returned back, women can’t help but smile and blush and turn around and look at me again. I have never done this in the past. While women were more receptive, some men feel threatened. I am learning to handle it day by day, but interests from women have been amazing. It has only been two weeks. Alpha Male took me over three weeks to show any result but this took only three or four days to show something.
    I have also sometimes been hit by some regrets about past mistakes and the feeling is very strong. It feels like the times I had gone though while listening to the foundation. It may be due to the fact that the script has affirmations for letting go of guilt, shame and fear. In the past three or four days, such negative things seems to have been reducing.
    It definitely works well for me. The results I got from just two weeks from listening to this is ten times better than the results I got from the first sex magnet I purchased two years ago. Big Improvement!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Tested this, I am happy to say that even the beta version was really strong. I am amazed by the step these guys have taken towards improving this program from the last version. Stage 1 sometimes makes me feel like I am listening to the foundation all over again, but in just few days things are fine when it comes to your past memories haunting you. I loved the way circumstances manifested that helped me meet women right off the bat! I used to be anxious in the past about missing out the action on the dating scene, but nowadays I am not at all anxious and I manage to hook up with more women. I was worried about being single for a long time and I wanted a serious relationship right from the first day I met a women which always spectacularly flopped! These days its the opposite, I do not want a serious relationship for now, and I just want to have fun and this makes women I meet more attracted towards me. I did have to deal with few rejections but I handled it like a pickup artist, in the past, I would have withdrawn and headed back home and switched on the PS4. I now have more phone numbers of women than I ever had in my whole life. I had to deal with jealous men at first, I would be caught off guard, but by the end of stage 1 Men were either not threatened by me or I started behaving or sending vibes that I am not a threat. If you work in a office with a lot of females, you are in treat! I was eyeing this girl for years and she was in a relationship, recently she broke up and she instantly warmed up to me, and we hit it. Both of us mutually agreed to keep it a secret and have a friends with benefits kind of relationship. I don’t know how long it will last but right now she is just enjoying being single and so do I! She simply prefers sleeping with me compared to other men yet she is not jealous I sleep with other women! What more do I want!
    This is awesome, just have do dedicate your time listening to this!

    • Mind Pro

      Thanks a lot for helping us, we will always be grateful for the meticulous feedback you had given us. You were on of the most reliable person for feedback, you told us what worked and what did not. The results you got were also the due to the actions you took, the program was only there to boost things, you grabbed the opportunities. So the credit goes to you too.
      We wish you all the best and hope you have great fun.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5


    It has been just three weeks since I Purchased it, and the results are already mind blowing. A big step up from the previous version. What is not so impressive is the fact that sometimes I feel that the Stage 1 feels like the foundation programs. A big of nightmare while I sleep. I will write a full report after I finish all three stages. So far, so good. Its bloody good. Better than every other sub I have used from other established sub makers.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    One month into it, and it has already worked so smoothly. Unlike the SAM2 foundation, stage 1 has been very smooth sailing. I feel totally different as a person not just to others but also to myself. Talking to more women than I have ever done in my life, I see a lot of signs of interests from women who used to ignore me in past. I have used (name edited by Mindpro Team) subliminal which costs lot more but I can feel that this is more straight forward.
    The resistance towards this sub is zero from my side. Its smooth. I will review each stage as I finish them.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just finished doing Stage one and I can already feel it is ten times better than the previous version. The amount of attention I get from women is just insane. I may have had a headwind by listening to Super Alpha Male. The first few days felt like listening to the stage one of alpha male with mixed emotions. It was a bit of emotional roller coaster, that lasted for just a week unlike the time I listened to the stage one of Sam 2 which lasted for more than two weeks. Like I said earlier I may have had the headwind from sam 2. Women now touch me a lot more when they communicate, like the waitresses sometime tap me on my shoulder to recommend something from the menu or when it is late, they tap me on my back to assure me that my order will be on time. It is just insane, these are the same women who I used to interact earlier and they were totally cold to me.
    I live in an area dominated by strong south asian population, where women are very conservative, even here I get a good reception, I have caught a few of them off guard staring right at me, I love the way they check me out when I am in the super market like men check women out. Men with women do get very defensive even when I am not showing any sings of interests on their women. I have faced the least resistance with this sub. I have used plenty of similar products from other subliminal producers and this one is the most sophisticated with the least resistance. I have not got laid yet, but in the club I made out with plenty, dated few new girls but I am yet to make it to their bedroom or take them to my bedroom. I need to be a bit more patient.

  11. Rated 4 out of 5


    I purchased the test version few months before it was launched, I had just finished SAM 2, it felt good, it was an awesome product, but I felt the ladies department needed more work and there were rumors that Sex Magnet 2.0 is being cooked, so I reached out.

    I have been updated with the latest version but I have not started listening to it. The test version I got was just three stages and there were no Binaural option or refresher stage. I was informed about all these before given the link to purchase the test version. I will rate it again once I finish the final version.

    Like Marcello wrote in his review, I felt that I was listening to the SAM 2 stage 1 at certain times, but with less intensity, that does not mean other aspects didn’t work. For the first three weeks I had not gone out that much nor bother to check women online simply because I was really busy with work and we had to finish certain things on time, it was hectic. Apart from the fact that female co-workers glanced at me more than before, aor some random girls sending me friends requests or my ex gfs sending me texts, I did not feel or observe much, but I definitely felt the urge to start online dating and spend more time for myself away from work by meeting my friends or family members or just hang out or restart dating. At first I overwhelmed myself by attempting to do too many things. I took a step back and asked myself what the hell I want the most! Women! So I went back to the famous dating site and retouched by profile with the help of a friend to make myself more appealing and interesting and shit worked. I was being shown a lot more interests and before I knew it, I was on a dating spree. It took about six dates to finally getting laid and it was all worth it. All three stages worked like clock, it was not inconsistent like similar products you find from other subliminal makers. Communicating with MindPro staffs helped me get a grip on certain things like what to expect and what not to expect, it kept things realistic. It didn’t feel like metaphysics at all. I have been dating a lot more women and my expectations are evolving from someone who would lust at girls to someone who respects them and treat them like the way they are meant to. My experiences have now helped me mature a lot and be capable of handling different types of women.
    Stage 2 and 3 felt the same but it is only towards the end I felt that there is a bit more to stage 3. I like the new aircraft cabin sound they use as background sound option. I don’t like to use ultrasonic version so I just listen to this while sleeping with sleephones.
    Thanks for the updated files, you guys are the real professionals when it comes to subliminal products, your standards are higher.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    Downloaded it over a month ago, now second stage, already laid few times. If this streak continues, I will recommend this to my other friends. Keep it up!

  13. Rated 4 out of 5

    Vinay M

    My first two weeks were very good, and suddenly there was a big drop in confidence, felt depressed and negative about my past and it stuck for eight days more or less. I keep a journal and I can kind of precisely tell how many days of this I had to put up with. I almost felt like giving up because I wasn’t even interested in approaching women, but after that things felt normal, nothing great nor shit. It just became better in the coming days and I finished 45 days, I feel like I released something very powerful that was holding me back in life, it is difficult for me to say what was that but it has to be felt to understand what I went through. It is interesting as I do not read any reports of such dips, normally we hear about it in SAM 2 foundation, but here I felt very good for the first two weeks and then shit later, but now I feel fantastic. I am now approaching any girl I want to approach effortlessly, I feel like I am a natural now! I got 15 more days to go before stage 2 starts, I am sticking to each stage for 2 months.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    last day of stage 2 and its bloody good. Combined this with some advice from pickup artists which are free online, its an explosive cocktail! Just try not to be overwhelmed!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    Just Completed Stage 2 and unlocked the ultimate cheat code to get women already!

  16. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am at the end of stage 3. I started listening to this from the last week of October. I didn’t even realize that I had to patience to stick to this for too long.
    The first two stages were up and down. Just when I was thinking I was hitting it off with a girl, Something shit would happen and would ruin the flow, but at the same time, some really good surprises happened. I did get laid a couple of times before I even started this but I just wanted more, which is why I purchased it. Like I said, the first two stages were really up and down, the third stage feels much more stable for me. I can detect bs much more earlier, men are really accepting my presence unlike the first two stages where men with girlfriends or wives used to get upset or become unstable around me. I had a friend who admitted that her bf behaves strange around me. This was a confirmation I needed. I do not know if it is the pheromones or something else but something is happening and changing as we continue listening. I also felt a bit demotivated sometimes while listening to stage 1 and 2, not depressed though. I just lacked motivation sometimes, when I reached out to the mindpro team, they advised me to continue listening because it was just resistance and it will be broken down in few days and they were right. I got back the motivation and while doing stage 3 It feels like it is constant.
    I do not know what is going to come on stage 4, but I am sure I am liking this. This is by far the most consistent program I have used from any subliminal maker, it is delivering good results with some action. I have had really amazing encounters while listening to this. I will get back again after finishing stage 4 for another review. I wish we could review like in amazon. It would be nice to ask questions for few reviewers. Especially who tested these products. I hope mindpro considers this suggestion.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5


    A week left to finish stage 2 and this stuff is already setting things on fire. It already blew the Sex Magnet away in just a week of listening which was already damn good. Probably the most straight forward sub that existed for men like me before this one was launched. Confidence and self esteem were back to how it used to be when I was listening to SAM2, Other things are very subtle and it takes time for you to notice. I did not have any teething issues with the stage 1 like sam2 . No nightmares, no initial guilt, shame and fear or any dramas like some guys here already wrote here, it as smooth af sailing right from day 1.
    I have become incredibly disciplined by the end of stage 1, which is very nice because I was very unorganized. Apart from confidence and self esteem, motivation too is high and it helps in my business too. No fear attitude too kicks in when its appropriate. I am not being intimidated by good looking female customers, earlier I used to sweat!
    When I am alone, the only luck I have with women are some likes on few posts I put in fb but when I do go out, I am being approached by women, its not as though they are all coming to ask me to sleep with them, but they ask really silly things like directions or time! These days everyone has a cellphone which can provide both information, yet I have been asked for direction three times in two weeks. Sometimes women look at me and won’t say a word, they look at me as if they already knew me. Sometimes when I wait to check out in super market, if there are women in front or back they would ask me for something so random like ‘from which shelf did I get get this XYZ product’ etc. During the first stage I regret to admit that I didn’t go out that much, but I noticed that when we are in a pub with friends I can convince women to stay for a longer period of time, present myself as someone who is more interesting but during that period, none of them came back home with me apart from few smooches, nothing epic took place. I could feel a potential energy building up though, but it was just a waiting game and I was easily sharpening up my seduction skills, I made plenty of mistakes while I was in stage 1 even though the encounters were not that frequent. By stage 2 I am having more free time to chase women, I dated few girls I met of FB, then through few famous dating sites, by the second week of stage 2 I was getting laid again much more frequently and some of them were epic. I know its too early to conclude, but it seems like all I needed was a small help to start getting into rhythm and this sub provided me that even before I am half way through it. I can also say that this sub didn’t really stop working when I took four days of break, apart from a slight dip in luck with women. Now my life is just like how it used to be in college, or even better. I will complete this subliminal and give one more review, but I think its gonna be full marks again. It has been totally worth it!

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m close to finish step 2 and the results were amazing,
    I’m more smooth and funny around girls and around my friends.
    My voice is a lot more seductive and low
    Girls are actually approaching me and I manage to escalate 2 girls that approached me into a threesome;)
    I listened to become the most handsome man before this sub and not gonna lie it made it a lot easier right now I’m feeling that I’m on my peak and I will move after I finish stage 2 to become the most sexiest man to transform myself into the ultra walking sex magnet 😉

  19. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been buying subliminal products from 2010, the smaller ones worked well for me all the time, its the big ones like Alpha Male, chick magnet and sex magnet never worked.
    It was really complicated, trying to communicate with the subliminal authors were a nightmare too as they always blamed it on the resistance, which was bs.
    After spending over a thousand dollars, I came across their old channel and I was using their trial version for few days, which itself got me decent results, and they were much better than the paid versions which I got from other websites for hundreds of dollars.
    I procrastinated on buying because the free version itself was quite good and before I could get more out of it, YouTube bans them.
    I thought they disappeared but last year there were some discussions about Fabio on a forum and that’s how I got this to this website and I went ahead and downloaded this. Started listening as this was the most smoothest program related to pua ever.
    Just no bs, in two days I got texts from some girls I met in the past, it was random, though I admit nothing really happened between us, it was a sign.
    Then there was a strange time when I felt horrible about the past relationships and the breakups.
    It was pretty depressing and that lasted for about three days, but I was also meeting more women even without trying, because I was waiting to get better.
    Stage 1, nothing happened apart from random messages, exchanging numbers but I felt good by the end of first stage.
    From second stage, things were getting better, meeting more women, grooming myself well, being more organized, learning the ins and outs of dating in detail, and within just 6 days into stage 2, I was making out with girls I met, something inside me was not allowing me to take the next steps, it could be the modules preventing me to get into messy encounters, I do not know for sure. On the 23rd of stage 2, I was able to seduce them, and it feels well worth it.
    I have started enjoying this art of seduction, before I could blink, it was time to go to stage 3 and things only got better, but I am finding it difficult to manage the time.
    There were days I went out with two different women, even though I couldn’t manage to take them back to my place, and sometimes I just didn’t want it. Now I am in Stage 4, and I couldn’t be happier.
    I wanted to conclude the feedback after next month when I finished listening to this, but I am already happy with the results.
    I had an amazing time in the past few months. This is the best. I will be restarting from Stage 2 as advised to see if things can become even better.

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received the test product listening only to the ultrasonic versions while I slept. I heard the 4 stages for 4 months, 1 month each. Actually the product fulfills what is in the description. I’ve had better and faster results with this than with the SAM 2.0 I had bought a while ago. My contacts of women wanting to quit for sex were practically multiplied by 5 during that time. My sex life has become intense and fun. I became comfortable with approaching unknown women, developing a conversation, and making her interested in prolonging the contact, leaving and eventually ending up in bed. Actually discipline by listening to allied actions brings wonderful results when using that product.

    • Mind Pro

      Thanks a lot for the feedback Santos. We will always be grateful for the help.
      I also have to mention that Santos used just the Ultrasonic version the whole time. He didn’t have the normal masked files. We were basically testing how effective our new updated ultrasonic tech works. Listening to the masked versions would have amplified the results even further.

  21. Rated 4 out of 5


    I am back to give the final verdict.
    Apart from the sudden dip during the stage 1 and two where My confidence went down and I became more anxious for few days, rest of the days were mostly good.
    By the end I have at least four friends with benefits and I am in the process of making new ones and replacing some old ones. I would also like to say that I had not been a virgin looser. I have had couple of flings, what this product did for me was help me access girls who were 7/10 or above.
    Pros . If you had some bad experiences in life, the first two stages may bring it up in some form or the other like dreams or thoughts and make you think about it and look at it in a new perspective. This is not pleasant but its very useful
    Almost zero approach anxiety
    Confidence and self esteem is very good.
    Irresistible sexiess at work is magical.The way women look at you sometimes will make you scared.
    I have noticed that there were circumstances where manifesting women was working.
    Seducing better looking girls are more easy with this.

    Cons. I do not know if phermone boosters work.
    Sex drive should be made stronger.
    Seductive masculine voice does not last very long.
    I was a bit cocky during the first stage.
    A more general criticism. Please start an official forum where we could discuss about the progress made from your products. This is easier to give you real time feedback and this may actually help you guys sell even more.
    You need to have a search bar on your website.

    Overall verdict.

    This the only program of its kind that actually works, but it could be improved.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5


    Bueno la verdad muy buen audio cumple con lo dicho,pienso también que se podría mejorar y hacerlo más fuerte todavía, también creo que las afirmaciones para detectar bs sobran ya que uno de hombre heterosexual no nos interesa detectar bs, por el resto muy bueno.

  23. Rated 4 out of 5


    Muy buen audio cumple con lo dicho, creo que se podría mejorar y hacerlo todavía más fuerte, también creo que las afirmaciones para detectar bs sobran ya que uno de hombre heterosexual no nos interesa detectar bs, por lo demás bien.

  24. Rated 5 out of 5

    Agustin Ricardo

    I have left the updates on their youtube channel for anyone who wants to see my progress. I am very happy with the progress I have made in the past few months since starting this. I just have few more days left on stage 4. The time I had invested in this is totally worth and the cost is an absolute bargain. There were guys who were selling crappy hypnosis mp3 files few years back for over $100 on forums. They never worked for me, this did.
    I have to also mention that I used SAM2.O before listening this and it may have helped me a lot.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is very good. I feel some kind of power and and insecurities don’t creep in anymore.
    Self esteem is high as much as i feel others around me trying hard to keep up with me. I catch eyeballs staring at me. Rather than getting anxious of the attention, I acknowledge their stare and smile back at them, i get a smile back and some did even blush. but after all the interaction, i end up regretting for not escalating further.

    Approach anxiety is least now. I easily initiated a lot of conversation with some women in gym. However, my exposure is not enough, because I work from home. only time I get to interact with people is when going to stores, gym and have hangout plans with friends. But I am pretty much confident about myself.

    Since I am liking the things I am going through, I want to stay on this sub. I had thought of going back to stage 2 again, once I finish stage 4, but then it feels like these stages are like vehicle transmission system and stage 4 is the 4th gear which is the smoothest and at the peak level. Going back down stages is only going to interrupt with the speed and slow me down. So, I will stay on the 4th gear and enjoy the ride 😉

  26. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great Program, not much to add that hasn’t already been said. I used this program for around eight months since it was released, following the instructions and listening as consistently as I could throughout each stage. I listened to the first and last stages the most, and the ultrasonic version was very useful for being able to listen while asleep.

    Interestingly though, I began a relationship right before I started this program. So all the times I went out I didn’t have the intention of meeting new women or starting new romantic relationships. However, I feel like my relationship developed in a positive, healthy manner while listening to this program since I established expectations and boundaries early on. I think it also helped me learn an immense amount about women’s needs, female psychology, and building a long-term relationship that feels satisfying for both myself and my partner.

    The only thing I would possibly recommend is listening to SAM 2.0 before this program since it would help build a strong foundation for this program to work even better. But of course it depends on each individual’s scenario. A bit of self-awareness of one’s own behavior, culture, upbringing, etc.; and honesty about what would be the most truly beneficial course of action goes a long way in getting the most out of these programs. 🙂

  27. Rated 5 out of 5


    A lot of guys have left nice long reviews. All I’ll say is if it does 10% for you as it did for me. SSM is still worth more price of it.

  28. Rated 4 out of 5

    G Wolf

    Finished three stages and I am off the 4th stage. It has worked well but sometimes nothing really happened only for everything to improve by million times!
    I wish it performed consistently for me, but overall, it’s a thumbs up from me!

  29. Rated 4 out of 5


    Quick Review!

    Stage 1. Best start I’ve ever had while I listened to any subliminal product. Things were flowing well.
    Stage 2. It was not bad, if there was a way I could rate it, out of 5, I would rate it 1. It felt like stage 2 could have been Stage 1 and vice versa.
    Stage 3. Things Got much better. Was finally back in sync with it and things felt much better than even the stage 1.
    Stage 4. Initially, it felt like stage 2, but things got better for me and overall it performed to my expectations.
    What happened?
    I am a fairly good looking guy with very limited success with women.
    This product is the only product that complimented me every time I tried to get to know someone, or hook up or things like that.
    It did improve my luck with women, I was getting more organized, I started grooming myself much better, which improved my chances overall.

    I have used subliminal products in the past including products from another vendor with multiple stages. I feel that their forum is very manipulative, failures are often blamed on resistance.

    I felt these guys are more down to earth and whenever I give them my feedback, they value it and try to understand what’s behind the problem rather than brush it off. If it’s something they don’t know, they either ask more time for research or they simply admit that they don’t know. Some people may take this as a sign of weakness, but I appreciate their honesty. Now I understand why they say they tested a certain product for several months before they launched it.

    The product has a few rough edges that can be improved and I am sure while I type this, they are working on it.
    Their customer care is very nice, which is the most attractive thing for me.


  30. Rated 4 out of 5


    Into Stage 3. So far I am very satisfied. But there had been a few ups and downs, but times are much better than before.
    Don’t Give Up!

  31. Rated 5 out of 5


    I only did stages 1 and 2 so far, but stopped cause of the worldwide pandemic thing. So I decided to use a diff sub for now.

    But so far, sex magnet did what it was meant to, so definitely no complaints. Giving a full 5 stars.

    Stage 1, I had bad dreams, as it cleared out the negative junk in my head. Was a tough 2-3 weeks, but was a necessary process. So those of you who are considering doing SSM, be ready for it. And don’t see it as a negative thing, because you have to feel the negative emotions when the traumas are uprooted. There’s no other way around it.

    Stage 2, my voice got deeper. I already had a deep voice, but it went to a new level. I wasn’t able to go out much during this period. However using chat apps, I found the confidence to send voice messages to women. I bet this had a lot to do with the ‘learn dating skills fast’ module. Trust me, guys, you’re at a huge disadvantage if you’re not occasionally sending voice messages. Women are able to feel your energy and personality, and I’ve had dozens of compliments on my voice, telling me I sound sexy, attractive, cool, charming, etc! Lots of girls commented that they didn’t expect me to sound so deep. I even had a guy in real life comment that my voice is so deep and he was envious of me, hahhaha!

    Another thing SSM did for me was that it made me discover why the majority of PUA philosophies are incorrect. PUA is flawed, because it essentially tells us to chase women, saying we need to sexualise and show intent and all of that nonsense. But what guys don’t understand is it makes you the chaser (lower value), and you won’t get a lot of women from doing this. Truly high value men get women throwing themselves at them, and this is exactly what being a sex magnet is about!

    I will definitely resume this later on in the year when the world is back to normal.

  32. Rated 4 out of 5



  33. Rated 4 out of 5

    Samir Metha

    Not sure if this program was that effective or is it because the women are more horny than usual after the lock down has been relaxed, I am getting laid a lot and I am only about to finish the stage 1! I wish they had Sex drive affirmations blended into this right from stage 1!

  34. Rated 4 out of 5


    Hi, here on the forum guys advised me of this cool product. I have never used any subliminal products before and this was an eye opener for me. It made my life easier with women!

  35. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hi dude’s hope everyone doing well in life.
    I have used SSM in 2020 but couldn’t write review at that time, I was in a conservative family in India, if anyone have visited India, can know the way they brought up their children’s. I think SSM has helped me a lot to overcome my situations and better understand SEX and women, for us men sex is just physical but for women it’s emotional.
    I did only two stages in SSM till now, as this people (mind pro labs) always surprise me with their programs they won’t let me complete any program, they always release new program and I get tempted to try new one, but even if I do it only one month also results are more profound, the only thing is we need to take actions then lot of things will happen.
    Before using their products, I can’t even look into eyes of opposite sex irrespective of age, my brought up was like that you can imagine conservative families, in countries like India people are very conservative in my area even more.
    I want to complete SSM.2.0. after completing AMW.3.5. Q.

    I was new to this subliminal world; I was in a condition that I started to listen Super Alpha Male YouTube version. Imagine a situation where I was like let me try this and if I die also doesn’t matter kind of mind state and now when I look back, I made correct decision to approach MindProLabs Elena helped me a lot. It was a luck I landed on their website. This MPL have done a great job very effective team. I don’t know how the subliminal world has evolved. When I look back no one can help like this people do, even my close circle.
    Thank you, Team MIND PRO LABS.

  36. Rated 5 out of 5


    So the first month of SSM2.0 phase 1 was amazing I was instantly getting seductive looks choosing signals from many women(at the gym/ mall). Towards the end of the first month in the beginning of the second I we’re starting to have a lot of sex with a lot of woman even having a threesome. It was more action than looks during the second month/ phase 2. The third month/ phase 3 I was getting a lot of looks I was getting cat calls walking down the street getting hit on a lot by a lot of women get all getting a lot more looks at this point I chose not to have sex with a lot of women and wanted to slow down because it was getting too much. My friends were starting to notice that I was getting a lot of choosing signals from women as well no matter where we went some woman was looking at me obsessively or trying to talk to me but at this point I was just cool. Phase 4 everything start to slow down a little bit and I just feel content didn’t really do too much got a little bit of looks but didn’t go crazy but I feel like I was the man. And being that I already had completed super alpha male 2.0 I already feel good about myself and didn’t have any negativity towards myself so everything that I attain from SSM 2.0 was strictly about the women not too much of feeling.

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