Super Sex Magnet 2.0


Type A

What is Sex Magnet?

The answers you are going to find are

” 1. someone who is able to sleep with multiple women in the same day.

2. Someone who can get many chicks at the same time (and are not afraid to have a threesome).”

But it’s simply more than that. We have spent a lot of time to understand what makes a person a sex magnet and used to develop this product.

This subliminal program was developed to improve your magnetic sex appeal to help you attract and seduce beautiful women with the help powerful affirmations.

The Sex Magnet was one of the biggest selling products from our store, it had plenty of positive feedback from guys who were active in the dating scene. We have developed it into something much more powerful. This program is designed to make you more appealing to beautiful women, not only from your looks but also with your body language, the way you talk, manifest circumstances that are favorable to you, improve your luck with women. Don’t expect a woman to just land on your lap if you are just going to sit there.

This program also helps you to approach beautiful women maintaining a calm composure and balanced confidence and transform you into someone whom they want to approach first. Twelve of the fifteen gentlemen who helped us to test this said that women were actively approaching them in two weeks since they started listening to this program. Sometimes you may catch women staring at you helplessly. The program has affirmations for helping you to take action to meet women, improve your dating skills, improve your flirting skills, reduce approach anxiety, and all the tools that are needed to make you a successful Sex magnet. Now there is one ingredient that is missing in this and that is nothing but will power. A little amount of your will power along with some actions will give you wonderful results. The program also has affirmations to detect BS, and harmful manipulating ways some women can bring.

But, just like in the James Bond movies, not all women will come running to you. You may have to make the first moves for certain women.  For that, we have a lot of powerful affirmations in this program which will make it easier for you to do so!

What this program aims to achieve is to make a man more sexually appealing to beautiful women, someone who they want to approach, someone who literally can do what he wants (but don’t think for a moment to hurt them) with his life. Someone who can transmute a sexual connection effortlessly without even realizing what he is fully capable of.  The affirmations for body language that speaks without uttering a word and when he does speak, he speaks like someone who they want to go to bed with. With improved flirting skills, playing games with words, the man can get her hooked to him and make her wanting for more time to spend with him, which can give him more opportunity to transmute his masculine aura and warm her enough to make her feel comfortable enough to be his lover.

This program is designed to make you totally comfortable with yourself and be comfortable around beautiful women like its normal for you.




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