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All those who purchased the 5.0 version, including the people who volunteered to test the (unreleased) 4.0 and 5.0 versions will be upgraded to Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex free of cost as promised.


Type A

Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex is a Powerful Alpha male  Subliminal Program. It replaces one of the most popular Alpha Male Subliminal Programs, ‘The Super Alpha Male 5.0’. This is now one of the most powerful subliminal programs of its kind. We advise you to read the instructions carefully before using them.

If you have purchased Super Alpha Male 2.0 can get a discount if you want to buy the all-new Program.

We have already sent a coupon code to all those who purchased the program.

If you don’t see the coupon code even after the launch, do not worry. If you did get the coupon code and it didn’t work, Please send an email to us along with the email address you used to purchase the program.

Do not purchase the program if the coupon does not work and you cannot see the updated price after the discount.

If you purchased Super Alpha Male 5.0, you get a free upgrade.



Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex is a very powerful Alpha male  Subliminal Program. It replaces one of the most popular Alpha Male Subliminal Programs, ‘The Super Alpha Male 5.0 which itself replaced the 2.0 version last year’. This is now one of the most powerful subliminal programs of its kind. We advise you to read the instructions carefully before using them. In just a year, the Super Alpha Male 5.0 sold more than its predecessor Super Alpha Male 2.0 which was on sale for 5 years. We really can’t thank you enough for purchasing from us. The more we sold, the more feedback we had been receiving. A couple of months ago, we launched the more intense version of the Super Alpha Male 5.0 based on the feedback from the initial customers.

Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex is designed to make you a successful Man. This Alpha Male Subliminal is not just an upgraded version of the previous Super Alpha Male 2.0 and 5.0. The script of the Super Alpha Male 5.0 has been tweaked to make it even more intense and effective to help you get more out of the Alpha Male Subliminal Program.

What’s the point in being just an Alpha Male when all you can do is, be a dominant male in a pub or a bar?
We help you become not just an Alpha Male but also a very successful Gentle Man. Not just with women, but become the total package with this Alpha Male Subliminal!


What makes this version of Super Alpha Male Subliminal different from the previous and other Alpha Male subliminal programs online?

Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex is a potent and life-changing Neuro-Linguistic Program, and on the surface, it looks like an evolution of Super Alpha Male 2.0 and 5.0 versions. But, almost every affirmation used in multiple modules that made SAM 2.0 so powerful had been revised, rearranged, and synchronized to make SAM 5.0 even more potent. Now, it was time to give the same treatment to SAM 5.0 to produce the SAM 6.0A.  One of the reasons we developed is to adapt the program according to the changing times. We have created this program to stay in tune with the current reality. The world is now changing faster than it used to when we launched the 2.0 version. The 6.0 version borrows certain things from the Extraordinary 6.0 and 6.0X to make the listener adapt to changing times faster without being a sitting duck.

Unlike the Alpha Male subliminal products you find on the internet, the affirmations we have infused in this subliminal program do not just make you an alpha male on the surface. It digs deep and works its way up from the Foundation to make you a successful Alpha male. This program will shake you up.

What is the point of being an alpha when you end up as a broke loser who is only dominant in a bar or a party?

There are a lot of subliminal programs claiming to make you an Alpha Male instantly. Most of them contain affirmations like ‘I am an alpha male or ‘I am dominant’. But what makes you an Alpha Male or a Dominant male in this day and age continues to be missing.

We continued to focus and improve on the core points that set an Alpha Male apart from an average male, destroy any subconscious blockages coming your way to becoming an alpha male, and instill more potent and positive belief systems to make you someone who commands respect. Like SAM 2.0, the first stage is still dedicated to removing these blocks.

Affirmations for Alpha Male.

Over the past few years, we have developed a better understanding of cleverly placing the affirmations for more efficient results. Though this program does appear to share a few modules from other subliminal programs, the affirmations are custom-made to help the listener become an Alpha Male.

While you listen, the core objective is not to become a dominant male at all times because you don’t have to appear dominant all the time. The affirmations are designed to transform you into someone charismatic and approachable in a respectable way. There will be times when you stop being the nice guy and display some aggression if needed.

As with the previous Super Alpha Male subliminal, we continued to study the personality traits of many more successful and influential men on this planet. We revised the script based on this research of those successful men and women.   The script used to build this program will copy those traits to become a successful man loved and remembered by everyone and turn out to be their enemies’ worst nightmare!

Imagine walking into a room filled with powerful men and beautiful women. As soon as you enter, you radiate the aura that catches the attention of everyone even before you say a word. Men want to know who you are. Some of them are intimidated by your presence to the point that they feel insecure because you are there to take away all the attention along with their women! Women want to get to know you. Some of them wish you were their Man and slowly start to ignore the other men who were there before you and ignore the ones who follow you.


Alpha Male Energy

Alpha Male Energy is a part of the results that this program is designed to deliver. Alpha Male Energy can never be put into words; it must be felt!
From animals to humans, it is the energy radiated to express authority and let everyone know who is in charge. While animals may need physical strength with a bit of intelligence, it is much more complex for humans.

Humans, being social creatures, follow a different and incredibly complex pattern to establish their dominance, which has been evolving for thousands of years. This Alpha energy, the Aura of Dominance, has helped men who may appear physically weaker to their subjects to rule lands, conquer continents, and control millions in the past and present. It will continue in the future. The only change is the methods they use.

Apart from communication skills, people also radiate specific energy through facial expressions or body language.

When you radiate the signals from your Subconscious mind, people respond subconsciously even before you open your mouth. When you start interacting with men and women, the intensity of the energy you radiate will be transmitted to them, and they will begin to accept, admire, and submit to you subconsciously. This is one of the traits that this subliminal program is designed to perform on you.
Become the leader of your pack by becoming your leader first!

Alpha Male Control.

Alpha Males are always in control of themselves, he is their own master, and this mindset radiates through their attitude, body language, the way they communicate, and the way they lead by example. This energy attracts men and women to you. You can use this trait to improve your career and your romantic life.
Now combine this with affirmations from modules like Irresistible Sexiness Infused. You have an unfair advantage over other men if you listen to this program following instructions.

This meant For only Those Who are Serious about what they want!

This program is not meant for the ones who sit on a couch watching TV, someone who is sitting in front of the computer sipping soft drinks, or someone who is wasting his life. This Alpha Male Subliminal is for the men who get on their feet and take action to turn their lives around. This program is no magic pill; You are still the main driver. This program will assist you in achieving the Alpha Male Status you have always been craving. If you are unwilling to take action while listening to this program, then ‘Let’s not waste our time here!’

This program will also knock some reality into you. It will make you look at things for the way they are. If you are looking for a sugar-coated feel-good experience while you use this program, please do not waste your time. Don’t buy this. This program will give you some tough love initially and if you are ready for it, you can go ahead and purchase it.


Are you curious about how this Alpha Male Subliminal works but want to try it without spending money?

If you can’t afford it, we even have YouTube versions where you can simply listen to it. They are nowhere as powerful as the paid versions are, but we are confident that this program will improve your level many times and it will only be a matter of time before you can easily afford to invest in Programs like SAM 6.0 Apex.

Super Alpha Male Re-Engineered

Super Alpha Foundation.


Why is taking action essential?

This Alpha Male Subliminal program contains the affirmations that make your life easier to do things you never did before, so while you listen to this program, it will help if you take actions such as approaching a girl when your approach anxiety is lesser, getting the things done you never did because you procrastinated or were not motivated enough to do, etc. Taking action will rewire your brain permanently and give you permanent results.


Over 30 men volunteered to help us with developing the 5.0 version, and almost everyone who kept in touch with us got outstanding results.

For the SAM 6.0 Apex, we used feedback from over 50 men who were actively updating us about their improvements that led to the development.

Thanks to their feedback, along with patience, we have arrived here!

Once the 6.0 version was completed, we used the same steps we used to test the 5.0 versions. Some of the men did not know the contents of the programs they were testing apart from the fact that they were testing the next generation of Super Alpha males. This was done to eliminate the placebo effect and understand how effective the subliminal programs could be if they didn’t know the contents. It was no different from those who knew what was in it. We feel that those who didn’t know the contents performed even better, but we cannot quantify by how much.
Before this program was finished in the 5.0 format, we tested this program in 3.0 to 4.5 configurations for the past two years. We deliberately delayed the program’s launch to ensure we could deliver something better than we already have. This is why we took nearly two years to launch this program.


We kept the script we used for the 5.0 Intense, but we revised almost everything and we also updated a few things to make the listener more adaptive to the changing circumstances and emotional maturity. Earlier, in most subliminal programs, the listeners felt some sort of stuckness while they were developing. This issue was not only there with our programs, but also in similar programs sold by other vendors.

Despite the updates and a few additions, the length of the program continues to be one hour long for Masked and silent versions. The brainwave sessions are now only 30 minutes long and their script has been changed completely.


If you have purchased the 5.0 version, you have been automatically updated to Super Alpha Male 6.0Apex. All you need to do is look for the original link we sent you when you purchased the 5.0 version. All the updated files will be there.



Stage 1.

Become more organized.
Become Clutter Free.
Remove Negativity from within.
Remove Negativity that others or events from your past have implanted.
Shield Yourself from others’ negative energy.
Forgive others if necessary and just let it go.
Forgive yourself completely.
Shield Yourself from Peer Pressure.
Let go of the past.
Let go of any emotional trauma attached to your past.
Let go of Any emotional attachment from your past.
Let go of past romantic relationships. (If needed)
Let go of any past relationships. (if needed)
Stop Self-sabotage.
Overcome Fear attached to your past, present, and future.
Overcome Guilt.
Overcome Shame.
Overcome Social Anxiety.
Overcome Anxiety.
Overcome Approach Anxiety.
Overcome Procrastination.
Overcome the Fear of Failure.
Overcome The need to control others.
Develop Inner Peace and Tranquility.
Develop emotional Maturity.
Reflect on your past actions and avoid previous mistakes.

Stage 2.

Attract Positive Energy.
Develop Positive Thoughts and Attitudes.
Develop constructive inner thoughts.
Develop a Winning Mindset.
Unstoppable Confidence.
Unstoppable Motivation.
Unstoppable Success.
Improve your Intuition.
Super Self-Esteem Boost.
Nothing is Impossible.
Enjoy Socializing.
Overcome Approach Anxiety.
Overcome Rejection of any kind.
Overcome Fear.
Attract Beautiful Women. (It is not going to be as intense as the stand-alone program ABW)
Irresistible Sexiness. (Lower intensity compared to the ISX 5.0PM)

Stage 3.

Develop a Winning Mindset.
Develop a Millionaire Mindset.
Develop better manipulating Skills to become more successful. (Not in a negative way)
Unstoppable Confidence.
Unstoppable Motivation.
Unstoppable Success.
Super Self-Esteem Boost.
Attract Beautiful Women. (With Masculine Aura)
Irresistible Sexiness. (With Masculine Aura)
Irresistible Charisma.
Self Love and Appreciation.
Bring more Happiness and Joy.
Develop Inner Peace and Tranquility.
Develop emotional Maturity.
Think Before You Act.
Think Before You Speak.

Stage 3 Boss (Stage 3B)

Develop the Aura of a Natural Leader.
Develop an Authoritative Body Language.
Speak clearly with more authority.
Develop a Winning Mindset.
Develop a Millionaire Mindset.
Unstoppable Confidence.
Unstoppable Motivation.
Unstoppable Success.
Super Self-Esteem Boost.
Irresistible Sexiness.
Develop Inner Peace and Tranquility.
Develop emotional Maturity.
Think Before You Act.
Think Before You Speak.
No Stage Fear.


Stage 3B is designed for people who find themselves in roles to be leaders. It doesn’t matter if the position is big or small. This is an optional stage. If you don’t feel the need, do not listen to this.
What we learned while reading/going through feedback from Super Alpha Male 2.0 and 5.0, many people who used it found themselves being promoted or leading as they progressed through the stages. They felt they needed that extra boost to handle being in leading positions. Hence we have introduced this Stage. Some of you may not initially feel the need for this stage, but you will thank us as things progress. Listen to this only if it’s needed. You can skip this and start listening to the refresher when ready.


You can continue listening to this Stage even after you have finished all three or four stages to keep your ALPHA state fresh. But do not listen to this Stage before you have finished listening to all three stages (four stages if you listen to Stage 3B). The modules in this Stage are designed to add reinforcement to the previous stages

All 5 stages Including the Refresher have scripts updated which makes the listener adapt faster. 


Improved 3D Affirmations Technology: Positive affirmations are sent from one ear, and affirmations to clear Negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace Negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the Negativity to come back.

Self-Adjusting Speed Absorption. The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will absorb them regardless of your mood or state of mind.

6.0Tech. We are introducing this format barely after just a year since we introduced the 5.0 tech. However, the feedback we received from our customers encouraged us to evolve this further. Since patenting these techniques is almost impossible, we do not want to type how this works. Apart from the fact that it is one of the techniques we use to make multiple modules more effective.

MMS: Multiple Module Synchronizer
This is a technique we developed first for SAM 2.0. It’s a way to link multiple modules to work efficiently and bring more consistent results from programs with so many modules. For the 4.0 versions, we developed this technique further while testing different subliminal programs, and SIB 4.0B is the first program on sale that gets this improved technique.

Improved Ultrasonic Version.

Ultrasonic option (now renamed ‘Silent‘)  will now be standard in all our subliminal programs; this allows our listeners to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the regular version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic. We have renamed the ultrasonic as ‘Silent.’

Click Here to learn more about the Ultrasonic/Silent version.

Brainwave Sessions:

Previously, they were known as ‘Binaural Sessions,’ but it’s much more improved.
Subliminal programs take time to show results. If the program has multiple modules, it does take some time. But the results last longer and sometimes last for a lifetime. What this Brainwave Audio Session does is speed up the process. So we are combining these two different NLP techniques and producing fast and long-lasting results.

The Brainwave Audio Sessions speed up the process, while the subliminal programs help make changes much more profound and make the results last longer.

Please click here to learn more about the brainwave sessions and how to use them.

This is a Type A Program. Click Here or on the link below for more details on it.


If used as instructed, this program will change your life in a good way. This program is designed to make you a highly successful Alpha Male. What is the point of having all the Alpha Male traits and ending up being a loser? While you listen to this program, picking up a few books to improve your personality and get some dating tips if you lack skills would be good. There is plenty of good quality material available. Take your time and read the reviews before purchasing them. We cannot pinpoint any single book or Pick Up artist, as this program will be used by many people worldwide and culture differs. So, I leave it to you to choose where you can get your information and become more successful in dating or your career.
Super Alpha Male is not meant for just picking up Women. You can also use it to develop leadership qualities which can be very useful for your career.
We studied various leaders to develop the previous program, and we still kept looking more to gather information to create more affirmations for the SUPER ALPHA MALE 6.0 Apex
Based on our research of famous business leaders, political leaders, and charismatic superstars, we developed this program to give you the CHARISMATIC boost that they all have, someone who is likable but yet someone who is not to be messed with. You know what we mean.


This program is very complex and packed with different topics, but they all aim at one goal! All the modules work together to make you a SUPER ALPHA MALE.
Remember that we cannot expect the same results for two people. We all respond differently to subliminal messages.


Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex may be more effective and faster than SAM 5.0, but the instructions remain the same.
Below we will type as simply as possible to understand how to use it.
By now, you can understand that this program contains 3+1 Stages.

All Stages of SAM 5.0 were upgraded to 6.0 Apex on August 24, 2023.

Instructions For Stage 1:

1. Listen to Stage 1 for just Two loops each day for the first five days. (Each loop is
about one hour long)

If you are new to these sorts of programs, take it slow. Just one loop may be enough for the first five days to get used to it.

This is to reduce the resistance which can build up while you use this decisive Stage.
2. Don’t use Brainwave Session or Silent version yet.
3. Take a break for two or three days. Do not listen to anything during this break.
4. After taking a break for two or three days, restart listening to Stage 1 and complete
35 – 65 days. (Excluding the break)
It’s up to you if you want to listen to Stage 1 for up to 65 days. For most people, 35
days would be more than sufficient.
5. Listen to this for at least two loops (or two times) daily. If you think you can take it,
increase it to 4 or 6 loops (four or Six times), but make sure you don’t go more.
6. You can listen to the Brainwave Session once a day during this period. It’s optional.
(Please remember to avoid using the Brainwave session for the first five days)

(Excluding the break, please do not add the number of days you take as breaks to this schedule. For example, If you plan to listen to the program for 35 days and take six days of break in between, you must remember that you only listened to the program for 29 days and have another six days to the schedule.  )



Instructions for Stages 2, Stage 3, and Stage 3B.

1. Take a break for at least two days once you have completed Stage 1.
2. When you return from the break, you can listen to Stage 2 from between 4 to 8 loops per day.
3. Listen to this Stage for one to two months. It’s good to take breaks during the weekend if you can. Please add the days you didn’t listen to the listening schedule whenever you take a break.
4. Repeat the steps mentioned above for Stages 3 and 3B.
Please keep in mind that Stage 3B is optional. Ignore it if you don’t feel the need to listen to it.

More Instructions on Stage 3B.

Can you listen to Stage 3B later if I didn’t listen to it during your first run?

Yes, you can. You can start Stage 3B directly if you have completed at least one run of SAM 6.0 Apex.

How do I use this Brainwave Session?

If you have used hypnosis audio in the past, you can follow the exact instructions.
You can sit on a chair or lie down on a bed. Just make sure you are comfortable. Play the Music on a set of stereo Headphones or Earphones. It doesn’t matter what the device’s make is or if it’s Bluetooth, etc.
When you play the audio, please close your eyes and let it do its thing.
Make sure you have uninterrupted time to do this.
Due to multiple requests, we have now made two brainwave Sessions.

To avoid confusion, we have named them ‘Brainwave Session For Day‘ Or ‘Brainwave Session For Sleep‘ so the users can understand the difference instantly.

Brainwave Session For Day is rendered with a binaural beat, ‘8-Hz Alpha‘, designed to keep your mind relaxed. You can listen to it either during the day or at night if you don’t have plans to sleep.

Brainwave Session For Sleep on the other hand is rendered with multiple frequencies starting from 8Hz Alpha to 2Hz Delta.

Just listen to any one session once a day if you can. If, for some reason, you can’t, do not worry. Please make sure you listen to the regular subliminal audio (Sam 5.0 Stage 1 Calm Ocean Waves and so on)  as instructed.

More Instructions on the Brainwave Sessions can be found in a pdf file after you have purchased the program.

Silent Audio.

Silent/ultrasonic versions are meant to be used when you can’t use your headphones/earphones. But, we advise everyone to listen to the regular version for at least loops before listening to the silent versions. You can visit our website’s ‘FAQ’ page to learn more about Silent/ultrasonic audio. You need to use a pair of stereo speakers and calibrate the volume by downloading a file from our website.
The optimum volume for the Silent audio would be 15‐25%. We have found that if you are using a VLC player, it is much easier to control the volume.
Using this program for one hour daily is a waste of daily and money. You will not get any results.

You can skip silent versions if you don’t want to use them.


Please use good-quality headphones/earphones while listening to the masked/regular
versions. Headphones/earphones must be of good quality. Even that is good if you find a pair of
headphones from a reputed brand for just $12 or $15. Do not go for cheap ones.
Many people may be scared to use the ultrasonic version because they think it needs special
speakers to work. All you need is a set of good-quality STEREO; good-quality can give you one example of a pair of good-quality speakers you can find for less than $20. Logitec z120 is a good one. We tested it, and it works. You can find other speakers from other brands with a similar configuration.

We at MindPro Labs wish you all the best, and we hope to read about your positive transformation soon.
This program will change your life, and it is designed to give you the push you always wish had, such as less Fear and more confidence. It is up to you to use these tools to transform your life positively. You have to decide where to apply it.

Notice :

Due to a lot of requests from SAM 2.0 customers, we have reintroduced the Thunder Storm Background sound. If you are not feeling comfortable, please avoid listening to that background sound as it may not be suitable for everyone. We would also like to announce that we are not going to introduce that background sound to other subliminal programs.

Anti Piracy :

As our program results gain visibility online, it’s unfortunately not uncommon to encounter individuals who attempt to pirate our products in various ways. To counter this, we have worked diligently to strengthen our anti-piracy measures without negatively impacting our listeners’ experience. Sharing our products with others, purchasing from unauthorized resellers, or attempting to obtain false refunds are all practices that many online digital product creators face. We have taken extensive measures to minimize the damage caused by piracy, ensuring that our products are ineffective when accessed unlawfully.

We have priced our products competitively and are proud to be among the few subliminal producers who provide free updates for a certain period. We urge you not to waste your time engaging in piracy, not only with our products but also with those of other subliminal makers. By supporting the original creators, you contribute to our continued innovation and ability to provide quality products to help you improve your quality of life.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting our work and the work of others in the subliminal community. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Sharing our Script/Affirmations

We want to kindly inform you that we won’t be sharing the script/list of affirmations we use in our programs. It’s worth mentioning that most reputable subliminal vendors also follow this practice. However, we do provide information about the intentions of each module in our subliminal programs.

If you have any concerns about this policy, we completely understand, and we kindly ask you to refrain from purchasing our products or downloading them if it doesn’t align with your preferences. We value your satisfaction and want to avoid any inconvenience regarding refunds.

If you see this product sold on other websites apart from and, the product is pirated. You can have much better and longer-lasting results by listening to the free versions on our YouTube Channel. Please scroll up and find the two videos you use. You can purchase the original copy when you are ready to do so. Many of these sites are selling our free products after renaming the files. If we update this product in the next two years (27 January 2022 to 28 January 2025), you will get a free update if you purchase this product.

If you pirate this or another product from the store, please consider purchasing a fresh copy and restart listening to the program to get the results you are looking for.



189 reviews for SUPER ALPHA MALE 6.0 Apex

  1. 5 out of 5


    Transformative – listen robot consistently, this is key and you will see your self change in amazing ways. Just trust the process and stay til the end and the results will be permanent. Thank you MindPro!

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Oskari H

    Youtube version was already awesome and powerful, but this paid version is still whole other league.
    Thank you Fabio, your work is life changing

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. 3 out of 5

    Sid Khan

    It’s working it’s charm. Drink lots of water and trust the process. Currently in stage 1. I’ve moved on from a girl I was hung up on and I feel free. I still procrastinate. But less and less everyday. I’ll keep working on myself and reading books. I’m only 4 weeks in to stage 1 and I can’t wait to hit up stage 2.

    • admin

      Pleased to read about the progress you have made. Keep going!

  4. 5 out of 5

    michel sibble

    Since YouTube deleted all of the comments during listening to stage 2 and 3, I can only sum up this product as such: life changing and worth the £60.

    Stage 1 made me question what my life was for, in order to look at it and plan the necessary changes. Stage 2 was like a ballistic missile up my arse, so much motivation and productivity. Stage 3 added much needed confidence and self esteem. It wasn’t all plain sailing though… Several times I lost my shit in reaction to the changes.

    I was made team leader at work, gained a few commissions and had the courage to leave behind women who had friendzoned me, and couldn’t cope with the changes. I’m now using the refresher to keep the changes permanent.

    SAM 2.0 is pricey but the benefits to your life outweigh the cost. If you want to become an alpha male, this is the most effective package out there.

    Fabio, great work as usual.

    • admin

      Pleased by your progress, Thanks a lot for the feedback!

  5. 5 out of 5


    First, I got to admit that I was asked to test this program and it was offered free, but because of such good results, I decided to pay for this by buying this program as my way of giving back to mindprolabs. This changed my life completely. I was a porn addict who lost almost everything and I would have been homeless if I didn’t have such supporting parents. It was while searching for subliminals and frequencies for quitting porn I stumbled upon fabio siccardi youtube channel.
    I tried the SAM first, I got very good results from that but then I realized I had plenty of deep rooted problems, Fabio recommended me to listen to Stop Fapping for 2 months, In 3 weeks I could already feel I was not getting the urges to watch porn, but on the fourth week I did relapse, but I listened for 4 more weeks without going back to porn. Then Fabio recommended Alpha foundation, which is the 1st stage in this program, after using it for 2 months, a lot of shit got cleared out and it was on the final week I was offered to test this. I am always happy that I said yes.
    After listening to the program as instructed and a lot action from my side, this transformed me and helped me get back the control of my life and best of all, it exceeded my expectations. I have not watched porn, I am now in a steady relationship, I don’t feel bad when I think of my ex girlfriend, I now have a decent part time job that allows me to pay of my loans for college, I have moved out of my parent’s apartment but I continue to live in an apartment they own, but I pay the rent and they are really proud of me.
    Thanks to team mindprolabs for this master piece and thanks to all those who tested before me because I got the final version with all the flaws fixed.

    • Mind Pro

      Thanks for the Feedback Roman. But remember, you did most of the job, you took the actions and all this program did was make it easier for you. We are proud of you Roman. I have no words for the change you made.

  6. 5 out of 5

    J W

    Incredible program! Will help you with taking massive action in the right direction. I have been listening to this program for 6 mo now while taking massive action in life – seminars, books, meditation. This is not a magic pill but will push you to do more. Make sure you listen to the foundation track for 2 months or more. If you get headaches will listening, it’s a good sign that your brain is changing. Just take it easy, meditate, and don’t give up.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Van Helsing

    This program will change your life.

    This is trully the most powerful subliminal to become an alpha male.

    Before I got into subliminal, I been doing serious research on dealing with female pyschology. If you are like me, where you want to take your skills to the next level without you being always concious of making mistakes or not. This program helped me a lot in dealing with putting my skills sink in as a natural Alpha Male. This program help me become ‘ the man ‘ that is naturally good with women.
    I suggest you also do your research as Mind Pro also suggested.
    I am pretty smooth with women yet when you are trully into that specific woman your skills suddenly turn into jelly. This program helped me put my new learned skills deep to the soul. To the point there is no need for me to think of those techniques and over think what is the right thing to say or do from not.

    Before the program I was struck to realize I am a psuedo Alpha. Where most of my Alphaness came from my advantage from knowledge and concious efforts. I am still in the process of becoming the best Alpha male I want to be. Even if I already finished the program.

    I am really grateful of Mind Pro for their program and support when I have questions about their programs. Which I can trully say really different from all Subliminal makers that I had bought subliminal. From my experience I been buying other subliminal from other makers. ( This is before I found MIND PRO ) I encountered resistance and messaged them about it only to tell me. ” Oh that’s resistance. ” Without helping me deal with it. Then what about the money I spend with it? Guess what. Nothing. I wasted it. I could have used it to buy Super Alpha male. All I can say I rather stick with Mind Pro. Best service!

    My result highlights:
    Stage 1: I feel really strage during this stage. It seems like the first week I feel all my guilt and regrets are getting out of my system. I did not give up and continue listening. Until I feel so refreshed I can feel a large amount of weight from my heart has been lifted away.

    Stage 2: I am already a hardworking and a self motivated person. This stage made me into a BEAST. I doubled my work load twice ad fast and my focus into my work is phenomenal. I am extra driven to work out and everything becomes very easy. My energy is on beat all the time.

    Stage 3: This stage made me into a sex God. My girl can’t get enough of me. She just want sex all the time. Girls just want to touch me. I am always praised like a some kind of God. It EPIC how insanely easy it is as providing your presence turns a woman on. Also made a lot of money as well. Especially I developed the insane work drive from stage 2 bear fruits and increased my income to a high %. I can’t be more grateful.

    Worth every money I spend for this program.
    I will surely buy more from Mind Pro.

    • Mind Pro

      Thanks for the Feedback and the detailed experience report. We are grateful to you. 🙂

  8. 5 out of 5

    Sam Mendez

    I glad I found these guys, I have used Super Alpha make, foundation and sex magnet before trying this and while I can tell you that all of them worked pretty well, this sub is by far the best from this website. I has changed my life for good and I am now leading the kind of life I want and I have found some stability. This program has made me very mature.
    Take actions while listening to this sub and you will see the results.

  9. 5 out of 5


    This has been a life changing experience for me. My life was not so bad but I was kind of stuck and I was bored. I did have a hot girlfriend that everyone man would kill for and I still have her. But I was bored and I was stuck. I wanted a change and I have to admit that I was looking into every self help channels and books that is out there. It was while watching a clip on YouTube I was shown the thumbnail of Super Alpha from these guys. I decided to try it out and then rest was history.
    I did listen to many other subliminal programs from mind pro before listening to SAM 2.O.
    But I didn’t stick to just one program long enough, it was while discussing something, I was offered this program to test.
    Later, I purchased the full version because I wanted to give something back.
    Stage 1: This stage is shitty at first. I didn’t like it one bit for the first 2 weeks. From the third week Things started to become very smooth. I was not afraid of many things I would normally be afraid of, I was doing things I didn’t like before and Procrastination disappeared. This had a big impact in my office.

    Stage 2. I was getting motivated and I was also getting more competitive in the office. People asked if I am taking the pill like shown in the movie ‘Limitless’ lol!Interestingly, women give me more attention like the old days. Women want to hang out with me. There were times when I was out with my girlfriend and if I met somebody from the office they asked us to join them for dinner. One girl who was a single asked us if she could join us for dinner. This did make my girl friend very protective. I rather have these problems than have problems of guys who can’t even have a girlfriend.
    Stage 2. I didn’t feel the massive shift that I felt from changing from stage 1 to 2 but I noticed that my rate of success was increasing. I didn’t realize it at first but the motivation I got from stage 2 drove me and I went along and got shit done which made me more successful and this is not a miracle, but still it is amazing for me.
    It has been over 7-8 months since I stopped listening and I am listening to other subs from this website, But I still see the effects.
    Thank you team Mind Pro!

  10. 5 out of 5

    Bin Saeed

    Powerful. Excellent product. I am enjoying the binaural session.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Serious product. It means business. First stage was confusing, it taking some time for me to understanding what is going on.
    From the last weaks of first stage, i was more clear.
    From stage 2 and 3, it feeling good.
    I asking the maker some question and he answering me well all the time.
    Thank you.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Thanks for the advice and the patience you showed on me before and After I purchased the program. It has certainly the trajectory of my future.

  13. 5 out of 5


    Valuable product, valuable customer care from the team. This my first product from this website and I got to know them through posts made in other channels. I could not try the free versions like most of the customers who purchased this, but I am super happy that I purchased it.
    I would also like to comment on the excellent after sales service. Very professional.
    Thank you

  14. 5 out of 5


    Just three weeks into stage 2 and it is working like a rock. I have a lot more days to complete but this is working very well for me. I hope Mindpro considers making a forum for people like us to report the progress on a daily bassis

  15. 5 out of 5


    Into stage 3 and I have two more weeks to complete. The first two stages, I didn’t feel it was smooth sailing, But from first week of stage 3, everything is as chilled AF. My confidence level is off the charts, I have caught myself being a dick sometimes when I was doing the stage 2, but from stage 3, I am more polished. I can approach any woman i Want to, the only issue for me is to find ways to prolong the conversation and make myself look even more interesting and I am looking for resources to help me with that. I think I will purchase the pickup artist program later and give it a run.
    This is a gem.

  16. 5 out of 5


    One of the best! If not, simply the best subliminal maker. I used the Sam1, I got very good results but there were blockages. This version does not feel the punch the first version gives. But overall, this worked for me better than the previous version.

  17. 5 out of 5


    it is true that the first stage feels like shit. It is like getting a dressing down and I almost stopped listening. I had to endure it. It is something that I Needed, but not something I wanted. There is difference.
    I decided to continue listening for another one month as advised by mind pro. In the end, the second month felt much better and I now understand what it feels like clearing a lot of negativity. I am now 5 weeks into the second stage and I have to say that it feels like something else. I really like the confidence and motivation and the attention I get from ladies. I have also noticed I am getting luckier and I talk more clearly and I measure my words. I have 3 months to complete, I just want to say to everyone that this worked for me.
    I am just waiting for the super entrepreneur

  18. 5 out of 5


    I have been a long term Subliminal user and these guys were practically new to me. I have paid for subs worth hundreds of dollars and none of them come close to this.
    I think this will be last Alpha Male sub I will ever buy as this is as close to complete man I have been able to become.

  19. 5 out of 5


    very good product,
    All I had to do was to listen to this for for or six hours a day and I noticed the way I do things more differently and my inner talks have changed and I am asking myself better questions to improve myself even more. I have plans to listen to this for one more course.

  20. 5 out of 5

    Like most of the reviewers online or everywhere, I really felt it was tough for me to continue with the stage 1. No one is joking about how difficult it is during the first few days. It gets better after that, and I feel completely at peace with myself by the end of stage 1. Stage 2 and 3 is another level in my opinion. I have used subliminals and hypnosis sessions in the past but nothing stayed true to its description like this subliminal did. I will now go to sex magnet. I am waiting for the new Super entrepreneur. It has been coming forever! Launch it soon guys!

  21. 4 out of 5


    Though this does work, it has not been like many were reporting here. At least from my point of view. The description and comments may have made me expect a way more than what it actually delivered.
    That does not mean, this never worked. I was highly skeptical about how different it is compared to other similar subliminal programs priced at different levels. I can confirm that this has been the most effective so far.
    My biggest problem is that I have not been able to get the most out of this sub, One day my confidence is high, the next day it is just average. I may do one more run, till then I will keep my rating for this sub as 4 stars. I would have given it only 3 but for the price, there is nothing better. Even the subliminal files that cost nearly $500 does not come close to this. Its for the value for money I give it one more star.

  22. 5 out of 5


    first few weeks are really disappointing, It does not feel anything like the Sam Classic. I just felt gloomy, disappointed and full or regrets about what happened to me in the past. From the third week, I felt Okayish….. I was starting to understand why stage 1 is important, like someone here said, I felt peace with whatever happened in the past. I was all set to move on.

    Continued listening for about three more weeks and I just couldn’t wait to start the stage 2.
    As far as I am concerned, this stage didn’t feel anything like the first stage, it was a new feeling. It felt like Sam Classic, but lighter. That overwhelming thing I felt from the Sam Classic was not there but the excitement and the motivation was there. I like it. You tend to forget the shitty stage that stage 1 is.

    It is not just excitement from motivation and confidence I felt was driving, I also felt more women give me the looks and I could approach anyone I wanted anytime. I have to admit that there were few girls who did give me some scare but it was not as bad as it was in the past. I have to admit that I felt very anxious in the first three days of stage 2, but those were positive anxiety. It was an overwhelming hope that my life will get better but at the same time it was different from the overwhelming anxiety I got from Sam1, which was a mixed feeling.
    I just remember me being more active and drawing people into my life. I am not in a steady relationship, but I managed to hook up with few interesting girls while listening to this stage. This stage combined with big actions from my side by letting go of the fear of outcome, I went on more dates in one month than I have in two years. I did take out one girl three times, because I was considering her for a more serious relationship, but she had other plans, but I am fine with it. I also slept with four of them. So these files are quite serious, and when you take actions, you have the time of your life!

    Third stage felt like stage 2 plus unlike the difference between stage 1 and stage 2. That continuity was there and I could feel myself becoming more and more successful.

    I got the update along with the binaural session when I started the stage 3, I honestly do not know if it could have made any difference but I like the music, so I am not going to talk more about it.

    At the end of three stages, I feel I am an improved person. Everything in my life has improved bit by bit and it is also because I took actions. I am a much more respected person in my office, meaning that a promotion is around the corner. I have accepted the past for what it is, but I know the future will be different. I am more successful with women without being a james bond like the cover photo of this program.
    You are not going to be immune to shit, you will still have bad days but you will know how to deal with them better.

  23. 5 out of 5


    I have yet to turn my life around completely but with the help of these audios, I have been able to point myself towards the right direction.
    There is a long way to go, I think I will listen to these audios from first once more.

  24. 5 out of 5


    This is round two for me!
    First round I screwed around by listening to other programs and never got good results. Then I understood why they advice us to use only this.
    I got the update few weeks back and its a charm. The results are even better compared the previous time I listened.
    I have reached stage 3 already and its working just like what it says. Well, the girls are not flocking around me though but I am getting a lot of attention!

  25. 5 out of 5


    I have to agree that the first Stage is uncomfortable.
    First week or second stage blew me away, and the transition from second to third stage was smoother and I have been able to get the results I was looking for when I took the necessary actions.
    Good program. But be prepared for the nasty first few days of stage one.

  26. 5 out of 5


    Thanks for the time you took to advice me along the way. It made a lot of difference.

  27. 5 out of 5


    Worked beyond what I expected. All round good! The refresher works like a booster. Even after stopping the stage 2 for the past one month and using just the refresher it just seems to be working more. I wish I could give it 2 stars!

  28. 5 out of 5


    After listening to become the most handsome man and become the sexiest man, I wanted something more serious for my age. I am having a fresh start in life after a messy divorce. I ignored this sub initially, but I wanted the control back in my life. I wanted a better control of the circumstances. I am a Church going guy and I believe in God, but I think we are all fooled into giving too much control to the religious institutions which make us feel that we are helpless all the time. I had fun with become the most handsome man and sexiest man, the physical changes were not so big but it help me attract tons of women and it felt like good old college days. But I felt something missing and I remember many guys commenting on their channel how it helped them improve in every area of their lives and they were not lying. I agree that the stage 1 is not very pleasant, but from stage 2 and 3, it works very well for me.

  29. 5 out of 5


    I would like to give it 4 and a half stars for the products and 5 stars for the customer service.
    I purchased it over a year ago. The files were zipped and I had asked them to send it separately and they promptly did it in just few hours. May be I asked them at the right time. I lost the files again and I bothered them three more times and they sent it without any delay. I had some bad experiences with buying digital products from big companies.
    About the product. Some parts of the instructions were confusing, and they explained it with a lot of patience. I started using it, and the stage 1 was not pleasant for the first three weeks but I continued listening to it for two months and I can feel the shift in my thoughts. My thoughts were deep and I found many of my bad experiences as a form of education rather than something filled with regrets and anger. I was able to forgive myself of many stupid things I did and I also forgave others especially my parents for the way they hurt me. I realized that they themselves were orphans after a war and they grew up in a dysfunctional environment which was transferred to me. I Realized that I may have purchased this at the right time as I fell in love with a woman who already has a baby and at the end of stage1, I made up my mind that I will look after her child as my own and I am open to having more children and I will make sure they get all the love and care. But I am also in a dilemma as I have yet to propose to the woman I am in love with. We are still in love but I was not sure how to take it forward and I was not sure if I was going too fast. I decided to be patient. But the fear of falling in love and self sabotaging myself from a relationship was vanishing.

    Stage 2. Stage 2 felt like being in the sets of a completely different movie to stage 1. I was confident, motivated and working harder. I had already joined the gym at the end of the second week of stage 2 and my woman was finding me more attractive and she was texting me often. Her daughter also loved to be in my company and she was called me dad few times. She has just started talking. Those few times she called me, I can remember the blush of on my woman’s face and how nervous she was, it was innocent and beautiful. Those are the moments I will treasure. I also felt that other women too were attracted to me and my woman showed sings of protecting her relationship with me from other woman. Since my personal life has settled or it is settling, it has reflected directly on the way I work in the office. I am calm, satisfied and I do everything on time and I do not sit after hours. I check in and out on time. Now, I have time for myself and perhaps time for a family I will start eventually.
    My sharp focus on the relationship with the woman I love has completely made me ignore or oblivious to the way women in my office tried to flirt with me few times. The more I ignored, the more they found ways to attract my attention. Naughty things go on in my office after hours and I have made up my mind that I will never take part in such things. The quality of the character of the woman I am in love with is simply too high for me to even think of going astray. I feel bad for the guy who dumped her, but I am also happy I found her. Stage 2 has helped me get her attention the right way.

    Stage 3. The feeling from stage 3 is not too different from Stage 2. It was not as unpredictable as it was when I changed from stage 1 to stage 2. I honestly do not know what exactly is the difference but I just found that my maturity was increasing when it comes to money, investment and things like that.

    My conclusion.
    I liked the way My thinking changed. The negative information that was imprinted in my mind by my parents, friends or the few relatives I had was being replaced with logic. I do not know how much difference a man with a normal up bringing will feel but for someone like me, this is a big deal.
    Things also worked out in my favor after I moved to a different country, I feel I would have found a way to sabotage my relationships or career had I stayed back where I was born.
    I am not feeling I had missed out from anything anymore. There is a sense of optimism within me.
    Subtle changes in my thoughts have helped me forge a good relationship with everybody. I have a lot of rough edges that need to be polished. I spoke to my sister who is back in the country where I am from, our relationship was not always smooth. We were separated twice from our foster homes and the third time I reunited with her, we could hardly recognize each other. She said that she feels there is some change she can sense within me and she said I will do well in life. It was the first time she ever said something like that.
    I have the updated files now. I had to pay $2 for the update and they refunded it as promised. I will take a break from all subliminal and other self help things and restart next month. I plan to restart from stage 1.
    I hope my review was helpful. Sorry If I made it too long.

  30. 4 out of 5


    My usage is not finishing yet. I buy the last version two years ago. It helped me a lot. I read that you get discount for this version because of my purchasing previously. I send email to the maker asking for the discount. They give me a code. I try enter it but no work for me. I buy this because I like the experience with the previous version. They refunding 13 dollars from this even before I say them my problem with discount code. Like always, they very helpful. I will return after 6 months to give ultimate review.

  31. 5 out of 5


    Excellent Value for money!

  32. 5 out of 5


    I love the fact that this has made me a much more successful person than making me a ladies man. I think men are obsessed with how many women they make out or go out with these days and I was one of them. I have tried countless products, which includes pheromones and oil and none of them really did anything for me. This works the best. There is force within you that is pushing you to get things done or do things you are afraid of or not comfortable. This helps me execute the decisions I may be procrastinating on or giving excuses to take actions. It is still a fine balance between saying yes or no, but once you tip the scales which you have not been doing, by giving yourself lame excuses, this is the ultimate weapon. This sub broke so many barriers and walls I had built around myself. I have not yet been too successful with women. I am still finding it difficult to make a date more interesting, but I have spoken to more women in the past 5 months than I have ever spoken during my entire life. I remember reading the something similar in their youtube channel. Just conversing with women was impossible for a guy like me. With better self confidence and self esteem, I am able to do the many things I found hard to do.
    I didn’t believe these subs at first, I had asked for advice and promises from the makers (name edited by Team Mind Pro ) of this sub and he advised me to listen to their free video on YouTube. I had just used it for three weeks before it was taken off. I noticed good results by then, hence I went ahead and downloaded.
    It is unfortunate that they don’t have the channel anymore.

  33. 4 out of 5


    I think I purchased it and started using it at the worst possible time in my life. I did not realize how powerful it can be for all the wrong reasons.
    I was having a lot of personal issues. I wanted to blow it all away by being an alpha male. Started from foundation and things back fired. I discussed with fabio and he just asked me to take a break and restart when things are better. He also suggested me to use the stage 2 for a week to uplift things, I tried it and it worked. felt more stable, I restarted the stage 1, I am also fortunate that I was able to get the update before the second trial.
    Of course, stage 1 is unpleasant.
    stage 2 and 3 were brilliant.
    I am currently using refresher.

  34. 5 out of 5


    It does not feel as powerful as Alpha male classic. I felt the effects of alpha male classic in day one, but that was because I ignored the instructions and listened to it the whole day. The energy and drive I get from Alpha Male classic is simply relentless. Had high expectations with this one and I initially felt that they a mistake with this one. That was during the stage 1. I didn’t read the description well! Damn me!
    The way it works is so subtle. I felt one with the crowd when I was partying and my anxiety was way too low. I never realized this while listening. Then it struck me like lightening how things are changing. Sometimes you really need someone to enlighten you. My dad visited me and he said, I am more organized, he was surprised how clean and organized I was. I was organizing myself even without noticing, otherwise I used to be such a mess.
    I am still in stage 1 at this stage. I stopped procrastinating and I started doing things like there is no tomorrow. Towards the end of stage 1, I was a good boy. I also remember waking up from nightmares and I didn’t really relate it to subliminal till I read some reviews. I am now able to connect the dots. But my past was not as messed up as some people. I had a decent past, the only problem I had were the problems every child faces in a house with hard working parents with not so much money. So when it came to money and things like that, I still do have lot of limiting beliefs but its not as bad as it used to be. The confidence boost I got from the later stages make me believe that I can still pull it off, I just need to learn how to do it. It is not as impossible as my parents make it sound.

    The stage 2 felt like alpha classic. but, i still feel that the alpha classic feels more powerful even though it may not be true. The level of motivation and drive, is all similar. But there was still subtle difference. I was not too bothered about being an alpha male. With the classic, I always tried to prove or show hints that I am incharge. With this, I was focused on just the tasks and how to get things done. A team player when I have to be, had no problems with taking the second or even third positions when I had to, that made me a more likable person, someone who has his ego in control, this meant that I was leading teams for the first time in my life. I was becoming an all rounder slowly. The stage 3 felt like a continuation of stage 2. I will listen to the refresher for the next 2 weeks for just an hour and restart with stage 2. My expectations have changed now. I have improved a lot in many areas where I was weak. I didn’t really care about the attention from women because I am in a relationship. This sub may have made the bond even stronger as my girlfriend respects me like a man deserves, I respect her too. I let her control certain situations and she lets me be the overall boss. I feel like the lion in the relationship, and she is my lioness. We give each other enough space.

    I read the reviews from this website only after I completed listening. When I purchased this, they didn’t even have a website, so the reviews I read were from you tube, and I did not really trust them at that point.
    Full 10/10 for this sub, and a full 10/10 for the customer service they provide.

  35. 4 out of 5


    Good Product. Will definitely buy more.
    Always helpful these people are when I want some help or I have doubts.

  36. 5 out of 5

    Dravid KS

    Thanks for the updates guys! It works even better!
    The refresher state feels like Super Alpha on steroids!
    I use it for 4 hours a day.

  37. 4 out of 5


    It has been a very good journey with this. I was a bit aimless with life and the most depressing part is that, I was not even having fun. I was just waking up and getting things done or sometimes not getting anything done at all. I just lived to earn money to put food on my table. I moved to a new country for job and I was not at all feeling well. The reviews encouraged me to take a risk with this.

    Good things about this product.
    My confidence grew many folds.
    my procrastination is almost zero.
    I am very efficient with my job.
    A lot more interest from women, especially local women who stay away from foreigners. But other foreign women or immigrants have shown me more obvious sings of interests. I think if I play well while listening to Sex magnet 2, I might have more fun.
    My colleagues respect me and treat me like somebody.My colleagues now wait for me to go to lunch or coffee together, earlier they just used to ignore me
    My self esteem is higher.
    Showing leadership qualities and I have been able to get a raise in salary without even asking for it.
    Been having fun with women for the first time after moving to this country but I think it could be better.

    Not so good about this product.
    Stage 1 really brings up a lot of shit and it is very unpleasant, but I was prepared for this. It can last for few days, but once you have been able to pass that stage you are kind of calm. Really calm like a Buddhist Monk!
    Despite finishing stage 2 and 3 I am still sometimes anxious when I meet a girl who is supermodel look.
    You can still be sometimes a bit low but if you have the control of your thoughts, you can bring it back up, but it was not as bad as before. My expectations were that my confidence will be high 24X7. Not many people have highlighted that. I do not know if I am the only person who feels this way. It will be interesting what mindpro has to say.
    I have not yet been able to successfully convert interests from women to a physical relationships all the time. I did have physical relationships with few women after starting this program only, but it would have been nice if I can have more fun. And all the fun was with women from other countries. I think the game with the local women needs to be played differently. I do not blame this product for not helping me, but I did expect this product to help.
    For this I have purchased SSM 2.0 which is already showing some positive sings in just 3 or 4 days.
    Overall, this product has helped me tons. My expectations were a bit too high after reading the reviews. The value for money is excellent.

  38. 5 out of 5


    I bought it because I wanted a program that would be a tool to take a 180-degree turn in my life and the choice was very wise. In the first days of stage 1 I felt down, feelings of guilt and limitation surfaced, as time went on dissipating. I had some nightmares with scenes of violence, a little scary, but I managed to get over it. I felt like a clean vase after hearing Stage 1 for 90 days. In the early days of Stage 2, I felt an absurd increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. I was doing things I used to procrastinate. I started to study about investments in the Stock Exchange and to invest, I started to have more minimal habits and only to buy what really mattered. I started using this program in order to have a radical change of life and not simply to have a women’s harem. Already stage 3, it exposed everything that I felt in stage 2. This program is a beautiful investment for men who want to develop in all areas of life.

  39. 4 out of 5


    Even though I did not get 100% results, I am left satisfied when I compare how my life was before I started this subliminal.
    The surprising thing is how this got me to quit porn even though the maker says it has no affirmations for helping us overcome porn addiction. I think that the ideal way to get the best out of this sub for those who have porn addiction is to listen to a sub to help you overcome porn addiction and then listen to this.
    I used each stage for two months, I missed out few days bu I added extra days to make up for it. I will list out the most important things I noticed from each stage.

    Stage 1 This was the most important stage in my opinion. So please be prepared to read a lot.
    Looking at yourself in the mirror is sometimes not the most beautiful thing. This was a very difficult period. On the first few days since I started, I was filled hopeless about my past and I was filled with regrets for doing certain things and also for not doing certain things. I did beat myself up mentally for letting people take advantage of me, within ten days, I was already listing out to myself what changes should I make to become a successful man. Some of them were the most obvious ones, I was just procrastinating on making those changes. I was still hooked to porn while this was happening in my mind. Then I was seeing some of my worst nightmares and all of them pointed out to the changes I should make but they were all shown in some really creepy ways. I once woke up from a nightmare where I was caught fapping in front of my laptop by a bunch of reporters. Apparently in the nightmare, This was the first knock on my head to quit porn. Then going through tons of articles in google, reddit and other forums I am beginning to realize how this has been holding me down from making progress. Then from that day, I made up my mind to quit the addiction forever. Procrastination levels dropped to 50% by this time and I started keeping everything neat and tidy. At the end of the second month I am totally in peace with my past and I know what changes need to be made to help me in the future and I am taking steps. Anxiety being around women was becoming lesser but here were few girls who still made me anxious.

    There is a lot more to write but I am not going into it. Somethings are too intimate for me to write here.
    Stage 2. I was expecting something like the stage 1 when I first started, but this was a different game. Motivation level and confidence was so high that I started getting really cocky. I was like a nobody before but now people in my workplace notice me a lot, I did not become Mr. Popular but I was asked by a colleague ‘Where were you all this time?” Attraction from women is working, but I am not yet able to convert it to something more meaningful.
    I notice that I am also becoming hornier, and I drifted back to porn for about two days and snapped out of it. So after about 45 days I relapsed. Not a big deal, I didn’t want to punish myself, I am moving on.
    Anxiety being around women was becoming lesser and lesser but I still find if difficult to approach women. Asked mindpro to help me out and they gave me a simple exercise to practice. All I had to do first was approach women I already knew and not expect anything in return, trust me even that was a bit tough for me. In few runs, I noticed my anxiety levels dropped. This is so damn simple! But I still have anxiety when I try to approach some girls who are like 9/10 or 10/10. That needs practice.
    Stage 3 was like stage 2, it just feels like you are progressing.
    By this time I am feeling good in the office, I am happy to show up to work, I renewed my relationship with many of my old friends that includes females.

    What didn’t happen to me yet was I have yet to date anyone, though self confidence is high I still feel I have a lot of places to improve. I am not sabotaging but I am just holding myself to start dating. I did make out with few girls during parties but apart from that nothing yet has happened.
    This product has helped me a lot especially in areas I didn’t even think I needed help but I think I didn’t get the best out of this in the first run. I was advised to take a break for few days and restart. I am sure my results will be better. I will decide if I should give it 5 stars after few months. Is it worth almost 80 dollars? It is worth thousand times more for the amount of changes I have made.

  40. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely Brillant Prodict.

  41. 5 out of 5


    After the first run, I was left feeling that there I may need to run this sub once more. I was listening to it for just two hours a day. I then got the updated files and I am just 3 weeks into stage 2 and I can already feel that the update is doing a much better job. I feel that the gains I made in just two weeks of listening to stage 2 during the second run is much better than How I felt towards the end of stage 2 in the first run. It may also be due to the fact that I now use the program for over 8 hours. Nearly four to five hours of masked versions with headphones and then up to 6 hours of ultrasonic with speakers while I sleep. Ultrasonic in my opinion also feels as powerful as the masked version. Just need to set it the right ways! I remember getting nightmares from stage 1 while listening to the ultrasonic, I woke up and had to turn off the mp3 player. I didn’t mind that as it was a sign of the sub destroying fear. Later I Got used to it and towards the end of stage 1, I felt peaceful. Ultrasonic or silent subliminal works really well from these guys. I have used the ultrasonic subliminal from other makers and they are crap. These guys know what they are doing. I am now heading towards Sex magnet 2.0

  42. 5 out of 5


    Just simply the best product out there for a man. I tried the free version online for few weeks to decide.

  43. 4 out of 5


    Best Alpha Male product I have ever used.
    I just wish they could make it work in such a way that we just need to use it for one hour a day like the refresher.

  44. 5 out of 5


    These guys caught my attention with Become The most handsome man and then later on Sexiest man. I honestly prefer become the most handsome man to sexiest man. After getting terrific results, I was left wanting more. I felt that there is more work on the inner self I need to do than just my looks.
    Frankly speaking, I was not at all prepared for the foundation. It tore me apart for the first few days and I felt I was being completely rebuilt from inside. Just as most people observed, I felt better in the coming days and I was feeling totally reborn. It was the first ever I have been through an emotional journey like this one in just a month I felt like I am a completely different person. It feels like something inside me made a big shift. I was totally being honest to myself and I realized that listening to programs like become the most handsome man or sexiest man was due to deep rooted insecurity I had deep within me. Make no mistake that they work wonderfully, but I think I was listening to something that made me insecure in the past. I do not want to go into too much details. But I realized that I need to be more secure and stop putting make up to cover my wounds than trying to fix it.

    Stage 1 was completed after one month. I did not listen to two months as people suggested. I just wanted to move on, and I started the stage 2. Again I was not prepared for the boost I got, Confidence was super high, so was motivation and other things, it got me to a point that I was becoming very anxious, I reached out to Mind Pro (name edited by MindPro Team), they advised me to listen to the stage 2 for just 2 hours a day for the first week and then increase it. It did the trick! I felt much more stable, but what I was not prepared for was that this phase also felt like I was back listening to most handsome man, except that I have a way more confidence, no fear and high motivation, I felt that women were even more attracted towards me due to the fact that I was getting things done and I was very active and I was taking the lead in many things and I had like followers. Whenever we wanted to go somewhere, everyone came to me and would ask me and I would instead ask someone else who will suggest to me which is the best place to go at the given time and I would tell what the other person told me and everyone would react like I was the one who found this place and I get the credit! Its Strange! But thats how the leaders are. I am still new guy in my job and the oldies hate me given how popular I was becoming.

    I used to be in a relationship while listening to become the most handsome man, but she has since left the city and it was becoming really difficult for us to continue the relationship. I was seeing that both were trying harder but we also had better options which was best suited for us. I talked to my ex in a very nice way and we ended the relationship in a very good manner, and she has a boyfriend with whom she is committed and she continues to be my friend. I had always had anger and resentment towards my ex gfs because the relationship would have ended in a very bad manner, not this time. I was handling it like grownup. He ex too knows our history and continues to support our friendship. Its a win win situation. What is amazing for me is that I don’t feel the need to have a gf right now. I feel completely independent and fluid. I had few flings I admit and I get my fair share of interests even from foreign women, but I want to stay single and enjoy this phase.

    I never knew this program will transform me like the way it did. I just thought I will become dominant and confident but this is something else.
    Thanks for reading,


  45. 5 out of 5


    I have never ever come across a product like this one. I have used products similar to this but this has been the most straight forward product in terms of results. Like most people on board here complained about the first stage, I had my fair share of shit too, but that was necessary. It is like looking at the most honest mirror. I was devastated at first but I quickly got over it and realized that to turn things around, I got to get up and do it.
    Biggest change in me was that I stopped playing the victim game. Born to drug addicts, taken to foster care many times, I don’t even remember how my mother looked like. Finally I was adopted by a very loving family and it took me a long time to fit in, and I still have not completely fit in and for a time I had been blaming everyone for it. It took a toll in my academics, athletics, career and dating. Been reading a lot of self help books to help me overcome and while I agree with each and everyone of them, it was very difficult for me to change my thought pattern. This product helped me there. In the first stage, I kind of first isolated myself from everyone around me. I felt that needed to be alone and reflect and analyse my life and find out where I have problems and work on it. I also felt the need to seek help and I had few sessions with counselors. I am glad I did because I spilled a lot of things buried deep within me and it helped me release. It was a liberating experience. Until I started listening to this product, I was always in denial that I needed help.

    Stage two was the total opposite. While stage 1 was a reflection, stage 2 was the drive that needed for me to iron out the problems I have in my life. After I had identified the problems from stage 1, I was working on it in stage 2, it was all automatic. My motivation, confidence and drive were so high that I had been asked by many people if I finally got laid. Lol! My family is really happy for me, and for the first time I feel that I can fit in where ever I want. I want to clear it now. The family that adopted me have always done what is the best for me, it was I who didn’t feel the need to fit in because of what I had been through. I was just angry to my bones. I have none of it now and my mother hugged me and said, all the hard work they put in to make me the man I am now, has paid off and she is proud of me. She let me have her car till I sort my shit. I still stay with them while their biological children have all moved out. I am now thinking of moving out as I am increasingly confident I can be of my own, but While I stay home, I want to become the son I was meant to be. I forgive my parents, I forgive this system. My anger completely blinded me from seeing the warmth and love my adoptive parents tried to give me.

    Stage 3 didn’t feel like an opposite or different thing at first. But the desire to be successful, financial planning all grew within me. I improved in my studies and I found a way to make my part time job more fun. I am increasingly feeling confident of myself and I know I have what it takes to become a better person.

    While all this were taking place, I noticed a lot of interests from women. I did get hit few times but It was me who decided to stay away for now and work on myself, hence I didn’t really date anyone or try to date anyone for the past four months. I do not know if that was the program or just my intuition.

    I will be buying the Sex Magnet after I listen to this for one more time.

  46. 5 out of 5

    Carl Jacobi

    Completed all three stages before Christmas and I felt a huge relief going on holidays as a totally transformed person. The journey was not all pleasant and I can relate to people when they say they had a hard time during the first few days of the stage 1. Apart from that, it has been nice journey and interacting with the customer care has been pleasant. The transformations have been very good and I feel I am still transforming despite not listening for the last one week. Encouraged by this I am going ahead and purchasing the Sex Magnet 2.
    Happy new year to the Mind pro labs team.

  47. 5 out of 5


    I am doing the second run of this as I felt there is more to come from me. You can read my previous review for this sub above, it was a short one, but at that time I felt I have seen massive changes within me, But recently I have been craving to improve myself and to get to the next level, so I have been running another round before I start to listen to Sex Magnet 2 which a friend of mine has been listening and he is showing tremendous progress with his love life. I think I will have to wait for another two months before I buy SSM2. This sub just keeps getting better and better each time I listen. If you have already paid for this, don’t think twice to listen to this all over again if you feel you can improve more. Its like layers keep getting chipped off and the true potential is emerging. Powerful stuff this is

  48. 4 out of 5


    Finally a subliminal product that delivers! Been flip-flopping with subliminal products for the past ten years. Started buying them when there were still sold in form of Cds in ebay US and shady looking websites. Some didn’t even make it to my home in Italy. I had been in an argument with myself about the effectiveness of the subliminal tapes. Some of them did seem to work but I felt that it was placebo because it just wont work after few days.
    They came out with their youtube channel and I could test it and I couldn’t believe they were letting people listen for free. Then it was taken down and I had already promised myself that I will purchase the premium version when I was sure this worked. It was just last june or july I purchased this but I waited till august to start listening.

    Stage 1 felt like shit, it was nothing like the youtube version of super alpha male thunderstorm version. I felt down, guilty and I started regretting so many things. It was like watching a sad movie about myself. It was only on the last weeks of the stage 1 I felt so much better, lots of relief and more mature. I feel that the fear was also gone. It felt good.

    Stage 2 was a massive kick on my back because you kind of quieten down after stage 1 and stage 2 just hits you like a truck on your back. The motivation, confidence and self esteem I got was just massive and I did feel sometimes I was a bit arrogant but all that ironed out in 12 days. I was hitting the gym like I got a shot of testosterone. I worked very very very hard on my body right from the first day. I did regret it when I woke up the next day though. Don’t be like me. Gym gave me a good chance to check out how females reacted and it was just fun for me. The bad part is how older women too start hitting on you. You cannot really control who gets attracted towards you. But to my fortunment the ladies did look hot. I was alone in the sauna one afternoon wearing only my underwear because it is unisex, can’t really be naked. This lady in her mid 40s just came in with bikini and later, she open her bra slightly exposing her breasts on opposite side, this part, you don’t really know what to do, all I did was sit there deciding if I should look or not not look, then she would just open her legs slightly with her underwear on as if she wants to let the steam in! I just did not know what to do, though she is not my type, my cock become big and I Wait more time in sauna to calm. She just left the room after a while. I put towel on my cock to cover erection. Due to attention from older ladies distracting me, I do not get chance to see if young girls reacting to my presence in the palestra. I wanted to see how they react to more muscles and sweat. My target age is about 29-39. In my job it is mostly a masculine atmosphere. Just three ladies there, which means they are now the princesses of the agency. Everybody wants to fuck them.

    Stage 3 gave me more confidence in my job, I am now used to my new personality and I keep my arrogance, confidence and motivation in control. I became more of a gentleman. I get more attention in my office I do my job well. I do not wait for the last moment to finish. The ladies in my office too notice me I have seen two of them looking at me for long time with no hesitation. I now understand that it is now the right time to start dating and I installed xyz (name edited by team MindPro). I have gone on more than 12 dates and three of them I meet success at night when still in stage 3.

    I continue refresher for 2 hours a day, I am now in the start of a new relationship with the kind of girl I would have previously been afraid of because she is very hot. I would have done something stupid to destroy the relationship but I now have my head placed well on my shoulders. I can’t fuck up.

    Bravo Raga!

  49. 4 out of 5


    Read a lot of comments about this guy in various forums and that includes Reddit. Best part was that this was free for testing. Used the online version for two weeks to understand how this works as i did not know they worked since the description was minimal. At the end of two weeks it was delivering what it said so I went ahead and got the paid version since I felt that it has more of what I was looking for. But unfortunately the first stage was crap initially,as you can read in their website many people complained about how down they felt while clearing their mind. Second stage was just awesome. It just felt like it was ten times better than the online version but it is possible I felt that way after the first stage. During the first stage after the initial phase of shit feeling, it was replaced by a feeling of acceptance of your past, present and future and zero fear yet calm. I no longer felt anxiety in any circumstances especially with hot girls around, that was something I didn’t expect. But there were some girls who did make me feel anxious a bit but it is better than it was in the past. I started getting more organized at job and home too. Procrastination had been eliminated. On the other hand, second stage made me feel very confident, motivated. Noticing women glancing at me most of the time , I feel easy and I become more and more optimistic. There were times I was a bit too confident, but I learnt from it. 3rd stage feels a bit similar like most people reported. But I was doing much better at job and I am less needy. Don’t give a damn about what others think about me. I was also given important assignments and more responsibility, this is making me more alpha within my office and I feel I am a magnet for women. But I have strict policy of not dating women from my office, and I don’t really need them as I am getting good response from women outside. I was never a loser, but i just didn’t find the level or success I wanted with in my job or women, this has improved them for me I am going to continue listening to this as refresher for the next 1 month and then move to Ssm2.0 I am just waiting for more reviews from people who completed it. I can already read the reviews but apart from the people who tested it, I can’t read the reviews of people who paid for it and completed all four stages.

  50. 4 out of 5

    Agustin Ricardo

    This product means Business. It gets the shit done.
    I used to be someone who was a pushover, nice guy, despite working very hard I used to get trampled everywhere I went. I started buying Alpha Male subs on internet and I did see some success but nothing outstanding like this one. I purchased Super Sex Magnet 2.0 and it is delivering results even better!

  51. 5 out of 5


    Difficult Start, but finished with a life changing journey. Thanks for the patience in answering all my questions. $79 Was not the problem, it was the time I had to invest in it which was a concern and it was well worth it.
    Thank You

  52. 4 out of 5

    H Walter

    There are no words to explain the impact this product has had on me. The effects were confusing at first as the foundation stage was forcing me to have a honest review of my life and it was delivering the opposite of what was said in the description, instead of moving on from past, I was revisiting the horrors I wanted to forget and instead of forgiving myself I was blaming myself even more for the mistakes I have done. It just lasted for a couple of days and then there was this moment of total peace.

    The next two stages need no explanation as it worked as expected. I just want the person reading this understand that the stage 1 can be very tough on you if you had a rough past but it is totally worth it. I have been through many hypnosis and energy clearing sessions with famous people and ended up being ripped off nearly three thousand dollars and yet they did little or nothing. If you complain they just say that I am in need of more sessions or something is very abnormal with me. This did work well to help me clear up at least 90% of the issues. I may need to run it once more, I will consider that later.

    I didn’t buy this product to get laid, I brought this to improve my life and I am already in a relationship, apart from the confusing times I had during the foundation, stage 2 and 3 made my relationship more interesting and my girlfriend treats me as if I am her king, not that she didn’t treat me well in the past. I also have a decent job and and decent colleagues, so I cannot really say how different it would have been if I had mean colleagues, But just like in the relationship with my girlfriend, I am getting more and more respect and responsibilities. There is not promotion or pay raise on sight yet but I get a feeling that it is all heading in the right direction.

  53. 5 out of 5


    Its brutal af at first. It digs a lot of shit from the past, and shoves it on your face. From the problems that were beyond your control to the shit you got yourself into, it brings all up and there is that overwhelming sense of sadness, guilt and shame. Its not for pussies. It literally awakens the Tyler Durden from fight club in you, except for the part where you blow up things and screw yourself, this shit lasts only for the first few days and from then on it is like reading an alpha male blog. It worked for me very well. The customer care too is awesome. I lost the download link and they provided it very fast. This is the first multi stage Alpha Male product I have used and I had to use it for just one run. I am ready for Super Sex Magnet.

  54. 5 out of 5


    It has been an amazing journey. It was very unpleasant at first, then it just got better and better for me. I think I got more clearance to do, so I will use subconscious blockage remover and then listen to this again.
    Thanks for doing a good job and helping me out during my difficulties. Your advice has been valuable.

  55. 5 out of 5


    Excellent product

  56. 4 out of 5


    Excellent program. Difficult first stage though. You got to hold on, once you are past it, its exciting. At least for me.
    I also like the fact that you can test these programs on their channel before buying them.
    Good after sales support.

  57. 5 out of 5


    All Around great!

  58. 5 out of 5


    I have used similar products in the past and they all do work, but the effects this product gives blows away all the previous ones. Its all rounded.
    Giving it one star less because I am not very happy with the effects of irresistible sexiness.

  59. 4 out of 5


    found this while googling Alpha Male 2.0 and I am glad I found this.
    I used to disagree with bloggers about what the definition of an Alpha male can be. This helped me become an Close to Alpha but in my own way. definitely helped me push boundaries. Good product but we do have to be dedicated just to this product for the maximum results.

  60. 4 out of 5


    About 8 months ago, I found myself stuck in a deep hole in which I got myself into. I made a string of unbelievably silly mistakes that had serious consequences which actually made my wife leave me and almost file for divorce and take our kids away. Then I found their channel on youtube. Till then I did experiment with the so-called frequencies from various other channels that didn’t deserve the view count this channel deserves. Not having much to lose I tried their Super Alpha Male first, like most I ignored their instructions and listened for a few hours which lead to a sudden boost in motivation, anxiety levels, me expressing deep resentment and anger. I knew it was caused by their video and I shot a few emails through their website to express my concerns. It was then they pointed out the details of the instructions and this was exactly why we should not listen to that video for more than one hour in the first week. So if anyone of you who is reading this, please follow their instructions. I was asked to take two days of break and restart following the instructions this time.
    A few days later, things settled down and I felt better despite some very very very strange dreams. I finally bothered to read the comments on the video and it was then I realized that I should have listened to their foundation video first. I stopped SAM immediately and decided to take a break for two days and restart the foundation but I felt convinced that their paid version is worth it, so I purchased it and spent a day reading instructions and organized the way I plan to listen. The support team is very helpful. Sometimes it’s not the same person who is replying, but that didn’t cause trouble.

    I was hardly prepared for what was in store for the first stage which is also called super alpha foundation I think. I have never faced any childhood trauma like some have mentioned here, my life has been relatively smooth till I fucked up big time recently. It was this that caught me. The first few days were filled with anger, regrets and shame and I never knew I had this much of baggage locked up within me. I decided to stop all communications with my estranged wife and our kids and I had this feeling within me that it’s for the best that we take a break from each other. Right then the communications were not helping. Misunderstandings snowballed into constant arguments and fights over silly things. I decided that apart from work, I am going to shut down myself from others for a while even though it was depressing. Attending to the indoor houseplants and the fishes in the aquarium left behind by my daughter lifted my spirits and somehow had a soothing effect on me during this difficult period. Cooking again too helped me not to think about things that didn’t help. In my workplace, I was surprised that despite the initial negative feelings I had when I started listening to this audio, I was working better, no procastination or wasting time for anything.
    I was very effecient and I was very open to express my feelings or opinion on certain things. I was becoming very blunt in the way I communicated. It did hurt a few men but this helped me later on after a few months. Most important thing is that I was brutally honest with myself about what worked or didn’t work. I went back to the description a few days later and realized how this sub is changing the inner game for me. I decided to stick to stage 1 for a longer period of time. I felt very relaxed by the end of the second month and by then I restarted the communication with my family and they were more receptive towards me and my wife has put hold filing for divorce and we have decided to work on the marriage not only for the sake of our kids but also for ourselves.

    About Stage 2 and 3, I got nothing much to add because it did everything it says. I can confirm that these stages feel very different from stage 1. I can also confirm that the attraction of women was working but I do not know how good it could have been as I was not interested to attract any other women other than my wife, and she was warming up to me again but even till now after our small break up, we have not had a physical relationship apart from few kisses. She wants a break and I can understand that. It’s better to wait I feel.
    She says she’s proud of the changes I have made, and she has let our kids come back to my house and stay for a longer period of time and I am anticipating that my wife will move in back with us as she’s recognizing that I am becoming the man I should be.

    The improvement in the workplace and my sudden awareness in the shape of my body my decision to hit the gym are my biggest surprises. My wife is hot 10 in my opinion and I was out of shape. Becoming fit is one of the biggest boosts I had recently which helped me out in my career and family.

    Last, I have to think Team MindPro for their patience towards me while replying.
    Thank you.

  61. 4 out of 5


    This not been a straight forward experience. Initial performance was inconsistent like many feel.
    But at the end it has been really superb. It presented the worst of me and showed it to me in my dreams in weird ways, then it also brought out the best out of me. It works.
    I used the online version to test.

  62. 4 out of 5


    Though start, awesome at finish.

  63. 4 out of 5


    Still in Phase 1 fourth week.
    Given my past, I was advised to listen to this stage for 2 months. For three weeks, despite noticing a drop in procrastination and interest in wasting time like watching porn or binge watching soap operas. By the end of fourth week, I can relate to others who say they felt better. I did not particularly feel better or high in any sense. I just feel surreal and I accept what happened in the past stays there. There is a feeling deep within me that I turn everything around, but the motivation has yet to hit. I do not feel scared anymore but that confidence is not yet there. I think the stage 2 will address, but overall this sub is a class apart from every other sub I have used in the past.

  64. 5 out of 5


    It was a tough start at first but it improved. The inner grit I developed is the most noticeable thing.
    I wish I could give it 10 stars.

  65. 5 out of 5


    STAGE 1
    I did ssm 2.0 stage 1 and had that shitty feeling everyone is writing about so when I started Sam 2.0 stage 1 I didn’t go through that phase again
    Sam 2.0
    Stage 1- I am relaxed
    I do not live in the past
    Reduced anxiety
    I’m not fearful
    I’m cool when a girl rejects me which I think them like me even more Because I’m not worried about being rejected
    I don’t worry to much
    I still procrastinate a little but not as much
    I keep whatever area I’m in clean
    I was able to hookup with a female in stage 1 I’m not really sure how lol
    I don’t take crap from people
    I approach people with no problem
    Seems like females were attracted to to my energy
    Notice a lot of testosterone boost from myself
    Slowed down on bad habits
    I’ll rather depend on myself now but I’m okay asking for help if someone knows something I don’t know
    All I got I’ll come back when I finish stage 2

  66. 5 out of 5


    A lot of guys have detailed their journey wonderfully. I pray this works as well for you as it did me.

  67. 5 out of 5


    Excelente audio, lo único que creo que deben mejorar, son los puntos de sensualidad irresistible y atraer mujeres estos dos puntos deben actualizarlos y hacerlos más fuertes,también pienso que podrían incluir un punto de atracción de dinero, de igual manera creo que la etapa de actualización o refresco deben hacerla también en el sonido cabina de avión que la verdad para mi concepto es un sonido agradable. Gracias

  68. 4 out of 5

    Salim Choudhary

    When I first started, I thought I was going to wait till I complete the three stages and leave a bad review. That’s how rough the start was initially, but fortunately it lasted only for a week and things have been really good since then.
    I completed all three stages and I am now refreshing before I download Super Entrepreneur. I was going to buy SSM, but I think girls can wait a bit longer.

  69. 4 out of 5


    Stage 1 Review,

    Overall, first three weeks were very downtown. After that things becoming easier and happier.
    Inner vision clarity improved, getting unstuck from things fast. Better solutions or advice to self. Better actions and staying committed.
    Better self control over bad habits. No PMO.

    Entire month of nov went great, improved in routine and mood be overall joyful and a consistent routine.
    Looking forward to 2 months of stage 2.

  70. 4 out of 5


    My second time around SAM 2.0. Stage 1 was easy compared to my first time. In the end of stage 1 I had personality traits coming out I didn’t know I possessed.

    Stage 2 was absolutely AWESOME. I met alot of people. My instincts led me down to the road to fun and enjoyment. I was working hard and playing hard. For the first time in my life I wanted to be my own man. I had never had this drive of independence.

    Compared to the first time of listening Stage 3 didn’t deliver the second time around. I don’t know why. In the end of stage 3 I felt like an emotional wreck. So I decided to leave it there. I have moved on from the program for a while. I will start listening again in march. I rate over all 75-80.
    Stage 4 couldn’t be downloaded for some reason so I didn’t listen to it.

  71. 5 out of 5


    I purchased this two years ago. I have since purchase the foundation and I love the airplane cabin. Background sound. I’m going to repurchase. Sam 2.0 in the next month when I finish the foundation But I really hope the airplane cabin. Sound is available for stages 2 and 3.

  72. 4 out of 5

    The Operator

    Like most of their customers, I tried their YouTube video before buying this. YouTube version works just enough.
    I downloaded it expecting it to be like a continuation of the YouTube version, but I was wrong.
    It felt a lot different, and the inner cleansing part was scary yet enjoyable in a good way. In just a week I felt more emotionally matured that I have ever been. I was running the video of my life in my mind from the first day I could remember to the present moment to evaluate, understand what I could have done better and what I can do now, what’s more, important and what’s not important and where I was wasting my time and energy.
    In hindsight, I should have used this stage for a bit longer.
    Stage 2 and 3 were completely different experience to stage 1. There are times I felt I was genuinely the hero and it’s easy to be carried away to think that I was the center of the world, but that no bs attitude from Stage 1 kicks in and taps your shoulder and lets me know gently that ‘I NOT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD’. There seems to be a governing mechanism that seems to stop things going out of control and it’s amazing how they did it in a subliminal program.
    I think the dating part of this program could have been slightly better, but I am aware that Sex magnet is a bit more aimed at that. I will be taking a break before considering Sex magnet or their entrepreneurial program.

  73. 5 out of 5

    Bradley Markle

    I have been using this for a month and a week I would say. Stage 1, that is. It has been working so well for me. The foundation was quite rough to be honest. The first few days of of listening gave me an instant glimpse of the results like feeling happier, being more motivated, etc. After that, for a few weeks, I didn’t really notice any positive results. What followed for a good portion of time was a lot of my negative programming showing itself in my thought patterns, super low motivation and energy, and crazy dreams every single night for at least a week or two straight. During the course of listening, I haven’t smoked weed in a month and a half, which I’ve been trying to kick for at least a year now. In the past little while, my mood has improved quite a bit, and now I’m starting to get back into my routine of daily meditation and going to the gym. My most exciting result that I’ve gotten so far is pushing out of my comfort zone. I’ve had crippling social anxiety for as long as I can remember, and it has so many issues for my confidence. My conversation skills are getting much better, and it’s getting easier to get myself to approach people. I’m still having trouble getting myself to talk with new people, but I’m slowly working my way there, although I did force myself to do it twice this week which is pretty cool. Overall, I’m feeling a lot better than I was when I started. After month 2 of listening to the foundation, I’m going to move on to stage 2. So far, very pleased with the results. Good job on this product.

  74. 5 out of 5


    This has truly been an experience like no other.

    Stage 1 was the hardest thing in my life. Personally, stage 1 had me stop PMO and continue for 90 days. During much of stage 1 I was very isolated as I was living alone in Spain and felt very bad for myself for a very long time. I understood when I researched and talked with the team that much of what I was feeling was from PMO conditioning and HOCD that onset as a result. During this time I got very real with myself financially and ended up finding ways to pay off all of my debts and put together a solid financial plan for myself.

    Stage 2 was completely different though it still had many of these difficult mental moments as I was still questioning my sexuality at times and just wasn’t sure where to go with things. I was really scared of women and men and put them both on pedestals, feeling that I wasn’t manly enough to be a man and I wasn’t man enough to get a woman. Over time this started to change as I became more confident, began flirting more and realizing that I was a man, just my definition of masculinity wasn’t congruent with me.

    Stage 3 was when I took the bull by the horns. I was back home living with my parents and reached a point where I broke down and knew I needed to move out for good as the environment was too toxic for me. My finances were really getting under control and I started seeing more and more glimpses of success in my life. While I didn’t hook up with any women or date any during this program, it all finished off with an incredible experience. I was supposed to volunteer at a personal development event which ended up being cancelled. Despite this, I spent a week (my last week of SAM) with an incredible group in a mastermind and topped it off with a psilocybin ceremony. During my trip I found myself grow up and become the man I truly am on the inside. I found myself with two women next to me kissing them and hugging them and protecting them. Showing myself that I don’t need anyone to protect or take care of me, it is my duty to take care of and protect. During the trip I finally became the Alpha Male that is described in the SAM description. I had women around me, men intimidated by me, success all around me. Now to take it to the next level I’l be started Super Entrepreneur today and when that is finished I’ll give myself the Sex I deserve through SSM.

  75. 5 out of 5


    I am a very fit 75 year old. I have been using SAM-1 for a little more that two weeks and I listen to it between 3-5 hours per day. I got into a near fight with a 15-17 year old two days ago after he knocked down a lady while he was riding his bicycle while reading his phone (the lady saved him). When he said the lady (who was exiting a business onto the sidewalk) was at fault I felt I needed to teach the little shit a lesson. If this is what this program can help me create I’m definitely looking forward to SAM-2 and 3. I love the “Airplane Cabin” masking 🙂

  76. 5 out of 5


    Can’t tell but overtime you’ll have experiences which change and shape your life helping bring out the best in you. A lot of ups and downs but over time you’ll come out on top. Keep faith, persist, watch motivationals, come up with 1/2 strong emotional affirmations which help fuel you. This subliminal is worth it.

    Stage 1 – 40 days
    Stage 2 – 36 days
    Stage 3 – 31 days

    Listened to the audio 4-6hrs and 20-30% volume with high quality headphones (ATH-M50) during the day, and US version with slightly noticeable volume with speakers (Logitech Z200) for however long I slept for, usually 4-6hrs.

    Trust your gut, be successful, and most importantly do the work. Mamba out.

  77. 4 out of 5

    Pedro Sanchez

    This is numero uno!

  78. 4 out of 5


    Just read the instructions, wear the headphones and Go!

  79. 4 out of 5

    Elias T

    Hello. Thank you Elena for all the help. Very good team.

    My search for becoming Alpha Male stopped with this. I have tried countless subliminal and hypnosis products, this is what worked straight forward. Instructions are clear for me.
    I give it just 4 stars because of the hours I have to listen to it but it’s a trade off for what benefits it brings me.
    Good product, I am now going to listen to Super Entrepreneur after taking 1 week of break.

  80. 4 out of 5

    Robert Edmund

    Got the info about this product from an online dating forum. From Stage 2, the journey has been amazing.

  81. 4 out of 5


    Esta es mi segunda reseña ya que es la segunda vez que lo escucho, hice la etapa 2 y 3 por un mes cada etapa, la 1 no la hice, mis resultados fueron mejores que durante la primera escucha, es un audio muy bueno, pero creo que pueden mejorar y mucho, creo que la masculinidad debe ser mayor creo que deberían poner un ítem de Aura masculina cruda exponenciada que se sienta en toda parte a donde uno llegue, también creo que deberían poner un punto de Aura sexual Cruda, ser muy sexy y aumentar la atracción de mujeres. Es mi opinión. Gracias

  82. 5 out of 5



    Stage 1 digs up some hidden fears and brings them up to surface for release and gives you some nightmares but definitely necessary to let the past fears go and whatever is holding you back.

    Stage 2: very highly confident but be aware as some other people on the street will try to fight you and show their dominance. Girls dig up your confidence

    Stage 3: definitely confidence high as well as self-esteem. Not cocky but confident and believing in myself.

    After 3 staged done i feel a complete different person. I am very confident and self assured. More mysterious and girls love to wonder about me. The motivation from this subliminal made me start to work out and define those abs. Been reading a lot of books as well in different areas of my life. I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from people saying my vibes are really positive and trustworthy. Alpha male and in control while also being dominant.

  83. 5 out of 5

    Athiquar Raheman Shaik


    For me it’s little bit messed up using this program as am leaving in a conservative environment am healing myself from all negativity and uplifting myself. Right now I cannot explain what and which area my life is turning, but for sure am more confident and my gut feeling is strong and feeling more masculine, more relaxed no fear I did only stage 1 and 2, I got problem with my android device couldn’t complete the program, once I complete the full program I will give another review. Mindpro you nailed it.

  84. 5 out of 5


    Hi, my name is David and Elena recommended me to try SAM 2.0. I also kept her up-to-date after completing each stage. You can read my experiences and what I said to Elena below. I listened to each stage 8h in total each day, not using ultrasonic.

    Stage 1: 44 days in total

    – In general, I feel calmer and more at peace with myself. I also feel a lot more serene.
    – I procrastinate a lot less, I used to procrastinate until the last moment. I still procrastinate but no longer every thing I need to do.
    – I also feel that a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders, which may or may not be the reason that I’m walking taller as in I keep my head high.

    Stage 2: 37 days

    – I’m very self-confident
    – I have my boundaries set
    – I feel very well about myself
    – Procrastination is almost non-existent
    – Somehow I’m able to focus for long periods without an effort from my side
    – I also have the feeling to improve my current situation (life in general)*
    – I also feel assured that everything will work out and will be okay in the end, I’m self-assured that I’m able to start something and be able and I won’t need to stress about what the result will be
    – I still have that quiet and serene feeling within myself, I feel totally at ease/peace with myself

    * I applied for a vacancy abroad (Eastern Europe). Earlier this week I received the job offer, I will be leaving Western Europe in November. I highly doubt I would have been able to have the necessary confidence without the help from SAM. This will allow me to vastly improve on my current situation.

    Stage 3: 30 days

    – I’m totally at peace with myself, no longer feeling ashamed or bad about myself
    – No longer feeling restless or anxious, in social settings but also I have the feeling that everything will work out in the end
    – I feel I have the right amount of confidence, I’m able to look people in the eye when I’m walking in public and if I cross someone, earlier I would avoid looking at the person
    – I don’t feel any stress at all, I feel relaxed
    – I have the feeling that I no longer need to ignore what I want/don’t want, I can just speak my mind without worrying what everyone else thinks
    – I feel very optimistic about the future, it looks very bright to me at the moment
    – My mood most days is really positive, it’s been a while since I last felt negative in any way
    – I would say that a lot or most of my social anxiety is gone, I no longer mind. It’s no longer an issue, I used to have trouble walking around in public or at malls, but I no longer hate it. To be honest, I noticed that I walk taller by keeping my body upright when I walk, pull my shoulders back a bit and chest a little bit out in front (if you know what I mean) I’m walking like a man with pride while before I would have made myself as small as possible when walking around in public and not trying to attract attention.
    – I noticed many women looking at me, like they have some curiosity, who is this man? I’m no looker in any way but some women keep staring and it’s like they’re thinking “What a nice snack” 😁 Yes they keep looking when I’m walking towards them on the sidewalk, and yes they give me certain looks as well.
    – It’s not only women my age (I’m late thirties )but in general the female sex, women older than me, women in their twenties but teenagers or girls as well.
    – Men generally react well to my presence, they want to strike up a conversation and like to get to know me, this was very apparent when I had my first day at my new position abroad and men came to say hi and have a little conversation ( There’s people from all over Europe at work)
    – I feel it’s easier to get to know someone romantically or in a more friendly way, I feel people are more open to me.
    – I used to be someone who gets along with most people but before I had to accommodate a little bit, now other people accommodate to me. They ask me things like: Would you like this? Would you be interested in doing this after they made a proposal or something I need to agree on (this happened with my brand new manager of two weeks). I don’t know how but I already get preferential treatment at work, the manager asks me “Would you like this type of assignment?” And than I made clear which I don’t like and he said okay, and I accepted the assignment because it was an assignment which I really like. And he was happy with my decision.

    To conclude: I would say if you want to make a positive impact on your life, it’s hard to overlook SAM 2.0. If you follow as instructed you won’t be disappointed.

    Much thanks to Mindpro team.

    • Mind Pro

      Thanks for your detailed review and feedback. It was very helpful!

  85. 5 out of 5


    Great Product

  86. 2 out of 5


    Yes! Finally, something that works!

  87. 5 out of 5


    Now, after studying the the reviews and trying out the free version online, I was able to decide in a week. The free version itself showed me good results. Stage 1 was a bit confusing at the start and I hope the producers warn us in the future when there is an update. But later it showed it was very effective. I really liked how the remaining stages panned out and I am able to keep the effectiveness of the program by just listening to the refresher stage for 1 hour a day.

  88. 5 out of 5


    I’ll right away grab your products right away because they worked well for me.
    Thank You Silvia for your patience to answer my questions.

  89. 4 out of 5


    I didn’t trust them at first. But I tried their YouTube version first before purchasing this. In the YouTube version, I doing just the Super Alpha audio, not the foundation thing, so I guessed it will be the same. So I starting from stage 1 in this paying audio, it not feeling great. Same like everybody complaining, but I patience for some days before feeling good.
    I am Stage 2 now, more confidence coming, woman looking at me, and some more respect. Feeling like finishing everything working in office. I still more work to do on me.

    I understand some English.
    Using Google Translate. Sorry for mistake.

  90. 4 out of 5


    The first stage was quite hard! Damn!
    From Second, it was quite good all the way up to the refresher.
    Ups and downs are going to be there no matter what they promise you, remember, life is never perfect.
    Although, the kind of issues I was facing as I grew emotionally was a reflection of a journey I took to be a better man in life.
    I just wish this product worked a bit faster.

  91. 4 out of 5


    Attractive options in this website for self Empowerment.
    Thanks for all the advice and the direction to help me decide on this program.
    After nearly 2 weeks of difficulties, I am feeling much better and calm.
    It really works.
    I will give one more review after I complete this.

  92. 5 out of 5


    SAM 2.0 continues to impress me although I purchased this over two years back. I used just the refresher stage ever since I completed the manditory 3 stages and it works very well.

  93. 5 out of 5


    What’s up.
    Y’all know how this sub works. Everybody going through the same thing on stage 1 and 2 it looks like. So, I will keep my review on stages one and two short. I had kept a daily journal for this sub in my computer and I am just typing a shortened version of what I feel here.

    Stage One.
    The first week, Meh!
    Second and Third-week Shit!
    Fourth Week – Calm and chill AF.

    Stage Two.
    First week. Wtf! High like on coke. Super Motivated and all. Need to watch out my mouth because I am super confident.
    Second week. MF shift to next gear.
    Third and fourth week. Like coke and weed at the same time. Calm AF and Confident and motivated AF at the same time. Women turned on when I hang out with them.

    Stage 3.
    First to the fourth Week. Everything good from the second stage and plus. I can start to feel more respect. Negative MFs stay out of my way. My improved form catches the eyes of my female boss and she’s taking me out to very important meetings and she even got me lunch several times. She’s married with kids. I can feel she’s trying me. But I am not into her. But, that’s making her more desperate. The most important person in the office wants you badly! How hot is that!
    Dating has improved. I actually date less women, but I am dating the kind of girls I like. I am choosing quality over quantity.
    Feeling more and more settled and secure. Before this, I had the feeling of being lonely and despite dating multiple women, I couldn’t find someone I like or fall in love with. If I did, they were not so much into me. This is not a problem anymore. I am not afraid anymore.

    I am a much better person than I used to be. This has a BS shield which is so awesome. You can see through the BS whenever someone starts it. It has helped me a lot in my personal and professional life.

    The best things in life take more time. I can feel more respect from women. They value me a lot more.
    Men too who were intimidated by me and acted like idiots when I was on stage 2 have mellowed down and now give me that respect an Alpha deserves.

    Like all good things, this comes at a price. For me, it’s the time and it’s worth it.

    I am taking a break for 2 weeks before I start the refresher and stick to it for 2 months.
    A great, improved product from its first generation.

  94. 5 out of 5

    No Lack

    Awesome program!! As others have said, the first part is tough for a few weeks. I found myself thinking about all kinds of things from my past that I needed to deal with. I found it helpful to write things down and keep a list. Then I would meditate about these past events while listening to the program. By the end of the third week, I felt things changing. When I thought about past events that had brought me pain, I didn’t feel the negativity, and I could look at things more objectively. On the last day of part 1 after 4 weeks, I took one last close look at the list I had created, and then I ceremoniously destroyed it. Part 2 which I started the next day was totally different. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and my energy levels skyrocketed. Over the next few weeks my confidence kept growing, I was super efficient at work and I just felt happy, in charge, energized. When adversity would arise, I felt no sense of panic like I used to. I was just cool, calm and focused. Part 3 was really just more of the same. I guess it felt more like fine tuning. I had used the free YouTube version for a few days before, and that felt more like a jolt of masculinity, which was actually really cool, too. I’m thinking about trying it again. But the paid version is more subtle and probably longer lasting. I finished after 3 months, and am now doing the refresher for an hour during my workouts. I use the thunderstorm one and I envision that I am Thor, God of thunder. I know, it’s corny… But it works for me. Awesome, awesome program. Life changing. Don’t pass it up!!

  95. 4 out of 5


    A difficult journey at first, but everything started becoming better as the days progressed.
    It was like living on the sets of a thrilling and dramatic movie that has a great ending. I know I am not yet there 100 percent. I will get there. I will start stage 2 again after 2 weeks of break.
    Good customer care. I made a mistake with my purchase, and they helped me correct it.

  96. 4 out of 5


    I have always had a strong resistance to subliminal products. Most of them didn’t work.
    None of their male beauty subs from their Youtube channel worked for me. But their YT version of SAM worked for me moderately. I will give it 3 out of 5. So, I downloaded the paid version and started with stage 1, which felt like I took 2 steps backwards, to be honest. They ain’t kidding when they say it was tough. I knew it worked from then on. I do not think my experience was as dramatic as some people typed here and on other forums. Stage 2 and 3 felt very different and similar to their YT version, only stronger. The 1st stage cleared a lot of things internally and allowed me to experience better results from this sub. If you can’t afford SAM, start with their foundation version on their YT channel.

  97. 4 out of 5


    Everything was good and went as expected. I really liked the way they took care of my questions after I paid and downloaded the mp3.
    The only downside is to be absolutely committed to this for 4 months.

  98. 5 out of 5


    Three years since buying it off by risking sending money to someone I met on YouTube channel!
    Still rocks.

  99. 4 out of 5


    I got nothing to say because it has all been said.
    Very effective, but you got to commit.
    I had failed twice before finding myself a decent plan to stick to this for three months.
    If only they could make something that works in just one hour.
    Still better than most on sale.

  100. 5 out of 5


    I don’t usually do reviews. But I am making an exception because the team had been very kind to me when I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil caused by listening to subliminal programs of another vendor. When I asked for help from another subliminal vendor who is new and very aggressive, they and their supporters blamed it on me. When I reached out to mindpro to help me out before buying sam, they asked me to first listen to Relentless positive energy to become mentally stable. It helped me out with the depression. After taking a break from subs for more than a month as advised by mindpro, I started listening to SAM as advised. Stage 1 was initially tough, and the team was very understanding and explained why it was happening, and they did it with a lot of patience. I was sometimes emailing them three or four times a day. Things eventually started looking up after a few weeks.
    I am not there yet, I think I will be listening to SAM once more after a break.
    Thanks a lot for the advice and patience.

  101. 4 out of 5


    The complete Package to become a better man!

  102. 4 out of 5


    I originally bought SAM for my neqhew but he never used it. So i thought why waste it ?. I just began listening to SAM stage 2 and felt such power.

    They provide a super chargerwhich works faster then the standard subliminals. I am thinking now why did i buy this for my neqhew when i could have used it myself.

    I like this provide stage 1 it gives you great focus.

    I think mindpro labs are the best they have truely cracked the code.

    I talk Elena very often at customer support providing feeback. She is very professional and kind person.

  103. 4 out of 5


    Admiring the persistence, I have been showing ever since I finished the three stages. Now I am taking a break before I Start the refresher. It has been the most suitable Alpha male Sub I have used so far. Suitable for me. It may be the most progressive Alpha Male sub. In my opinion, the most consistent performing sub.

    So many small changes within me are making significant differences in my life. It places less importance on appearing as a dominant male before addressing other factors. I did go through a phase where I felt very beta and nowhere close to an Alpha Male. It allowed me to observe how Alpha males behaved and at that time. It only lasted a few days. Elena says, it’s normal for some people to do that, and I think she is right.
    I purchased subs with similar names from other websites. In some areas, one particular sub was stronger, but it was chaotic. For me, this sub felt a bit more stable. It may not work that well for you. It’s a good thing they have a video on youtube for you to test. Some subs were a few dollars cheaper, and on the surface, they produced much faster results with more confidence and motivation. Still, it only lasted a few days and was nowhere as potent as SAM 2.0 and the other sub I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

    I didn’t detail how it has changed me in every area because my experience after stage 1 was similar to what others have already reported.

    I can understand why it has remained 2.0 for a long time. Why change it if it’s working well.
    It reminds me of the Mercedes G Wagen, which is still being produced. They should find a way to reduce the listening time like their 3.0 versions.

  104. 4 out of 5


    Top stuff.
    Just wish I don’t have to listen to it for so long.

  105. 5 out of 5


    One of the best subliminal programs for me:)
    I hope one day there will be a upgrade of this version too (like subliminal meditation) for make it more powerful!:)

  106. 4 out of 5


    Be prepared to take a few punches this program throws at you. Apart from that, I got nothing to add to what the other fellows said.
    Thanks for the excellent customer care.

  107. 4 out of 5


    I came here to review this product which I purchased even before they had this website online, only to see that it is finally being rebuilt.
    I heard rumors a couple of months about the replacement, and I am glad to see something new coming up.
    I will definitely keep an eye out; if there is an improvement in the performance, like the difference between the 2.0 to 3.0, I will surely buy the new one too!

  108. 3 out of 5


    Being that I just found out that a new version is coming out I wanted to share my partial experience with this sub. I did 2 months of Stage 1 and 2 anywhere from 6-10+hrs a day.

    What I really liked about Stage 1 is that my urges and desires to masturbate and look at porn was completely gone. I’ve quit before but never so effortlessly and with total self discipline. This effect took place after my first session and lasted 2 months until I started Stage 2.

    Another benefit I received was more emotional resilience. I was suffering from a circumstance that was really weighing on me emotionally to the point of wanting to break down and cry and normally I would have but as much as I wanted to get it over with I couldn’t. This was different for me.

    I also went through 1 day of feeling really down and depressed on myself. This happened almost 3 weeks after me starting. It was like others have described in previous reviews but it happened much later and briefly for me.

    Stage 2 was harder to guage what was going on with me. In the first week of listening I had a situation where, at a temporary job site I was working at, another employee “bullied” and intimidated me to move away from a area I was already working in so he could occupy it. I held my frame briefly but eventually back down and gave him the space out of fear of confrontation.

    Once I got alone I remembered being so angry at myself and the way I handled the situation that I wanted to cry but once again I couldn’t because of the emotional resilience that was built up from the previous stage.

    Sitting in the car I instantly had the urge to start working out and getting myself stronger to potentially prepare for another encounter vowing to stand up for myself better than the last time.

    For the rest of Stage 2 I worked out 6 days a week for nearly 2 months so I guess the motivation kicked in but in an Indirect way.

    I didn’t continue to Stage 3 because other than the emotional resilience, abstinence from porn and masturbation, as well as motivation I didn’t feel like I was getting what I really wanted from this sub. I desired to feel more manly, more dominant, willing and confident to stand up to challenges/challengers and be overall ALPHA. But instead I still felt fearful, lacked confidence, and still felt internally broken and weak thus I was discouraged to continue my journey with this sub.

    I want to thank Mind Pro Lab for making me a believer in the power of subliminals and the fact that it really can change your behaviors in a very subtle way. Before I’ve tried other subs on YouTube but never got any sign that they could really work for me.

    Based on that I plan on looking into the next upcoming Alpha Sub but I hope the affirmations can really bring that Dominant Male/No Nonsense Leader vibe when needed while still maintaining being a gentleman.

  109. 4 out of 5


    It’s working very well.
    Just finished stage 2 and I need a break for a day or two.

  110. 5 out of 5


    grazie di tutto Elena!

  111. 4 out of 5


    Good program. The only issue I have I can’t spend 8 hours listening to it.
    Will the new version be faster? If the new version is also containing three or four stages, should we listen to the stage 1 from the beginning?

  112. 3 out of 5


    Edited by (Edited by Mindpro admin): This review is for SAM 2.0

    Results were not as dramatic as I assumed they would be but after 5 months of use I did change as a person in a desirelable way, only reason I am giving it 3 stars is because I bought another program thats 4.0 format after completing SAM2.0 and after only 6 days the results are more pronaunced and faster! Saying all that, honestly I am excited for SAM5.0 and would gladly go through it after having experienced the 4.0 format program. Cheers!

  113. 4 out of 5


    THIS REVIEW IS FOR SAM 2.0 (Edited by Mindpro admin)
    I had purchased it one year ago and didn’t use it very well, and I probably misused it by using another vendor’s product for something else. It backfired badly on my face, and I ultimately gave up on the subliminal program.
    I reached out to customer care, and this lady, Elena, guided me and encouraged me professionally to use only Alpha Male 2. It’s not that easy nowadays as you can get very impatient due to the number of products coming out. Another issue is the commitment you need to show for the next three or four months. As written by hundreds of others, Stage 1 was challenging, but once I got the habit of listening to the audio files, I could listen without giving much thought. I only made a journal on my PC for the time I used for each week, and I didn’t use it on Saturdays and Sundays. Then I did miss out a few days, and things dragged for five months for me to complete.
    In the end, everything was worth it. Though I am not 100% satisfied with the progress, I am more aware of what I should do from my side, and I am now able to understand what I can expect from this product and what I should do to get more out of it.
    I want to do another run, but now I see SAM 5.0, so I am fence about what to do.

  114. 5 out of 5


    Buying this product would be the best decision I’ve ever made in 2022. Even when I’m only listening stage 1 for a month. The Results are immense. I feel like a bit uncomfortable at first, but after a week, the results slowly appear. My habits changed gradually. I can’t imagine how big the result will be when I finished this product. Thank you Mind Pro Labs Team for creating such a great product!

  115. 4 out of 5


    We turn to these self-help products when facing a crisis or issues like being stuck somewhere. Often there are channels, websites, and other self-help content creators who would exploit people’s troubles, but I have not had this behavior from Mindpro. SAM2.0 seemed to be the right one at that time, but still, I reached out to four other subliminal websites. One website tried to push a product I don’t need, the other two tried to sell a stack of subs I may need all at once and permitted me to listen to all the files on a single day.
    Talking with others and even meeting a few veteran subliminal users in Reddit opened my eyes validated what Elena tried to tell me, which is to Listen to one sub at a time. Instead of making me pay and download a sub, they recommended SBR 2.0, a sub that is free of cost, to help me gauge how their subs work and how it affects me. Being a marketing person, I was surprised that they were not pushing me to buy anything, instead just trying to help me out. This is either a clever marketing strategy, or they want to help. SBR 2.0 was a sub I didn’t know I needed. The initial days were a bitch. I was not prepared for what it brought out of my head as Subliminals are new. I didn’t know subs were capable of it. To understand more, I again reached out to some online friends on forums and reddits; some of them had used SBR, and they all said they had a bit of a tough time at first. Things improved by the end of the month, and I felt better about myself and became more optimistic, and things started improving around me a lot. Just as I was about to purchase SAM 2.0 finally, they pulled it out of the sale with a notice for SAM 5.0 being put up. I requested Elena if I could at least have the first stage of SAM 5.0 before it’s released, she refused. But after a lot of convincing, they let me have the first stage with the condition that I update them every week. I agreed!
    I can say straight out of the box that I didn’t have the kind of issues users of SAM 2.0 had in the first stage. Elena mentioned that they made slight changes, and this was also because I recently used SBR 2.0, which may have made things easy for me.
    The fantastic thing with this 5.0 tech is everything is more subtle from what I can understand from processing the feedback of the previous version.
    It’s like certain things are changed, but consciously you don’t need to be aware of it all the time. Like I had feelings attached to my ex and my time with her, I would always freak out when I saw her as we lived nearby. I slowly started ‘NOT THINKING’ about her, and when I saw her, I didn’t feel anything apart from the fact that we were friends. She is trying to be more friendly with me despite being in a committed relationship. Her boyfriend, too, did not seem to be sending the negative vibes like before. It’s only one example of what stage 1 did for me. To be honest, it was the more remarkable turn of things for me.
    Other than that, I got more organized, all bad vibes I had about others had vanished, and I feel silly for having any beef with others.
    I do socialize, but there are days when anxiety is higher. Breaking up in a community where everyone knows everyone is quite difficult as people do get a bit nosey, and we have to deal with it. My anxiety and confidence level got higher, and there were no problems with socializing.

    I am on week 3 of Stage 2, and I can say that it’s definitely like stage 2 of SAM 2.0 from what I have read and experienced. I am guessing that only the men who used SAM 2.0 before using this will say the actual difference. All I can say is that there is a difference in the contents of Stage 2 when compared to stage 1. I love it so far.
    I am grateful to Elena for letting me buy this earlier. She surprised me by refunding the full money as a reward for honest feedback. I did go ahead and buy the entire program to support these guys. In an ecosystem of predatory vendors, these guys are God-sent.
    God bless.

  116. 5 out of 5


    I am a volunteer. I have been fully refunded after I completed giving them the updates every weekend.
    It was fun and sometimes frustrating too.
    Stage 1 of the first versions I tested was very tough and I was at first reluctant to retest the new version. I am positive to say that stage 1 for the final version is extremely smooth and yet very effective. I don’t know how they did it, but it works very well.
    I don’t have much to add for the final stages as it all worked according to plan.
    Good work. SAM 2.0 was already your masterpiece and it’s backed by hundreds of reviews compared to your other products, to outperform it with the 5.0 version you guys show how serious you are.
    Good job.

  117. 5 out of 5


    I’m extremely inspired by your scripting skills and also with the format used in your modules. I am a long time Subliminal user, hence I can feel the difference between your products and others. Is that due to technology or is it due to clever choice of words to increase it’s effectivness? Anyway keep up the nice high quality of products, it is uncommon to find such quality products backed by excellent customer care like this one these days..

  118. 4 out of 5


    I was a part of the group of volunteers who helped develop this program.
    Elena always provided us with valuable info on how the program works and how to use it in the correct way. Fabio and his team have done a formidable job and I am really thankful to the whole team for having the trust in me.
    I think I will have to run the 2nd and 3rd stages once more for even better results. Will return after three months with another review.
    Thank you!

  119. 4 out of 5


    Thank You guys for giving the right advice.
    Moved to stage 2, its kickass. I will give another review after stage 3.

  120. 5 out of 5


    A big jump from all other subliminal products.
    I may have to run it once more I feel.
    Moving to Stage 3.
    After completing stage 2, I feel I already finished all stages of SAM 2.0.

  121. 5 out of 5


    I was suggested this website by my buddy with whom we chat on a porn streaming site. At the end of last year, we agreed that our porn habits were getting out of control as regular pornography was no longer cutting it. Both of us were married with beautiful families yet hiding a disgusting habit that would bring shame to all of us if it were to be found out. I first tried OPA for a month, and it worked just as planned and advertised. My friend jumped directly to SAM 2.0 as he was impatient but was not ready to face what it had in store. He had a terrible first two weeks, like he was puking mentally. I was glad that I stuck to first addressing my porn habits. But the news from him during the first few days was not encouraging. He was filled with regrets, anger at himself, and shame. After a month, he seemed a different person, but he did return to porn sometimes, but not to fap. His feedback validated that I took the right decision to first listen to OPA.
    Just as I was about to complete OPA, I saw that SAM 2.0 had been taken off from sale and was being replaced with the current version. If my memory is correct, it was to be called SAM 4.0, not 5.0. Fast forward a few weeks, it was finally on sale, but I was concerned if it would have the exact emotional toll that my friend had when he used the 2.0 version. I am glad to say that I didn’t face the intensity my friend felt. Instead, I was hit with subtle sadness, guilt, anger, shame, and regrets related to my past and stupid decisions. One among them was how I treated my ex. After building up the courage one morning, I picked up the phone and spoke to my wife about why it’s important to contact my ex and apologize for what I did to her so both of us could move on, and she was fully supportive. I am 6’4 and very well built, and I could intimidate anyone I wanted, but I was a chicken to face the mess I made. I called my ex and admitted what I had done was wrong, and I apologized with no conditions attached to it and cried my heart out because I felt what she did when I dumped her. She said she forgave me a long time ago, but she wasn’t sure if I could forgive myself if I understood the magnitude of my actions, and she was right.
    I lived with regrets for a long time, and I was always afraid that someone like that would do the same thing to my daughter, who is only seven. She didn’t talk much, but she said she forgave me long ago, advised me to make peace with myself, and hung up. I didn’t know how much weight this simple phone call would lift off my shoulders. This is my feedback from Stage 1. Amazing journey. I have already heard from others how much they improved this version from the previous version. One of the most extensive improvements makes stage 1 more comfortable yet very effective. During this period, I was more focused on addressing my problems, weaknesses, and relationship with my family, friends, and colleagues. I didn’t have porn in my mind.

    Moving on to Stage 2, what can I say. It worked like a charm, and stage 3 feels like a step up from stage 2. It does not have the kind of difference you feel when you go from stage 1 to stage 2. This part is similar to sam 2.0.

    I do not plan to use the boss stage anytime soon. So, I plan to use the refresher stage after I complete stage 3 and take a break.

    At this point, I do not know if I will start thinking about porn. I do not yet know if the new awareness that has come up within me will help me abstain from porn. I feel I am too important to waste my time on them, but I am well aware that things could change in the future. If I think I am returning to it, I will rerun OPA.
    So, if you are a porn addict like I used to be, please do yourself a favor and start using OPA.

  122. 5 out of 5


    thanks for making the stage 1 more smooth

  123. 5 out of 5


    Thank You Fabio

  124. 4 out of 5


    Unquestionably the best Alfa Sub. I wish you could do this in one stage. If you could do it, I would pay 10 times money for it.
    Vastly improved from the previous sub. Very sophisticated in the way it works as I don’t notice any resistance on stage 1. Zero!

  125. 5 out of 5


    Appreciating the commitment you put into this sub, especially stage 1.
    I had a rough time with the previous version, while this works very well in the background and the changes are happening without me noticing. Didn’t listen to the other stages yet, but I am positive.

  126. 5 out of 5


    Unquestionably believe that this is the most potent Alpha Male sub backed by a very humble support team.
    Thank you for this product, this journey has been incredible from the day I purchased this. I completed all stages two days ago and I came back looking for the next step, which is SSM, but unfortunately, its out of sale, but fortunately I get to buy the latest version which launched.

  127. 4 out of 5


    Thanks to a friend I Met in another forum that discusses products like this. I asked him to share a copy of AM 2.0 which we paid and downloaded.
    But, he refused to share due to the so-called anti-piracy codes which they put just like (edited by team Mindpro) By the time I finally made up my mind AM2 was not on sale anymore. So, I used their online version of part 1 for two weeks before they launched this. I waited till February 2022 to download it and I have stuck to this strictly. My friend also downloaded this the next day and we had been in touch with each other on the progress we made but also being very mindful that the experience will not be the same. Just like every other sublminal on sale, there is a slight delay or gap between the time you are listening and actual results to manifest. When I look at that, this is comparable to most products on sale, but what makes this stand out is, so many things this product promises are being delivered at the same time. Completed all stages except Stage 3BOSS, because I am not in a position to boss around anyone as yet, but I am really curious.
    one more thing my friend said yesterday and funnily enough, I got an email from mindpro themselves about the same thing a few hours ago. Obviously many who used the AM 2 noticed the results on stage 2 was very intense, my friend also told me this. Even though I did feel some itensity, I did not feel as crazily down as my friend is saying he felt in stage 1 of AM2. Apparently, despite feeling less intensity compared to AM2, my friend is also saying that everything seems to be working more on the background.
    Another thing I noticed is that the more I listen, the better the results. I did use for just two hours for the first few days, I could start sensing the changes in just a few hours, but whenever I listened upto eight hours, I got amazing results.
    A worthy product that lives up to its hype, but it still needs time.

  128. 4 out of 5


    Recently I got an email from them asking me about my opinion on what I think about this program compared to the 2.0 version.
    I am sure this is less intense, but this is far more stable and has brought better results when I take the results into account.
    Usually, Alpha Male programs tend to make you an asshole. 5.0 has balanced it well and allowed it to work in the background without interrupting my life. The way it progresses can only be noticed at the end of the day when you reflect on what you did differently that day.
    How they pulled it off is a miracle.
    I am considering giving it one more run as I think I am yet to get the most out of this sub.

  129. 5 out of 5


    I completed all stages excluding Stage 3boss.
    The experience was not as intense as SAM 2.0, But the results were better.
    SAM 2.0 felt like driving the Lamborghini at 180 mph for the entire journey, so it was tiring.
    SAM 5.0 felt like traveling at 180 mph in a bullet train which insulates the passengers from all sorts of elements, mental and physical effort, and arrive at the end of the journey remaining fresh.
    At the age of 42 and going through a hard time and only recovering from the effects of the pandemic, I felt a program like 5.0 is better suited for me. I do not have the energy to use the 2.0 anymore and I would use the 5.0 again and again if needed.

    Grazie Fab

  130. 4 out of 5


    There’s definately a lot has been improved from Sam2.0
    May not be as intense, but it’s very helpful when it comes to stability of emotions.
    Thanks for checking on us about our progress. Not many sellers do this in this day and age.

  131. 5 out of 5


    I recently completed this program, including the boss version. As others have noted it is definitely less intense but it felt more real. I have done many of the Mind Pro programs and they keep building on one another. It is incredible what I have been able to achieve these last few years working through these programs.

    With this one I had many opportunities to learn leadership, become a dominant lover to my girlfriend, and I also stopped tolerating people’s bullshit whether it was in my work life or people that I was interacting with on a day to day.

    Overall this program made me more well rounded, driven, and it seems that goal after goal gets crushed with a lot less effort than previously.

    Big thanks to the team at Mind Pro.

  132. 5 out of 5


    This has been an incredible journey. I have not run it as I should due to some problematic issues going on in my life where i have done things i shouldnt etc, but the results has still been showing and I’ve heard people around me call me very masculine (something ive never been called in my life before) and i seem like “i want a traditional relationship because of how masculine you/your vibe seems” etc. I asked them to elaborate a little what they meant when they described me like that and they said “Well, its hard to say exactly its the vibe you give out, the way you move, the way you’s just the general impression of you”

    That is actually mindblowing because 6 years ago anyone would literally laugh if they mentioned me and masculine in the same sentence. I was the butt of the joke, more of a clown, nice to be with, fun and happy etc but nowhere near masculine, due to immaturity and just laughing if someone makes fun of me etc.

  133. 5 out of 5


    Fantastic subliminal with an excellent and down to earth team.
    Sorry for venting my frustrations, I was not aware you had problems receiving emails.
    It’s only when you had dispatched emails to everyone I came to understand.
    Thanks to Fabio about his insights.
    Good luck team.

  134. 5 out of 5


    Like most men, I listened to their video on their channel before making up my mind. Communicating with Elena gave me great comfort as she was not pushy with the typical marketing strategies employed by others in the same field. S e encouraged me to listen to the YT videos before deciding whether I wanted to buy or not. O course, there was some skepticism within me. It was almost $90. I listened as advised, but I sped things up by using the foundation stage for only one week, and I was able to feel the effects after one week. It takes longer to feel the effects in just one week as we are limited to using it only for an hour. S, it’s understandable. A ter a week of foundation, I skipped to the main SAM video and went ahead and used it 4-5 times. R member, it’s 40 minutes long instead of 30 minutes for the foundation. F first two days were filled with confusion as my emotions were all over the place. I pushed through this madness and reached a state that felt like I had entered a higher vibration. More confident, motivated, and positive. I felt different from the foundation stage. e stuff was working, so I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet.
    I was hesitant to listen to stage 1 because I felt more positive while using the YT version of SAM, and stage 1 was going to be a more intense version of foundation. I was reading the reviews and felt nervous because many people were complaining about how down they felt, but later I realized that the old reviews were for the previous version of SAM. r the new version, the reviews convinced me that it was easier to get through. I pressed ahead.
    Honestly, I felt that I had a tough time in the initial days. I cannot say how intense it is compared to SAM 2.0 as I didn’t use it. A friend I know only through communications in self-help forums did he use SAM 2.0, and he said that was the last Alpha Male subliminal he will ever use as it has changed him a lot. Apart from him, I don’t know anyone else who used the program. I can only have faith in the reviews.
    As I kept listening to the audio files during different parts of the day, I found the optimum time/schedule for myself, which worked out the best.
    Two loops during the first 2 hours while I worked in the office, followed by two in the afternoon after lunch.
    One loop of the Brainwave session just when I got into my bed, with the silent version being played by a separate set of speakers for just five loops. I listen to the brainwave session, fall asleep, and don’t know when exactly I get rid of my headphones, so I can’t say how long I was exposed to the silent version.
    There were days I felt overwhelmed by listening to the brainwave session, so I skipped it and let the Silent version play in the background.
    I took breaks during the weekends.
    After listening to the program for a while and transitioning from one stage to another, I started feeling the inner shifts like most men before me. Everything was subtle. I started feeling lighter and started observing my past from a different perspective, which helped me get over things that were living rent-free in my headspace. I forgave someone who held me back on purpose due to jealousy during my teenage years, which is a groundbreaking shift within me. Ar of certain things vanished, and I started feeling lighter. The dreams were a strange mix of finding myself in very awkward situations solving big problems or doing something great. Embarrassing dreams combined with almost nightmare-like visions lasted throughout the stages as compared to the experiences of men who said it only stayed in stage 1. e difference is that each time I saw these awkward and nightmare-like dreams, I woke up as a stronger person. Actions started changing after listening to the program, but they were subtle. e most significant change was my body language. I walked with more confidence, head held high, with better posture, and presented myself as someone worth millions. I started talking more with people I usually wouldn’t speak to, which improved my standing and status within my professional and personal circle. People liked being around me.
    I started noticing how I explained things in ways that added more value to the conversations, like telling stories or examples and making appropriate eye contact depending on the situation. It’s a professional environment. I made eye contact while communicating with a group of men, just enough to make my point, and I was becoming a defacto team leader. My team leader sometimes treated me with more respect than I usually would for my position. There were no frictions between us, nor was I ever challenged. I can, however, change from one person to another. There are no women in the department where I work, so I have had no close interactions with women in my office since I started this journey. Still, I often catch women from other departments looking at me like never before with a lot of interest. I have also had a few women cross my path for me to notice them. Since I did not have the luxury to translate it into a date or get their numbers or even strike up a conversation, nothing happened.
    Outside the office, however, things were changing in a direction more favorable to me. I started getting invited by my colleagues to their parties, where I could meet more people who started becoming my friends, which enlarged my social circles further. It meant more parties which meant more women. Improved communication captured the attention of my listeners, and when there were women, I started flirting with multiple women at the same time without being sleazy. All I started doing were things I usually wouldn’t. Without being sleazy, I could say outrageous things and create sexual tensions, and I tested this even on women. I was not that interested because I stopped caring and chasing women. Men were now starting to show me more interest and initiating small talks, which made me nervous initially, but I started getting used to it. It’s a very nice feeling. They sometimes said things to stall me from losing interest in them and tried to keep the conversations going. Sometimes it was awkward; sometimes, it was hilarious. We laughed; it did lead to some good times later in the evening.
    I did not use stage 3B yet as I felt it was too early. I am getting exactly what I wanted from this product and am very happy with it.
    I thank Elena for clearing my doubts on time.

  135. 5 out of 5


    My Rating is 4.5
    But, I cannot give 4.5, and I had to choose between 4 and 5, so I chose five because of their excellent customer care and understanding of problems. I did have a few issues initially, but I got an email from customer care that they were experiencing technical problems with their website, so no messages were coming to their inbox.

    Product. 4/5
    Best Alpha Male Sub out there. The youtube version itself can destroy every paid alpha sub out there. It was a very impressive and brave marketing campaign by this website. I did not use the new Youtube version; I used the first video since it had more reviews.
    From the experienced I gained, I decided to jump to the paid version as many of the people I have known for a long time through various subliminal forums also had positive things to say about this product’s previous version. Among them, I was the first man to try the 5.0 version and decided to be the guinea pig.
    Stage 1 didn’t seem intense, like my friends reported with the 2.0 version, but it was still very effective.
    I do not know if it’s better than the previous version since I didn’t use it. I had some bizarre dreams, but mentally I was far more stable than I felt while I used a similar product with many stages. With this, I could be more in control of myself, my impulse, and my actions. I read that the 2.0 version made men even more aggressive while they used stage 1. It’s confusing for me as I do not know if it’s just the product that was designed to help the person remain stable while having affirmations like letting go of the past or fear, which have the reputation of shaking up a person, or it’s just that I have developed better mental stability. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to say. Either way, stage 1 worked very well, in my opinion.
    Stage 2 and 3 were just smooth sailing, but I noticed that for the number of things they promise where you can see changes, the results were a bit inconsistent on stage 3. This is what I did not like. This is something all subliminal programs with similar names and descriptions have in common. Among all the others, this program did work more consistently. You can see the pattern clearly if you read the journals in forums discussing this Alpha male subliminal. It’s just that the makers of the subliminal products never admit it and always come up with sophisticated-sounding excuses to hide it. I am unsure if they will publish this review, but I am not calling out mindpro. I am only pointing to this problem.
    The refresher stage was consistent, on the other hand. Once I was done with the first three stages, I took a break for one week and gave the refresher stage a good bash. I was advised not to listen to the boss stage for now due to some personal reasons. Thank you, Elena, for that.
    Though the YouTube version doesn’t have the intensity of the paid version, it works fast. I hope they can make this into a single or double-stage program rather than a four or 5 stage program in its current format. This is also the reason why I am giving it only a 4.

    Customer Care. 5/5
    Elena was just the most excellent person to deal with. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Whenever I wrote long emails, she would reply immediately and ask for an extra day so she could read the email once more to respond in detail, and all her replies were constructive. I had been in touch with them for at least four months before purchasing this product, and she never failed to answer, even when I had doubts about the YouTube versions. She also didn’t push any products for me to buy.
    Thank you.
    (This review was edited by Team Mindpro to correct a few spelling mistakes with the permission of the writer)

    • Mind Pro

      Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to write your review.

  136. 4 out of 5


    It takes four months to get the results, and it has worked well. But, in this day and age, it’s better you make something that works faster. Please consider making a one-stage version of this.
    Apart from that, I have nothing negative to say. One of the few subliminal makers whose product seems to be delivering and complimented by excellent customer care managed by the lovely Elena.

  137. 5 out of 5


    After watching countless to develop Alpha Males traits, YouTube showed me the thumbnails of the Super Alpha Male video. I was offered the impression of the first video and not the latest version. I had used it without using the foundation for a week but ensured I only listened to it once a day. I was a bit skeptical on the first day, like everyone else. Changes started kicking in from the fourth day, but they were subtle. Unlike their rivals, they did not have a forum to discuss, so it only added more to my skepticism despite feeling some changes. At that time, I attributed it to a sort of placebo effect. However, from the 2nd week, the differences became much more severe. That’s when I knew how powerful this product was. But I wanted to know more, so I dug into many forums. I decided to take my time before I invested my time in this product. From what I know, this product has performed more consistently than the other alpha male Subliminals made by other websites. I heard that the 2.0 version was far more intense.
    I decided to dive in and purchase this product, meaning I have to listen to it from stage 1, the foundation version of YouTube. I followed as instructed, but on the 2nd day, I could feel the changes and their infamous effects of stage 1. I was down for some time, and my emotions would fluctuate for the next ten days. I do not know how things would have been if I had used their 2.0 version, so I cannot compare them. By 45 days, I felt better about my past, more optimistic about the future, and no more negativity for anyone. I thought I accepted things as it is, and it was up to me to step up and change things around.
    Stage 2 was the big game changer among all the other stages. Unlike other gentlemen who had reviewed the product in various places, I did not feel the smooth transition. It felt like being forced to jump on a thread mien set to its fastest possible speed. I read about this in the reviews of the 2.0 version, but I did not expect it from the 5.0 version. My motivation was all over the place, and there was this significant surge in confidence. Generally, I am a calm person, but I started becoming louder. My friends asked me to cut down on my coffee intake; that’s how much I changed. I don’t drink coffee, by the way.
    Stages 2 to 3 felt a bit smoother, but I felt that stage 3 maintained the gains I got from stage 2.
    Stage 3B is not for me at the moment. I don’t need to do it, but I appreciate that they added an optional step. Not many subliminal makers do, from what I know. But this is my first alpha Male subliminal, so I can’t compare.
    My final thoughts are.
    I felt significant changes from week 2 of stage 1. That’s when I realized that this product is a serious one. From there on, my body language started changing. More erect, confident, and calm. The way I presented myself to others changed. I was now presenting myself as somebody who has a high net worth. I have started making more eye contact with everyone I talk with, and it’s helping me a lot to get things done the way I want. I am also doing something I usually wouldn’t. I am pushing my comfort zone, which is helping me a lot in my career. I like to tell stories and catch the listener’s imagination. Women seem to like it. I also notice that I am being more flirtatious with women. I am a bit flirtatious even if the woman is not in my interest. They react by sending signals to everyone else that I am something special. It’s my feeling, and I don’t know if I am wrong, but boy, it does feel good.
    I am leaving this review because I like their customer care; they have been anything but helpful. This is my first paid subliminal, and I am surprised to learn how different it is from all other subliminal videos online. I never knew subliminal programs could differ in their potency. Thanks, Elena, for your patience.

  138. 4 out of 5


    Powerful product.
    Not as intense as the previous one, which is a good thing in my book.
    This feels like being driven in a Mercedes to a destination compared to the previous version, which felt like driving a racing car. It felt all over the place. Anyone who has used both can get my drift.
    Still powerful stuff.
    Take care, fellas.

  139. 5 out of 5


    If you are wondering if it works: yes it works as advertised.
    In 1 word: incredible.
    I have never had so much energy: I sleep 4-6 hours a night whereas before I needed 8.
    I’m much more effective at work and in life in general.
    I feel more confident than I have ever been.
    Also I became much more attractive to women and people in general.

    • Mind Pro

      Thank you so much for the review.

  140. 4 out of 5


    Except for the time I need to run this sub, I got nothing but good things to tell.
    It works much better than I expected. I was a bit scared initially due to the comments and reviews about the hard time this product gives to the users. It was not so bad apart from the scary dreams in the beginning.

  141. 5 out of 5


    Good job on giving a more intense option for stage 1.
    You guys listen to your customers.
    not like the other guys who always blame you the customer for not getting the results.

  142. 5 out of 5


    Excelente trabajo en la Etapa 1 al hacerla mas intensa y reducir el tiempo del audio . Mayor intensidad + menor tiempo de audio = menos bucles, excelente. Ojala lo hicieran con el resto de etapas ,al igual que con SSM y ISX.

  143. 5 out of 5

    Bryan Chew

    Definitely life-changing. In a span of listening to this over 5 months, I’ve managed to transitioned from being a 9-5 salaryman to a self-employed individual, which is the first step towards building a business. Was already excelling at work, but I figured I should not settle for lesser in life, thus I took my skills and made the call to start my own consultancy.

    It was something that I’ve hesitated with doing and put off for a long time.

    Would not have the gall and courage to push myself harder if it wasn’t for this sub.

  144. 5 out of 5


    Here is a subliminal maker who emails their clients asking for their feedback on the products we purchased almost a year back and is promising to make what is already good and what is terrible even better. I have not seen such an attitude from others despite flashy marketing and tall promises.
    I am one of those who initially complained about stage 1 not being compelling enough. When I complained, I was under the impression that it was not strong enough, like the 2.0 version. Somehow they made the intensity feel lower yet delivered strong results; we need to appreciate them, as subs like this cause us a lot of emotional issues. I also suggested, and a few friends, an option for those who want to feel the intensity without charging extra and in 3 months, they tested and delivered. A friend of mine who is their long-term customer gave me updates on his progress while he tried, and he has conceded that stage 1 is a meaner beast than the one in 2.0.
    I have not yet used the updated stage 1, but I completed the refresher, and I have to say this is a well-rounded product worth the time we spend on it. But my main point is how they follow up with their customers, listen to them, and change without blaming the customers for their lack of results.
    Effective Marketing Strategy?
    Maybe, but this one also benefits those who have already spent their money, and the news gets spread by word of mouth.
    It’s a win-win for everyone.
    This is one of the reasons why Mind Pro Labs maintains a good reputation among even those who are into morphic fields.

  145. 5 out of 5


    What have you done with Stage 1, Fabio?
    You have created a monster. One loop is all it took for me to feel the effects I used to get when I used SAM 2.0
    2 Loops are the limit for me.
    I think you were fed up with people asking you to make it more intense and you have said, ‘Hell with it and threw this hot shit at us!
    Man, it’s no wonder edited by Team Mindpro. They are afraid of you and are targeting your products in various forums! Lol!
    Will the other stages be updated?

  146. 4 out of 5


    I definitely didn’t agree with Fabio that the new stage 1 was in the right direction after three months of listening. The other stages were beasts, and I know Fabio can make them even more powerful If he wants.
    Despite this product still being the most popular alpha male sub on the internet, I felt this could do better.
    Ive known this guy for a long time; he came out with that Alpha Male sub with that channel that was later banned. That sub blew every alpha male sub out of the park, and it was totally free.
    How could someone who made something so powerful could make something which I felt was not really up to the standards?
    He has his reasoning why he dumbed it down, but buddy, to become an alpha male, you need to take a few punches. Your normal Stage 1 in this sub is for snowflakes.
    Your subs are not for snowflakes Fabio.
    I appreciate that you listned to us unlike (name edited by team Mindpro) who always comes out with excuses why their subs didn’t work and use their male concubines to back them up and shift the blame on you.

    This new update is amazing. It feels more powerful than the sam 2 stage 1. After just two days my procrastination has evaporated completely. Never had a sub work so fast and I had used it only for two loops each day.
    Why did you hold back?

    • Mind Pro

      First of all, I am sorry I had to edit this review because you had unnecessarily dragged the names of a few other websites here. Even in our emails, we did make it clear that we didn’t want to get into those topics. So your last paragraph had to be deleted, and two other comments you made on our channel have also been deleted. Regardless of their attitude toward us, we will not accept anybody tarnishing the names of other websites or subliminal producers here or on our Youtube channels. Your problems with the website XYZ are not to be discussed here. We hope you reach a good solution with them and move on.
      All that said, thanks for the regular feedback. Anything you have to say about our products will be taken seriously as we continue to look to improve the products.
      YouTube has restored our Old channel; perhaps you missed the emails we sent you if you didn’t get it; sorry for that.
      The normal stage 1 will remain, and we chose to let it stay there because it has been very effective without being too intense.

  147. 5 out of 5


    Stage 1 is tremendous after the Intense update! Effects start to show up after listening to the first loop! I would suggest updating the other stages too, as shorter and more intense loops are definitely convenient.

  148. 5 out of 5


    Hello folks.

    This is the best subliminal on the internet.

    Stage 1 intense is awesome it started showing results from 1 loop itself nightmares and at times feeling insecure and it’s too good that short listing time.

    I request FABIO to make intense rest of the stages and shorten the listening to 1 hour.

    Mind pro labs has very good coustomer support. In the era of digitalization they listen to thire customer and understand odds every individual is going through.

    You guys nailed it mind pro labs.

  149. 5 out of 5


    I got the Intense Stage 1 while I was already 25 days into the initial Stage 1 SAM 5.0. Since the initial stage had already pulled out deep issues which brought me to tears, having already had the weird dreams/nightmares of past school bullies, run ins with the police, ex girlfriends that I had bad break ups with, I started the Intense stage on day 26 and now i’m on day 35. By waiting 2 days after the 25th day, i’ve used the intense for 11 days excluding the 2 day breaks but i didn’t feel the intensity at night during sleep. maybe some during waking hours when thoughts would pop up but I felt like I was already healing a lot from the 1st stage 1 and was becoming more positive. I want to run it more but since the instructions say most deem 35 days to be sufficient, and I’ve ran SAM 2.0, Subconscious blockage remover and a stage 1 of Super entrepreneur, i’m going to switch to the 2nd stage after a take 2or 3 days off. I found my procrastination getting less and less in stage 1 but its still there to some degree. Knowing how SAM 2.0 had me at super productivity, I want to use stage 2 to start off December on 1000%. I can’t wait any longer. Benefits of Stage 1 i felt light on my feet, more ok with my past (and i’m a melanated man from rural VA who grew up poor and in scarcity), I’m less triggered by people who annoy me and having to wait so ive become more patient, I somehow attracted David Hawkins books “Letting GO” and “Levels of Consciousness” and those books opened my mind tremendously . I want to thank MindProLabs for these subliminals. They really work like a charm! The help attract books, people, situations and more in my life and I can’t wait to finish this one so I can use Attract Money and wealth 5.0. I will update after i complete stage 2, 3 and the Boss one. 5 stars from me.

  150. 5 out of 5


    I’m currently at Stage 3 SAM 5.0, but felt there was still some underlying negative thoughts which seemed stubborn to remove. I stopped using it when the SAM 5.0 Stage 1 Intense came out and have been listening to that for the last couple of weeks. After using it through a tough few days I feel way better than before, my mind chatter has quietened right down and I can control my emotions alot better. I’ll be listening to this one for a while I think while I continue on with other subs. I’m really glad people requested this, and that it was made. Cheers

  151. 5 out of 5


    Your new updates are epic Fabio. I didn’t touch the Stage 2 update yet, but I used the stage 1 intense. 3 days into it, it already feels powerful.
    Despite using SAM 2.0 and the previous stage 1 of 5.0, my mind just dug out a new layer of fear. I freaking woke up screaming from a nightmare, and when I woke up, I actually felt very energetic and fresh at 3AM and after that, I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I rolled around in my bed for another 1 hour and gave up trying to sleep. It felt like being hit by surge in cafene. I just got out of my bed and cleaned and rearranged my house and went early to the local deli to get some fresh sandwhich and showed up 30 minutes early to job site which had it’s perk.

  152. 4 out of 5


    I was previously using another subliminal vendor who claimed to have created the most powerful 15 minute listening products. Unfortunately I did not find the products that effective despite following the instructions explicitly. The customer support was never great and they would take months upon months to answer what i considered simple questions.

    Enter Alpha Male 5.0 previously i did some testing for some other products for MPL. Decided to embark upon the journey with this product.

    Its been a rocky ride ever since i began listening to stage 2, such as some sadness, some anger. I spoke to support and they said overtime these will disappear.

    Now let me share the cool things.

    1. Confidence when it comes to dealing with people and socializing i am rock solid, flirty and charismatic. My voice booms across the room.

    2. My charisma is much more fluid example at the gym the girl who works behind the counter began giving me free stuff like towels and perfumes.

    3. When i start chatting to women other women want to join in the chat with me.

    4. Guys seem to more want to talk to me.

    5. Guys at the company i use to feel anxiety towards because i felt they were better then me i know feel that.

    6. I organize my day to day affairs more effectivily.

    I still get eruptions of anger after waking in the morning as i listen to the subliminal overnight. After 3-4 hours i feel ok again.

  153. 4 out of 5


    Good job Fabio.
    You have come a long way in such a short time.
    I have used almost every Alpha Sub out there and yours is the best one yet. Do not sit comfortably mindpro team.
    Continue to make changes and innovate like you are all doing already.
    Product deserves 10 stars, but I am only giving it 4 because they don’t have a forum like the other sites.

  154. 5 out of 5


    I had always been a negative person, finding fault in everything and everyone. How I got there is one of my life’s mysteries because I did have a decent upbringing. I developed a negative outlook on life, and this had affected my relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. I was always the person to see the glass as half empty, rather than half full. This negativity had started to take a toll on my life. I started losing most of my friends, and even my job was on the line because of my negative attitude.

    While scrolling youtube endlessly, I first stumbled upon a program that promised to turn my life around. It was a morphic field program. Then later I was suggested by youtube to check the free video version of this. It was more than a self-help program that focused not only on positive thinking and self-confidence. But it promised to resolve more. I was initially skeptical, but he decided to give it a try. I had used alpha male subs before, very cheap ones to expensive ones. I wasn’t very satisfied.

    I used it as instructed. During the first week, initially I did not feel much. It was during the two days break, I noticed my mindset was shifting. So, I knew these guys weren’t schmucks.

    This program was not an instant fix, and I struggled at the beginning. I found it hard to change my mindset and to see the good in things. Something within me was fighting back and sometimes it was worse than how it used to be before I started this.I was starting to think these guys were just like the other schmucks after all. But I persevered and slowly began to change my outlook on life. There is something within this program which encourages us to keep pushing on I feel. I started to focus on my strengths, rather than my weaknesses, and this gave me a newfound sense of confidence and motivation.

    However, in the middle of this powerful journey, I hit a spot where I had a lot of self-doubt. I started to question whether I was making progress and whether I was ever going to be truly happy with myself. But I didn’t give up, and I kept going. Perhaps they have a secret module to encourage us to keep going? Whatever it is, it worked out for me.

    As my confidence grew, I started to attract positive people into my life. I found himself making new friends who shared my new positive outlook on life. I even started to improve at work and received recognition for my hard work.

    Many of my colleagues whom I didn’t get along with in the past also started getting friendly with me.

    And then, something amazing happened. I met the perfect girlfriend. She was someone who shared my newfound positivity, confidence and who saw the best in me. Her attitude and words validated the positive changes that took place in the past few weeks. We bonded over our love and passion for life, and we started to build a beautiful relationship based on love, trust, and positivity. Some key elements I missed for the past few years.

    My life has completely turned around. I am now a happy, positive man. I have overcome this negative state of mind, found my dream woman, and was on the path to success. I know that his journey wasn’t over, but I am confident that I could handle whatever challenges came my way, as long as I kept his positive outlook on life.

    This program along with my desire to change were two powerful elements that brought the change.

    Thank you Elena for your ever encouraging words. You are a breath of fresh air in this field.

    Rival companies would want you to work for them at any cost.

    • Mind Pro

      Thanks for your feedback and choosing our product. We look forward to reading more on your progress.

  155. 4 out of 5


    I have not used the 2.0 version, but I have used many other subliminal programs to make me the alpha male, perfect man, king, etc. Tons of stuff out there. Of all the programs I used, this one is the best. Very effective from day one, but be prepared to initially face a few difficulties or roadblocks. It’s not perfect, but it’s the program with which I came the closest to becoming an Alpha male. Silvia who was assisting me recommended I run the program again after a break of one week. I will give another review after 4 months.

    Excellent customer care.

  156. 5 out of 5


    As the user of this subliminal program, I can say with high confidence that SAM 5.0 truly delivers on its promises. At least, most of it! After trying out several other programs with similar claims, I was initially skeptical but decided to give it a try based on recommendations from others who had tried it. I also tried the YouTube version, which was recommended to me by another person from a forum dedicated to subliminal programs belonging to a certain website. It’s the positive results I got from the youtube version which encouraged me to listen to this. It’s very surreal for me to realize that their youtube version is indeed more powerful than the paid versions on other websites. If you are reading this with skeptism, just head over to their youtube channel and try the super alpha male video with the thumnail of the lion in it.

    During the first few days of listening, I did feel a bit down as past issues resurfaced, especiall the traumatic ones. but I continued listening and soon noticed significant changes in my behavior, mindset and my thought pattern. I became more productive, stopped procrastinating, and stopped making excuses for myself. The nightmares or intense dreams were a bit strange, but they seemed to have a therapeutic effect and helped me release any pent-up emotions.

    As I progressed through the stages, I noticed a significant improvement in my confidence levels and motivation. I was no longer afraid to talk to women and noticed that I was attracting more positive attention from them and others who I always respected. But what surprised me the most was the change in my priorities. Rather than just focusing on attracting women, I realized that I needed to become a high-quality man first to attract high-quality women.

    This sub also helped me improve my fitness routine, as I shifted my focus from just building muscle mass to building strength and stamina. And in my career, I saw a significant improvement in my productivity and attention span, which helped me complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

    Overall, I highly recommend this SAM to anyone looking to become a better, more productive, and highly desirable man. The results may take some time to manifest, but if you stick with it, you will see a significant improvement in all areas of your life.

  157. 5 out of 5

    Per Peruna

    Perfect. 5 stars. Huge Life and personality change.

    This program did not made me more successful with women. It changed my whole personality completly.

    Some people state that it made them “more organised”. For me, it is not just that. It made me completly organised. Every place in my house was super tidy and everything had its place. I ve had trown out everything that I ve had not used at the time. I ve recognised that many people in my life are draging me down and partialy , but not completely, disconected from them. Everything played out for me at this stage. I ve found horny 8/10 GF and started to live with her.

    During stage 2 I ve started independent recruiter business. From now on, my personality began to change completly. I went to take new haircut, new beardcut, new clothes, new profile photo, stoped talking dirty, stoped being emotional, reactive, stoped acting stupid, started having different perspective at many things, started to see new posibilities, became more adult and meny. I ve started to see my old life in new light and moved on as somebody else. I started to analyze informations more by logic and to verify them.

    Stage 3: it just works. I have to add message to Mind Pro team, that I feel like my urge to pick up women from stage 2 disapeared. It had not enough time to build it up yet and I would like it to continue during stage 3. Could you please look up to it? This is just minor flaw of the program. It brings total change. Final result of 5 stars is not affected, but this is the largest flaw of it.

    After program as a whole I can remain intact while facing negative emotions of other people and this mess them up even more. I am emotionaly on the top.

    After this program I listened to another one from Mind Pro team that I wont name and became something like mini manager for electro company. It was aimed to opportunities. I ve started LDT while employed there. It became possible only because of SAM5 program. Without it I would not have ability to thrive in that kind of environment. It is very polite and formal environment. We use plurals to address each other still after 6 months in work. (it is very formal part of Slovak language that does not have its equivalent in English. There is only one more level of formal and it is to addres somebody in 3rd person)

    Anyway this job came to me without seeking it. It was a huge roler caster ride. I ve almost ended up homeless, because I inwardly refused to go into bad job. This good job came to me from no where. They have literary called me at 9 PM by recommendation of one of my friends that they need manager for electro department. So here I am, learning so many new useful skills.

    I was not using stage 3B, nor refresher. That is why effect diapeared a little bit. Now I am relistening everything and I will use refresher stage and 3B stage correctly.

    And yes. Sometimes attraction I generate to women is insane. One of them literary told me she had a bad dream that she did not exchanged contacts with me. Good thing is that I only generate attraction to women I like.

    My next step is going to be SE5 to boost my income.
    Than SSM. (I am looking forward to this one – but business first)

    Note: I was listening very consistantly. All changes I did, I did by myself with help of program. Program was only tool. I did not went out to pubs or parties everyything happened by itself. I was focused at selfchange self improvement and business. Socialisation also came to me by itself.

    I am sticking to Mind pro for long time already – since the Fabio Sicccardi youtube channel was a thing. First program I ve had from them was SAM2.

    SAM5 was best investment of my life. This is not paid advertising 🙂
    Stick to it and be consistent. Dont be eager to see results, just evaluate yourself after 4-5 months of listening.

  158. 4 out of 5


    As an Englishman who has used subliminal programs for years, my opinion on them has been up and down. At times, I believed they were just pseudoscience, but at other times, I saw results that convinced me otherwise. I have tried several subliminal programs, some of which were effective, but it was time-consuming to find the right one. I have spent a lot of money on costly programs from different vendors, some of whom are now out of business.

    However, when I stumbled upon Fabio’s video on Super Alpha Male, I was amazed that someone had finally figured out how to create better subliminal programs using new technology. Since then, I have been a loyal customer of Fabio and another lesser-known vendor who has been in the business for a while.

    I must say that Fabio is a dedicated researcher who listens to customer feedback and strives to meet their needs. His latest product, Peak Performance, is a testament to his commitment to understanding what people want in this constantly changing world.

    Super Alpha Male (SAM) has come a long way, and I have seen Fabio make adjustments to meet the needs of his customers. When version 5.0 was launched, Stage 1 received a lot of criticism for being too different from Stage 1 of version 2.0. However, Fabio listened to feedback and made the necessary changes to create a smoother experience for users. I was surprised at how effective the program became in just one week. Compared to version 2.0, which was already powerful, the improvements were impressive.

    I have noticed a definite change from Stage 2 to Stage 3 in version 5.0. I have been using Stage 3B as a team leader, but I caution others to use it with care and not run more than two loops in the first two weeks, as it can make you feel overly confident.

    While I give SAM 5.0 four stars because Fabio has yet to create a forum for his subs, I believe it is the best Alpha Male Program available. I only ran four loops for about six hours with the first version of SAM 5.0, which was two hours less than version 2.0. With the updated version, I ran it for four loops, which took about four hours, and it felt even more effective.

    Overall, I am impressed with the updated program and the attention Fabio has given to customer feedback. My only suggestion would be to create a forum for his products, which deserve it. Elena is an absolute sweetheart to deal with because she tries her best to answer as much as possible. I do think her job could be made easier with a forum.

    My next review would be for the SSM 5.0

  159. 5 out of 5


    Truly life-changing. I could not ask for something better. You will be a machine by the end of your journey. I would advise that you use the products to improve yourself so that you can gift the best version of yourself to the world. Build people up, and you will see yourself growing all the more.

    • Mind Pro

      Thank you for the kind words.

  160. 5 out of 5


    Not much for me to add as this program is becoming very respected among male subliminal users silently.
    Good team to back it up and is very down to earth to listen to the users’ concerns and make improvements where necessary.

  161. 4 out of 5


    The only thing I am disappointed with about this product is why didn’t I find this earlier!
    Thing Rocks, but be prepared to be knocked down a few times!

  162. 4 out of 5


    Okay, so the thing is, I’ve been through a tough time lately. But you know what? I’m finally making progress and feeling pretty darn proud of myself. It’s like I’ve finally mustered up the courage to do what I should have done ages ago. I can’t really explain it, but going through this stage 1 thing has been a total rollercoaster ride of emotions. At times it’s been really tough, but each time I let go of something, it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And let me tell you, this stuff is powerful! It takes dedication, though. I’ve tried some similar things from other websites, but this one is on a whole different level.

  163. 5 out of 5


    I filmed a video review because I feel like that would give a different glimpse of the effects of the subliminal. The link above is a private YouTube link for anyone reading this.

    Just as others have said, there isn’t much more to add to all the reviews here. This subliminal worked even better than I thought it would. I went in with a receptive mind and I was determined to complete it no matter what. As I explain in the video, I started stage 1 in September 2022 and completed the whole 35 days and then started stage 2. When I was doing stage 2, the Mind Pro Labs team emailed us about an improved version of stage 1 called “Stage 1 Intense.”

    I stopped listening to stage 2 and restarted stage 1 with the new intense version exclusively. I noticed the improved effects immediately and listened for 35 days. A lot of the modules in stage 1 were extremely important to me so I feel like I really got the most out of the first stage. The modules are accurate in their description.

    I own a business and did the optional stage 3B and it worked very well. In my opinion, stage 3B is more subtle. I go more into detail in the video review.

    My favorite effect of this subliminal is that I feel much more compassionate and empathetic. I am a confident, capable, and contributing member of my community and society as a whole. I am going to continue using Mind Pro Labs and plan on running Super Entrepreneur next.

    Thank you Mind Pro Labs for providing such a valuable tool to use for growth and self-mastery.

    • Mind Pro

      Thank you so much for this in-depth video. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do that.
      We are grateful for that and we are curious to see how well you will perform with the Super Entrepreneur.

  164. 4 out of 5


    I tried the Stage 1 Module of the SAM 5.0 program, and wow, it made me feel so different. I come from the country had a big war where I lost everything and my whole family. So, I moved to a new country for a better life. I had good education back home, but had to do random jobs to survive here. I saved up money to buy SAM 5.0 after using the free YouTube version.

    The Stage 1 Module really helped me. It made me more organized and clutter-free. It removed negativity inside me and the negative thoughts from the past. It also taught me to protect myself from other people’s negativity. I had to forgive others and let go of the past, which was hard. I had a good relationship with my girlfriend who died in the war, I have not been able to fall in love. Sometimes I feel bad using this program as I was reminded about her, but it also made me feel that I need to move on. It helped me overcome fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, and the need to control others.

    The program also helped me find inner peace and emotional maturity. I learned from my past mistakes and became a better person. It was a big change for me, and I’m grateful for SAM 5.0.

    Overall, the Stage 1 of this program was a big help for me. It changed my life and helped me overcome my difficult past.

    Stage 2 made me feel even better. It helped me think positive, feel more confident, and attract good things.

    I learned to have good thoughts and be positive. SAM 5.0 showed me how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. This made me feel better about myself and more sure of what I can do.

    This stage also helped me become more confident. They gave me the confidence to believe in myself and not doubt my abilities. I felt stronger and more determined to reach my goals. If you lose everything in a war and if you are the only person to survive in a war, confusing feelings can start creeping in. You first try to find the meaning in why you are the only person to survive, then you may also feel guilty about not being there to protect your loved ones. As a man I always felt I have the duty to protect, not being able to protect is something I was previously finding to be the biggest failure in my life. So, this step was very important for me. To move on and not keep trying to find meaning or hurt myself mentally thinking about it as a failure. I have to move on.

    I started getting more motivated. Even when things got tough, I learned how to keep going and not give up. This helped me stay focused on my dreams and keep working towards them.

    It also helped me boost my confidence in socializing and talking to people. Stage 2 made me think about how to enjoy being with others and make good connections. I also learned how to overcome my fear of being rejected by others. I stopped thinking about the high value connections I had in my country and accept that this is my new reality and I have to build my own story and work my way up.

    I started noticing more glances from women and feel more attractive after a long time.
    Stage 2 brought more positive changes to my life. They helped me think positive, feel confident, and stay motivated.

    In this stage I gained even more confidence, motivation, and success. I had already been able to overcome challenges from the previous stages, but I am now able to stay focused on my goals. I started believing in myself more and working harder to achieve great things.

    Another big benefit was the boost in my self-esteem. This helped me appreciate myself and understand my own worth. I was automatically liking myself more without being arrogant, I gained a better understanding of who I am and how important I am. I can test all these things in my work place as I am fortunate I have a very good support system and understanding people. This program only helped me improve the overall situation more.

    I started attracting the attention of beautiful women even more and feeling more masculine like I did when I was a teenager. I really think I am more charismatic which improved my interactions with others and made me more appealing.

    Inner peace, emotional maturity, and thoughtful communications which I felt in stage 1 but not on stage 2, returned in stage 3. I was already a man of few words, as my father always thought me to think before I speak, but the war had messed with me and I sometimes blabbered and said things I regretted later. I am back to how I was before.
    I didn’t use Stage 3B as I understand from communcations with Elena, this stage can make me challenge the authority in my situation. From my understanding, I will wait for things to improve more in my work place, especially the promotions and understand how many people or what sort of people will be working under my leadership. I am already a good leader even without this stage 3, thanks to other stages.

    I used this program for 4 hours a day. I used it while I was studying.
    I could only use this for 5 days a week. I work 7 days a week and I choose to do that to get my mind away from thinking about past. I am super busy during the weekends, so I don’t get time. I am not alone in my room so I can’t use the ultrasonic version too. I use this 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the evening. Using this for 4 hours a day is a bit long, but I understand.
    I have read about programs which can bring results faster, but many users I contacted said this program was more intense and brought long term results. I will still try other subliminal programs from other makers later to test.
    I didn’t use the brainwave session.
    I find that if they had a forum, things would be better to disucss somethings with like minded people rather than having to wait for reply from their customer care.
    Customer care is very good though. It’s extra ordinary.

    Now, I am taking one week break and I will use the refresher for 2 hours a day for the next one month.

  165. 4 out of 5


    I was about to use the SAM 2.0 again, but I got an email offering me discount to upgrade to this one. I got tempted and went ahead and downloaded. But, I didn’t use it till january of this year.
    I am impressed by the speed of the results compared to the previous version. I am also glad I waited for a bit longer as I got the more intense files.
    Currently doing the stage 3B.
    Overall, a well made product. Faster results.
    Only catch is, we need to run the program for over three months. But, it’s already mentioned in the description,

  166. 5 out of 5


    This is a review that has been due for a long time.

    I have bought bunch of subliminal from these guys, probably cause I am an impulsive buyer. But SAM 2.0 was the first one I ever bought cause the youtube version really helped.

    I was a pretty awkward person. Someone full of doubts.
    A little bit after I bought SAM 2.0, I had circumstances which forced me to be homeless. And the person I loved the most passed away. In the dreading cold winters in Canada, I did everytime I could to survive. I ran from one homeless shelter to another to not freeze, I snuck in building to make sure I have a warm to stay overnight.
    And when I was not struggling to survive, well… I was depressed as hell.

    So… SAM 2.0 was the program that pulled me out of the mindset and motivated me to hustle. It did change the way I see the world, and also improved my social skills and decreased social anxiety a lot. I managed to land a job in sales, and got back on my feet.

    When they release SAM 5.0, obviously I got it because the previous version was already amazing. And 5.0 is really amazinh as well; it does feel less intense to me than 2.0, but that maybe cause I used 2.0 for months, so the emotional baggage must have cleared out. Anyhoo… this program is amazing. And it did change my life.

    Thanks MindProLabs

  167. 5 out of 5


    In four months of using this, it has made me into an absolute beast.
    Excellent customer care. I wish I could steal Silvia and Elena from Fabio for my business.

  168. 5 out of 5


    The transformation has been incredible, starting from a point where I had no clear direction in life. Even though I was seeing some results, I felt like I was going nowhere with this subliminal. Eventually, I reached a point of giving up.

    Then, I came across an amazing guy in a different forum who was knowledgeable about the subliminal world. He gave me some valuable insights into which subliminal producers excel in specific niches. I was surprised that he recommended this particular sub to me, considering he had made numerous posts about another sub from a different vendor. It made me realize that Mindpro is missing out by not having a forum.

    In today’s age, it’s difficult to find good advice without someone trying to sell you something, but this guy was genuinely providing his expertise for free. After exchanging a few direct messages that spanned over a week, we discovered that I lacked a clear vision of myself. I was merely listening to the program without actively working on myself or putting in any effort. It’s a mistake many subliminal users make. Taking his advice and armed with more knowledge and clarity about where I want to be in life, I decided to restart from stage 1, even though I had already used it less than six months ago.

    I swear, this time it felt completely different. It was as if the program itself came from a different vendor. I also have to keep in mind that the program had been upgraded. However, I’m certain that it was my new mindset that made the program more effective.

    I did experience a couple of nightmares and some emotional ups and downs from stage 1 to stage 2, just like everyone else has complained about here and on their YouTube channel. But I won’t dwell on that too much.

    The best thing about stage 1 was that I completely moved on from my past and let go of the emotional attachment to my ex-girlfriend, who cheated on me. I used to carry shame in my mind, feeling inadequate as a man and so on, but now I have a fresh perspective. It has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders, and I feel much lighter as a result. Additionally, my procrastination levels dropped significantly, and I became much more productive. I caught myself doing things I used to be afraid of and even felt more confident talking to superiors who used to make me anxious in the past. I could hold myself better.

    Stage 2 was quite intense. The anxiety that had disappeared in stage 1 resurfaced, and for the first week, I felt anxious for no apparent reason. I also had trouble sleeping. However, from the 9th day onward, this phenomenon started to subside. I didn’t experience this in my previous run. My motivation levels were back to how they were in high school. My self-esteem and the feeling that I can accomplish anything returned. I also noticed that women started glancing in my direction more often, and I regained my flirtatious nature from before. It was like the subliminal removed a lot of negative influences that had accumulated over the past decade, turning me into someone I didn’t recognize. Along with these changes came the confidence that helped me get promoted at work, resulting in better pay and more respect. I’m truly enjoying this.

    My experience with Stage 3 is similar to what most comments mention about the 2.0 version. I didn’t feel a significant difference, except that the results from stage 2 became more concentrated, and the results from stage 1 reappeared. It didn’t have the same noticeable impact as transitioning from stage 1 to stage 2.

    I just completed Stage 3b, and I advise you to approach it with caution and keep your ego in check, as you may start behaving like a boss. It can work against you if you’re surrounded by people who are your superiors. In my case, I lead a small team, but I still work under another person who leads four other team leaders like me. My increased confidence made my leader and the other team leaders nervous, to the point that they had a meeting without me because our leader felt threatened or challenged. I initially listened to it for four loops, but I scaled it down to just one loop, and that seems to be a better fit for me. I’ll continue using it for another three weeks before taking a break.

    In general, this subliminal is incredibly powerful, particularly when it comes to the Alpha Male topic. Based on my experience with other Alpha Male subs over the past four years, I can confidently say that this one is the most effective so far. However, it’s worth considering that my mindset at the time of listening plays a significant role. If I had developed the same mindset and clear vision when I initially started using those alpha male subs, perhaps they might have worked well too. Honestly, I can’t say for sure. But now that have decided to run stage 3b for another three weeks, I feel it will be time to move on to another sub, either from this same vendor or a different one.

  169. 4 out of 5


    I don’t ususally leave feedback. I am doing this now because Elena insisted.
    As you can read in the reviews left by gentlemen who used the program before me, this is a product that works like a hard tool designed to shape the toughest diamonds out there.
    Use it wisely, endure the initial pain, plan your life and watch how things unravel.
    This is a true gem.
    If I were mindpro, I would have a forum for this as I keep finding more about SAM experience on youtube comments and forums.
    I will return and rate it 5 stars when they start the forum.

  170. 5 out of 5


    5 Stars for the Program.
    50 Stars for the customer care.
    I don’t have anything much to add apart from the fact that you need to be prepared for the intial difficulties in Stage 1 and the stage 2.
    Good luck to all the men who are going to embark on this journey.

  171. 5 out of 5

    C. V

    Effective tool to overcome negative programming handed down by the ruling class and, respectively, our parents.
    I recommend this as your first NLP because I feel it offers the basis on which to build everything else.

  172. 5 out of 5


    I constantly updated them on my progress and suggested where they could improve. Incredibly to shorten the listening times.
    They were very frank and open about this. I came to them because another website which promised to deliver results in just a fraction of time didn’t deliver anywhere near as they promised.
    Since speed is what I requested, they asked me to test out their brainwave session which is now just 30 minutes long compared to the 2.0 and 5.0 versions. I did not use the 2.0 version, but someone who recommended this site to me did.

    The first thing I want to say is that this session feels very different from the subliminal program. Everything is very subtle and smooth. I did not experience any emotional rollercoasters or ups and downs like the normal subliminal. I had to test the brainwave session for nearly 4 months. Results are very fast, but they are not as intense as a subliminal program can be. They also don’t last too long. They have already mentioned about this in the description of brainwave programming, hence they are not over promising like other websites.

    Over all, this review is just about the brainwave session and I would say this does work. It’s not a gimmick. It does seem like they are using some script which is entirely different from subliminal script. After a break of two weeks, I am going to start using the subliminal version of this 6.0Apex version. Elena informed me that the script has been updated and structured similar to extraordinaire. I do not know what it means, but I hear good things about extraordinaire too, that too in from forums of their rivals.


  173. 5 out of 5


    First off I would like to say terrific improvement!
    Disclosing that I am a part of the group that volunteered.

    I have run only the brainwave session from Stages 2 and 3 for two months. The results were pretty amazing and in my opinion, the results did last longer than anticipated surprising even Fabio.
    Effects are mild, not very evident like the effects of a subliminal program. There is something different about it.

    I want to make myself available for further tests if the team needs me. But first, I want to harvest my reward by mindpro and listen to the gift I got from them for volunteering, combined with Fabio’s advice to me.


  174. 5 out of 5


    This is truly the Apex. Ever since I used the intense version, I always wondered if they can ever make a subliminal so effective but MindPro has proven they can. Thanks for this free update, the program does feel it has been changed. I actually feel a slight increase power. It could be due to the effectiveness of the updated brainwave session. I do not know yet.
    But, the updates have been working for me.
    One question.
    I was on the 3rd week of stage 2 when I got the update and I also got an email telling us that we can start listening right away without the need to restart the whole subliminal. If the updates have been so effective in just one week, do you think I will get more benefit if I simply restart from stage 1?

  175. 5 out of 5


    I found out about the update in my spam folder. I tried SAM 2.0 a couple of years ago, and it worked really well for me. I didn’t explore their other products because I moved on to different NLP techniques, but SAM 2.0 delivered results that were close to what I needed. It doesn’t mean other products were bad; it’s just that 2.0 suited me better.

    However, I was initially hesitant to upgrade because I thought 2.0 had reached its full potential. I was wrong! It’s been just over a week since I started using 5.0, and it’s already delivering impressive results. I’m experiencing the typical emotional rollercoaster that comes with programs like this. Despite that, I’ve been running it for 4 hours straight instead of the recommended 1 hour per day because I feel I can handle it, having already used 2.0.

    I’m sharing this review because I’ve connected with like-minded folks on Reddit who are focused on self-improvement. We collectively decided to try 2.0 and explore various self-improvement methods beyond the NLP world. When we realized that this version lacked the binaural music from the previous one, we sent an email, and they took our feedback seriously and provided the update to everyone. I think the new version is even better because it doesn’t have distracting background noises, making it easier for me to listen to while sleeping.

    This kind of responsiveness might seem small to some, but it’s something missing in the subliminal community. Often, once a website becomes successful, they can become dismissive of user requests or critical of their own products. They sometimes rely on fake accounts to create the illusion of a strong user base and social proof. Elena was very accommodating, and she promised to deliver the update in two weeks, but they did it in just one. They also encouraged us to provide feedback, even if it’s criticism. I didn’t notice this positive attitude when I purchased 2.0, but I definitely see it now.

    We need more subliminal producers to adopt this approach. Thank you for listening, and we’ll share our positive experiences where it’s appropriate.

  176. 5 out of 5


    I’m back with another review after I posted last a couple years ago, I believe with either SAM 2.0, OR 5.0, can’t remember.

    This time around, I’m going strong with my listening cycle, compared to when I used it last. I believe I got through stage 1, and a bit into stage 2, before ceasing my listening. I am currently almost finished with my 35 days of listening to stage 1. I have ignored the listening instructions a little bit, looping multiple times during the day, and looping it all night as I sleep. I was using 5.0 for about 3 weeks, until I went into my email and heard about the free upgrade to 6.0 for previous owners of 5.0. I emailed them asking about upgrading since I had lost my email receipt and download, and they got it to me swiftly, and they are quick to answer any questions you may have. Excellent customer service.

    Now, the part you’ve all been waiting for. The results. I’m currently 6 days away from finishing stage 1, and I thought about just completing the entire program, and then posting my review. However, I thought that the results that I have from stage 1 alone may help others to stick with listening, or maybe those who listen to the YouTube version to decide if they want to upgrade. I highly recommend it.

    Firstly, and most importantly, my anxiety levels have reduced significantly. Before the program, my anxiety was getting better, but this has really helped me get in control of it, and not let it overtake my mind. This is helping me majorly in terms of socializing, cognitive function, and just overall not letting stress affect my quality of life. This is probably one of my favourite benefits so far.

    Secondly, my motivation levels have increased a lot. Before this program, I have been trying to improve my daily routine, and get chores and work done. I had started meditating and journalling almost every day since I started the program, as well as helping out more around the house, as I still live with my parents. Since then, I have had no trouble sticking to my routines, granted I remember to journal, haha. Meditation is literally the first thing I do every morning after I wake up. Speaking of which, I am finding it super easy to get up right after I wake up, which used to be a huge struggle. I’m still having a bit of trouble with getting work done without getting super close to deadlines, and doing chores without being asked, but I’m sure I will get in the hang of it soon. I have also started going to the gym consistently again, which I was struggling with before. 3 weeks ago, I decided to just get myself in the gym. I went for two days in a row, Thursday and Friday. For the next two weeks, I have gone for 4 days, today being my 4th day on the second week. This is after multiple weeks of no exercise whatsoever. I think this is helping a lot with my confidence, focus, memory, energy, motivation, and so on. I am very much looking forward to stage 2, to see how much further it will improve.

    Next up, I am in much more control of my emotions. Before I started this program for the second time, I was having trouble with keeping my emotions in check, and not letting them dictate my actions. I am now able to catch my emotions before they take hold of my mind. I believe 2 months of consistent daily meditation and written affirmations have helped immensely with this. I am now no longer taking out my emotions on people, and not letting the words of others have much of an effect on me. I am able to walk away and forget considerably easier, compared to before. I feel I am mostly in complete control of my emotions now.

    There are a couple more benefits I have experienced, but I think I may save them for a video review later, as another user has done before. In summary, I think this program is an incredibly powerful tool, and 100% worth the price tag. Of course, as the program states, action is essential for getting the best results, and I am reaping the benefits of my efforts immensely. I believe this was why I wasn’t getting such strong results with my first run. Granted, I also may have been using 2.0 which was not as strong as the newer versions. All in all, excellent subliminal. This is the first one I have gotten results with after years of using countless subliminals. 100% worth the time and money investment.

    • Mind Pro

      Thank you so much for taking the time to review!
      We are looking forward for your feedback from other stages.

  177. 5 out of 5


    My journey with the S.A.M Subliminal Program has been nothing short of fascinating. As I reach the end of Stage 3B, I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts with you, keeping it candid and personal.
    Stage 1: In the beginning, Stage 1 felt a bit like stepping into the unknown. I experienced a few vivid dreams, which were not entirely new but had newfound details. It was like my subconscious was unfolding before my eyes.
    One of the most striking changes was the noticeable improvement in my organization, both in my thoughts and in my living space. The constant stream of negative thoughts that used to plague me has dwindled away. Now, I find it surprisingly easy to brush off negativity. Maybe it’s because my childhood was relatively stable, but I sailed through Stage 1 with relative ease.
    A standout achievement from Stage 1 was conquering my procrastination habit. This was a significant personal victory. While I still have occasional bouts of fear and anxiety, the difference is that I’m now more likely to take action rather than dwell in passivity.
    Towards the end of Stage 1, something extraordinary happened – I started dating an incredibly beautiful and enamored girl. Her admiration was surreal, often comparing me to celebrities. For someone who had never been in a serious relationship before, this was a game-changer.
    End of Stage 2: Stage 2 is where the program’s benefits became most apparent. While I didn’t repeat Stage 2 as often as Stage 1, I extended my time with it. I incorporated regular audio sessions during the day and a brainwave session before bedtime.
    During this stage, I noticed a significant reduction in my concern about what others think of me. I even developed a sense of fashion, improved my appearance, and hit the gym.
    At my job in a major financial firm, my leadership skills skyrocketed. My team and peers began to accept me more readily. The combination of fearlessness from Stage 2 and the elimination of procrastination from Stage 1 turned me into a proactive achiever. I not only embraced positive thinking for myself but also encouraged those around me with negative mindsets to adopt a brighter outlook.
    Moreover, I started feeling genuinely satisfied when I looked in the mirror. Women from all walks of life responded positively to my presence, sparking their curiosity, whether they were single or married.
    End of Stage 3: Having invested ample time in Stage 1, I breezed through stages 2 and 3 with occasional resistance. This resistance sometimes manifested as bodily tension during audio sessions. In Stage 3, my body language transformed, reflecting newfound self-confidence and charisma. I learned the power of silence, when to ignore negativity, and how to gracefully walk away from confrontations. Acknowledging admirers seemed to attract even more admiration.
    Stage 3B: Stage 3B is an often-overlooked gem, where the S.A.M Subliminal Program truly shines. It’s the phase where you begin to feel like a leader, whether you’re at social gatherings or the workplace.
    One question I had during this stage was related to the “48 Laws of Power” and the principle of “Never outshine the master.” I was aware of this principle, but I wondered if it was considered in the program’s design.
    In summary, my journey with the S.A.M Subliminal Program has been a thrilling ride. From battling negative thoughts to becoming a confident and proactive individual, this program has reshaped my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of my journey and the positive changes it will bring.

  178. 5 out of 5


    It had only been five days since I tried the free version of SAM, and the results were astonishing. It got me wondering what the premium version could achieve. However, I was in for a surprise. I found myself spiraling back into a negative state during the initial days of the premium version, feeling even worse than before, with painful memories resurfacing. On the sixth day, after a two-day break, I began feeling a bit better—though not great, just slightly less distressed.

    Intrigued by this experience, I delved into reviews on the foundation and the site itself, realizing that others had similar experiences. I decided not to reach out to them, anticipating their responses. Despite not experiencing the high I felt with the free version, the premium version led to deep introspection. It provoked profound thoughts, making me question nearly every past action and analyze how those choices had shaped my present. This level of introspection was entirely new to me and proved to be transformative, even though I didn’t fully grasp its significance at the time.

    Amidst all this, I desperately longed to reclaim my old job. I yearned for the familiar routine and environment, but I wasn’t sure how to make that a reality. Perhaps it was the comfort of familiarity that made me want it so badly? I wasn’t certain, but what mattered was that I was determined to have my job back.

    As I contemplated who among my old colleagues might help me or how my boss would react to my return, anxiety and uncertainty loomed. Would he humiliate me, suggesting they’d easily welcome me back? I was uncertain. Amidst these musings, I embarked on a mission to tidy up the clutter in my room, spending a day deep cleaning every nook and cranny, recalling my doctor’s warning about my sedentary lifestyle leading to potential health issues.

    For me, jogging seemed like the easiest step forward at this point. While joining a gym was appealing, the upfront cost was beyond my means. Opting for a year-long membership made more sense financially, but I decided to utilize what I had and make the most of it. Admittedly, my stamina was lacking, and I would alternate between running a few yards and then walking. Despite this, it brought about a new perspective, reshaping my thought patterns. I resolved to stick to this physical regimen for now, planning to incorporate free bodyweight training once my stamina improved.

    About two weeks into this routine, I hadn’t yet reached the levels showcased in the SAM YouTube video. Nonetheless, I grew more determined. Despite the lingering hurt from my past marriage, I made a conscious decision one day to stop blaming myself and take charge of my messy life. With newfound determination, I picked up my phone and dialed a former colleague who still worked at my previous job. What he told me came as a surprise. He revealed that my ex-boss regretted firing me, acknowledging the personal struggles I had faced.

    In all honesty, I acknowledged my role in my termination—99% of it was my doing. Even if my boss were to understand my situation, I had shut myself off from seeking help and had sabotaged everything. Filled with excitement, I immediately called my boss, leaving a message apologizing and requesting an opportunity to explain my side of the story.

    Two days passed, leaving me hopeful yet anxious, unsure if this was just another false hope. On the third day, during his lunch break, my boss called. His voice lacked the regret my friend had mentioned; instead, it carried a stern tone. He asked me to meet him at the end of his shift. I knew this was just a formality; I had my job back. The meeting unfolded as expected, and I eagerly anticipated rejoining the following week.

    A sense of satisfaction washed over me—an emotion I hadn’t felt in a long time. Do you know that feeling? It was extraordinary. That sense that “everything will be alright” had returned.

    At the end of the third week, a calm settled into my life. I was back at my job, and everything seemed to move in slow motion. I found myself incredibly calm, observing my life, feeling akin to a monk reaching a profound level of serenity.

    But, as life goes, this state didn’t last. At the end of the fourth week, I began experiencing nightmares akin to those in the initial stages, although this time I faced them without fear, despite their heightened intensity. How a subliminal audio could trigger all these experiences was simply mind-boggling.

    Entering Stage 2 was an eagerly anticipated step. I had hoped for that high I experienced from the YouTube video, but it didn’t quite materialize. Instead, I found myself grappling with anxiety for the initial three days. However, by the fourth day, the anxiety started to subside, and a surge of high confidence and motivation began to take its place.

    I started accomplishing more both at home and the office. It was during this time that I made the decision to move out of my parents’ place and ask the tenants to vacate the house I had rented after my separation. The property was mine, and the rent from it had been supporting me. With a job that paid significantly more than the rent, it was a financial possibility. To my surprise, the tenants agreed to move two months in advance, allowing us to terminate the contract without any issues. It was a win-win situation, and things seemed to be falling into place, whether due to the program’s influence or sheer coincidence.

    By now, I had reconnected fully with my friends, and my health was gradually improving. My workplace felt familiar, and I was in a good place emotionally. However, there were new departments and faces at work, presenting a fresh dynamic.

    Women were beginning to show more interest in me, offering playful flirts and admiring glances. Despite the attention, I chose to stay single, feeling a growing conviction that the right woman would come into my life when the time was right. I believed I needed to focus on becoming the best version of myself first. I also recognized the potential risks of office romance, which could potentially hinder the progress I was making in all areas of my life.

    Stage 2, despite its initial challenges, led to significant progress. It was so rapid that it took me a few days to realize that I was truly thriving during this phase.

    Moving on to Stage 3 was where that high feeling I initially got from the free YouTube video began to reemerge. It seemed to address the remaining aspects that may have been missed during stages 1 and 2. Attraction from women also became more pronounced.

    In this stage, I unexpectedly found myself on a date. The girl, introduced to me by mutual friends, was going through a divorce and was open to meeting new people. She was the one who gently pushed for a date the next day. The date went well, but she wasn’t the type to engage intimately immediately. However, there was mutual attraction, and I could sense her internal struggle. I maintained a calm demeanor during this time, making her feel more at ease. We took a walk, alleviating any discomfort from sitting face-to-face. Eventually, I dropped her back at her place, understanding that it wasn’t the right time for anything more due to her living situation.

    All three stages of the program worked remarkably well for me. The transition from someone who had isolated himself to a person now in control and feeling more desired was truly astounding.

    I encountered very little resistance during my progress, a fact I confirmed by reading reviews from real subliminal users on various forums. I could distinguish between genuine and fake reviews, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration when reading reviews.

    In my understanding, the minimal resistance I experienced could be attributed to my limited exposure to subliminal products prior to this. I had used YouTube videos from certain channels intermittently before discovering this website. Overexposure to numerous subliminal products can potentially create resistance, making the caution in the product description a valuable piece of advice. Interestingly, another website advocating for multiple product usage dismissed MindPro as ineffective, raising questions about their motivations—whether to genuinely help or to quickly make a profit.

    I’m open to exploring other websites in the future. While I’m quite pleased with MindPro, it’s clear that they might not have everything I’m looking for. It’s essential to remain open and consider other options, especially when seeking comprehensive results. I’ve noticed some genuine reviews on those platforms, and it’s always good to weigh multiple perspectives.

    Comparing the YouTube version to the paid version was an interesting observation. The YouTube version gives you that initial high, akin to the excitement of a trial for an epic Netflix series. However, the actual progress seems to be lacking in comparison. On the other hand, the paid version feels like a full series, where you must endure uncomfortable episodes to understand the complete season with multiple facets.

    The transition from stage 2 to stage 3 was not as pronounced as the shift from stage 1 to 2. It’s intriguing to note these differences, highlighting the unique experiences and progress at each stage of the program.

    I used the refresher stage, which initially presented a challenge by taking me back to an earlier stage. However, in no time, I felt much better. The refresher stage seems to be the top gear of this program, aiding in maintaining and boosting progress.

    Overall, I find this product to be exceptionally well-executed. It’s reassuring to know that there are individuals out there who truly understand what constitutes the ingredients of an Alpha Male. In a world where identifying a man can sometimes be met with a “woke” response, this program or programs like these is what is necessary to reverse feminizing men to impotent living beings.

  179. 5 out of 5


    This subliminal is your car, add willpower as the fuel and watch yourself go places.

  180. 4 out of 5


    Pros :

    Works very well, goes really deep and it’s a huge step up from the previous version. It’s much better than other products of this type from other websites which promise a lot of innovative techniques, but they simply cannot dig as deep as this one.

    Cons: 2 hours were not enough for me. It simply didn’t cut through.
    I had to ramp it up to 4 hours and that’s where the changes started to happen.
    I mainly purchased this because the previous version also needed 4 hours. From all my experiences with various vendors,
    I am starting to realize that subliminals have their limitations to make fast changes with lesser number of loops if they have a vast area to cover. For men with high resistance, It doesn’t matter that the seller claims.
    Some others I know are only running this for two loops and they are happy with their results.

  181. 4 out of 5


    Very Impressed with the updates.
    The only subliminal maker who has the humility to accept when things may not have worked as planned, instead of blaming the consumer for a non performing product, they took a deep look into their product and revised it. Both the 5.0 intense and this 6.0 Apex are remarkably miles ahead of the 2.0 version and the 5.0 version.
    Very good.
    We are all collectively waiting for your updates on SSM 5.0 and SE 5.0.
    Thanks Team.

  182. 5 out of 5


    I love this Sub.
    It is curing me from the years of brainwashing I went through which was propagated by woke media that somehow being a man is wrong and we all have to curl up and stop exercising our masculinity and be productive in society.
    There is a deep regret in me for behaving like a simp which greatly affected by relationships with my ex. Looking at the new relationships my ex gfs got into, I realize that they were all behaving a bit more masculine than me. They always had that edge which is attractive to females.
    I have a lot to catch up, but this sub has pointed me in the right direction. I am going to take this as a long term project.
    You hear lots of emerging experts on reclaiming your masculinity, there is so much conscious effort that needs to be put in to it which is really impossible. This sub seems to be automating that process.
    Thank You Fabio.

  183. 4 out of 5


    Thanks for making this program!
    I just wish you could have made a 6.0 version of the Alpha Male Classic.

  184. Micheal

    Very powerful.
    Brutal AF at first, but it was a punch that woke me up.

  185. 5 out of 5

    Hunter Wilkey

    I don’t really have anything more to add when it comes to review because you can already see tons of positive review.
    My only problem with these guys is that they just can’t understand the importance of a forum where we can share our progress with these amazing products.

  186. 4 out of 5


    I have not used the 5.0 version, so I can’t compare with the previous version, but this 6.0 version feels like this subliminal program has been elevated by many levels. Obviously I have used other alpha male subliminal from other websites, without naming them I would like to say this is the most stable version of all. Excellent customer care from Elena.

  187. 5 out of 5


    This program just keeps getting better and better!! 5 stars from me.

  188. 5 out of 5


    This subliminal program was the first multi model program that I had listened to. It made a difference and helped me in how I was able to deal with various situations, people and relationships. But one also needs to be careful in some ways. For example I also liked the boss stage a lot although i found that one needs to be a bit more careful with relationships during that stage.

  189. 4 out of 5


    Listening to this audio made me more relaxed and not overreact to things happening around me that I didn’t like. I was able to tolerate more and not give energy to the wrong things, and when I reacted to things, it was more calculated and in a calm manner. It also made me a bit more confidence and positive, I was able to let go of things faster than I used to.

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