Subliminal News

16th April 2019

We welcome you all to check out a brand new subliminal program called ‘ Unstoppable Motivation/Overcome Procrastination 2.0 designed to help you boost your motivation to super natural levels and also help you  overcome procrastination.

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2nd April 2019

We have now launched the updated version of ‘Way of Zen‘ now called ‘Zen Mindset 2.0

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9th March 2019

Destroy Guilt, Shame and Fear is now available in 2.0 format.

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6th March 2019

We would like to welcome you all to download this brand new powerful subliminal program ‘ SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKAGE REMOVER 2.0‘ for free. This is a very powerful program and we have not made any compromise in the quality of the affirmations. This program is also available with Ultrasonic Option for free! Click Here for more details!


5th March 2019

We are happy to announce that we have launched a brand new subliminal program that combines the benefits of Unstoppable Success 2.0 and I Am Luck 2.0 into on strong package. The affirmations for both these programs had to be rebuild in order to make them work in a synchronized way to get the best results.

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16Th February 2019

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to launch four programs designed to help you overcome your approach anxiety rendered in 2.0 format.

Please click on the title you are interested for more information.

Overcome Approach Anxiety For Men 2.0 M

Overcome Approach Anxiety For Women 2.0W

Overcome Approach Anxiety For Gay Men 2.0G

Overcome Approach Anxiety for Lesbian Women 2.0L


14th February 2019

Greetings Gentlemen! The wait for SUPER ALPHA MALE 2.0G is over! After being in development for over a year, it is finally ready!

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31st January 2019

Overcome The Need For Approval and Validation is now available in 2.0 format.

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25th January 2019


We have now updated Grow Super Tall to 2.0 format, it is now called Grow Taller 2.0

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16th January 2019


We are proud to announce that we have now upgraded ‘Become The Sexiest Man’ to 2.0 format. All those who purchased it from 1st of June 2018 have been upgraded for free, those who purchased it before can get a 10% discount if you want.

You can test the effectiveness of this program by clicking here, you will be taken to our YouTube channel.

10th January 2019

Destroy Procrastination is now back in 2.0 format! It is now called Overcome Procrastination 2.0,  please click here for more details!

10th January 2019

Belated New Year wishes from all of us here. We hope you had a fantastic start for new year.

We have discontinued Super Alpha Male Classic and Super Sex Magnet V2 ( not to be confused with Super Sex Magnet 2.0)  since most people have preferred to update to the more powerful variant.


24th December 2018

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic new year!

24th December 2018

From the 5th January 2019, we will discontinue Super Alpha Male Classic, Super Alpha Female Classic and Sex Magnet V2 due to many people preferring the 2.0 versions.

All those who have purchased the Super Alpha Classic but want to purchase the Super Alpha Male 2.0 or Super Alpha Female 2.0 will have to purchase it by 5th January 2019 to get a discount.

The same goes for those who purchased Sex Magnet V2 and want to purchase Sex Magnet 2.0, will have to purchase the program by 5th January 2019 to get a discount.


24th December 2018


We are now offering 20% discount on most of our products. The Holiday Season Sales Start now and will end on the 4th of January!


29th November 2018

We have just launched Mega Life Success 2.0.

This program was in development for over a year and he had tested it in various stages to find the optimum balance.

Thanks to all those who volunteered, this is now available for anyone who wants to purchase it.

Please Click Here for more details!


15th November 2018

We have launched a brand new subliminal program in 2.0 format. designed to help heal Keloid/keloid scars.

Please click on the here for more details.


26th October 2018

We are happy to announce the launch of Super Sex Magnet 2.0 which was in development for over a year. Thanks to the volunteers who helped us develop the program.

Please click here for more information!


We will start uploading sample audio files to some programs in the next coming weeks where people can test the programs before purchasing it. We would have liked to do it earlier but we have a lot of work to do behind the scenes. We are fixing certain technical glitches before bringing changes.


24th October 2018

Website Issues

Some people have complained that some of the description is not visible anymore. You may have to refresh it multiple times, or clear cache memory. We don’t know the exact nature of the problem because when we fix one problem, another seems to be pop up. We also read complains about the review button not working for some.

We are currently going back to an older setting which will restore the website to how it was before. May be after a month or two, we will give this website a major update, including being able to sample some of our programs before purchasing it.

We are sorry for these small annoying issues. We will fix them ASAP.

20th Ocotober 2018

Natural Breast Enlargement is now back in 2.0 format.

It is now much more powerful than the previous version.

Please click Here for more details.

19TH October 2018

We have now updated Manifest Your Perfect Friends with Benefits to 2.0 format which is much more powerful than the previous version.

You can click Here for more details.



15th October 2018

We have now launched a part of new series of programs aimed at attracting/manifesting your perfect partner for a romantic and sexual relationship.

Click on the Titles you are interested in to go directly to the product page.

Manifest Your Perfect Boyfriend 2.o

Manifest Your Perfect Girlfriend 2.0

Manifest Your Perfect Boyfriend 2.0 For Gay Men

Manifest Your Perfect Girlfriend 2.0 for Lesbian Women.






10th October 2018

We are happy to launch


The Golden Ratio | Unisex

Please click HERE for more details.


5th October 2018

We are proud to launch the Alpha Female 2.0

Please click HERE for more details


24th August 2018

We have Just uploaded  a powerful Law Of Attraction Booster rendered with Solfeggio Tones |  Transformation and Miracles (Mi – 528Hz)| masking life changing spoken affirmations to make the profound transformation in your life. 

This new program is completely free.

Please click HERE for YouTube video. You can listen to it online, or you can download it to offline mode.

Please click HERE if you want to download it.


23rd August 2018

Overcome Pornographic addiction is now on sale in 2.0 format. Please Click HERE for more details.

13 th August 2018

Starting from this week, we are going to start uploading music for Relaxing, Meditation and Focus on our YouTube channel.

The music will not have affirmations/subliminal messages.

We hope you all like it. Please give us a like and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. Have a fantastic week.

18th July 2018

Sample Affirmations:

We have started posting the sample affirmations for some of our programs on our YouTube channel

The affirmations Posted are just a small sample of what the subliminal programs contain, but it is enough to give you an idea of what the programs contain. In the coming weeks, we will be posting the affirmations on our website too.


16th July 2018

Overcome Fear Of Rejection 2.0 launch

We have no launched a bran new subliminal program designed for you to overcome your fear of rejection.

Click Here for more details.

5th July 2018

Unstoppable Success 2.0 Launch

Unstoppable success is now back on sale in new 2.0 format.

Sorry we kept you waiting.

You can click here for more details.


3rd July 2018

Let Go Of Your Past 2.0 Launch

We are pleased to launch the next generation of the hugely successful program ‘LET GO OF YOUR PAST’

It is now available in 2.0 format which means, it will now have all the techniques featured in programs like Super Alpha 2.0.

This will also be the first program to get updated background sounds which have been recorded with high end equipment. We have also introduced a brand new background sound/white noise of aircraft cabin which masks affirmations. This is perfect for people who do not want to use the ultrasonic version while sleeping. The sound of aircraft cabin sound can help many people fall asleep faster and the constant sound makes sure you do not get disturbed.

Click here for more details.

28th June 2018

Binaural music and White noise Channel.

We have recently created another new channel for binaural beats and relaxing white-noise. For now we have just uploaded the videos for white noise but in future there will be binaural music too. While listening to our paid versions which already have white noise masking the affirmation, you can listen to the binaural music too.

Binaural music is designed to stimulate your brains and different frequencies are emitted to create different results. We are not going to go into details right now but every Binaural video will explain what it does. We are going to upload long versions of our binaural music and white noise. They are going to range from 2-10 hours. It will be perfect for people who want to focus on certain activities like studying or working without any disturbance. Our Binaural music will help you fall perfectly in sync with what you are doing.

We are not going to have any subliminal messages inserted in any those audios/videos in that channel nor the versions which are for sale.

Please click on the Here if you would like to check out that channel. We would be really happy if you can subscribe!



21st June 2018

Super Alpha and Sexual Magnetism Foundation – Gay Version

We have now completed the gay version for the foundation. We had actually finished this version few months back and the person who first requested (and paid for it) stopped updating us due to some unrelated issues and he wanted to listen another program to address something more urgent. After that we do get some requests but we were not sure if we should put it on sale because foundation is one of the hottest selling subliminal programs. Hence we wanted more feedback. But with good feedback from male and female versions we have faith that this program will work. The main difference between these programs are the affirmations for approach anxiety. So we are sure this program will work well for those who are interested in purchasing it. Those who want to test it can go to our YouTube channel and listen to the online version for few days before purchasing this more powerful version. The YouTube version covers less than half the topics that the paid version covers but it is still a very powerful and unique program that you can’t find anywhere.

Click here for more information.


Lesbian version will be launched shortly as the testing finished few days back. We are just putting it together and all those who tested for us will get a the final version updated for free.



21st June 2018

Magnetic Charisma 2.0

We have now updated Royal Charisma and it will now be called Magnetic Charisma. It is now available in the next generation format which contains techniques used in Super Alpha Male 2.o.

Please click here for more details.

21th June 2018

Facebook page update:

Someone had tried to login to our Facebook from other locations multiple times and fortunately we had the two step authentication enabled, and it is linked to my phone which I carry with me all time. Since we are traveling to other countries at the moment, it is difficult to get the signal consistently, hence we have disabled the facebook page for now. It will be back once we return to our homes and will find a way to minimize such disturbances. It is better to be safe than sorry.

13th June 2018

We have now updated Giant Penis and it will now be called ‘INCREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR PENIS’. Click here for more details.

10th June 2018

Custom Programs

For the past few days requests for custom programs have shot up to an extend we have to stop taking orders as the waiting period of 7 working days has now become one month. We will stop taking custom programs for the next one month till we finish the existing orders and upload new videos to our new Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.



7th June 2018

YouTube Channel

We have created a new YouTube channel 

Please like our videos and subscribe to our channel.

Thank you.


Update 5th June 2018

We have fixed the ‘BUY NOW’ Button. Problem was caused by new updates.

We are making a new channel in YouTube. We will be uploading some of the popular programs we made, including the ones for improving your health. We are going to start focusing on more serious subliminal programs from now on. We will be pasting the link for the new channel in the coming few days.

Instead of using white noise like thunderstorms or calm ocean waves, we will be using binaural music that will also sound entertaining.

Stay Tuned!


Update 4th June 2018

We are having problems with ‘BUY NOW’ button. There is some work to be done on coding. We hope to fix in few days. If you would like to purchase any of our programs, you can still buy from our Sellfy store.


Date: 3rd June 2018

We have decided to continue using because they have been able to solve some the difficulties and technical issues we faced in the past few weeks. One of them was the sudden spike in buyers who didn’t read the description carefully before downloading the programs. It was only recently that sellfy introduced the option of allowing us to upload the files individually instead of compressing all of them and uploading them as one compressed file. Many found it difficult to use and hence we had to keep sending the files separately through email and this was a big pain for us because of the amount of people requesting the files to be sent individually. Now you can download the files to any device of your choice without having to unzip them.

There were other small technical issues with the sellfy store and they have managed to resolve everything well and we are happy with their service.

People who had purchased until the end of last month may have found their files missing. We had already requested everyone to download the files in advance.

If loose the file and at anytime and you want us to send the files, we can do it separately just one more time. Just send an email to and we will help you out.


DATE: 17th May 2018

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.

We welcome you to our brand new website which had been under development for the past few months.

Thanks for the love and support you guys showed us in the past few weeks which had been chaotic.

Initially the website was designed around our YouTube channel. Since it was shut down unfortunately, we had to revise every thing and simplify our plans and launch a more simple version. But in the coming months, this website will evolve.

Some free versions will be uploaded, we will find a way to either use Youtube or sound cloud. We will decide in the coming days

The new website will keep evolving and the FAQ page will get a lot more content than what you see now, so it answers all the questions you may want to ask us. It will take us few more days to complete, so please be patient. If you want to contact us, please feel free to click CONTACT.

We will be back with more news,

Thank you,


Fabio Siccardi