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Unlock the power of the Sigma archetype with Enigma 6.0: The Ultimate Sigma Male Subliminal Program. Embrace your individuality and confidence while navigating today’s dynamic world. It’s not just a step—it’s a whole new direction towards success.

Enigma 6.0

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Enigma 6.0: The Ultimate Sigma Male Subliminal Program

In a world where alpha and beta personalities reign supreme, a distinct category is often overlooked – the Sigma male. These individuals defy societal norms, carving their paths with individuality and confidence. This Sigma Male Subliminal is your pathway to unlocking the latent potential of the Sigma archetype, guiding you toward embodying the mindset and qualities necessary for success in today’s dynamic world.

What Defines a Sigma Male?

Exploring the Emigma Spectrum:

Sigma males occupy a unique and elusive space within the male spectrum, embodying traits that transcend traditional alpha and beta characteristics. Sigma Male Subliminal empowers you to embrace your position on this spectrum, fostering a harmonious blend of assertiveness, independence, and social understanding crucial for Sigma mastery.

This Sigma Male Subliminal Program is what many men have been asking for. We’ve put a lot of work into it, researching and testing with volunteers who were ready for a big change in their lives. This isn’t a small step—it’s a whole new direction. Before you jump in, there are a few things you should know. Once you start on this path, there’s no going back. Keep reading to learn more.


Misconceptions About Sigma Males

Sigma males often deal with misunderstandings and myths. Let’s clear up some common misconceptions:

Myth: Sigma males are antisocial. Reality: They’re selective about socializing but can be sociable when needed.

Myth: Sigma males lack ambition. Reality: They prioritize personal growth over external recognition.


The Sigma Male vs. Alpha Male Debate

Understanding the differences between Sigma and Alpha males is crucial:

Alphas are assertive leaders seeking dominance, while Sigmas focus on personal growth and independence.

Alphas thrive in competitive environments, while Sigmas excel in adaptable, less hierarchical settings.


Sigma Male’s Relationship Dynamics

Exploring how Sigma males approach relationships:

In romantic relationships, they value autonomy and seek partners who respect their independence.

As friends, they’re loyal and dependable, always ready to help when needed.


So what are the goals of this Sigma Male Subliminal Program?

  • The Allure of Independence:  Self-Sufficiency at Its Best

Sigma males thrive on self-reliance. They cherish their independence and take pride in charting their life course. Enigma 6.0 empowers you to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth and belief in yourself, laying the foundation for unwavering confidence and inner strength.

  • Engimatic Charm

Derived from highly successful modules such as “Irresistible Sexiness”, this module will allow you to project an aura of Enigma make you appear mysterious, and add more depth to your personality.

  • Honesty, Integrity, Directness

Build a foundation of honesty, integrity, and direct communication in all interactions. Enigma 6.0 guides you in honing your communication skills, fostering genuine connections built on trust and authenticity.

  • Strategic Thinking, Planning, Goal Orientation

Develop strategic thinking skills, plan effectively, and set clear goals to guide actions. Enigma 6.0 equips you with the tools and mindset needed to navigate life’s challenges with precision and purpose.

  • Emotional Control, Anger Management

Learn to manage emotions effectively, including controlling anger and maintaining composure in challenging situations. Enigma 6.0 provides strategies to harness your emotions constructively, transforming adversity into opportunities for growth.

  • Adapt More Easily and Push yourself out of your Comfort zone effortlessly.

Embrace change and challenge by stepping outside the comfort zone and adapting to new circumstances. Enigma 6.0 encourages you to embrace discomfort as a catalyst for personal evolution, fostering resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

  • Focus on Goals, and Be Highly Motivated to achieve them.

Maintain focus on goals and exhibit relentless motivation, especially during challenging times. Enigma 6.0 ignites your drive and determination, empowering you to overcome obstacles and achieve your aspirations with unwavering resolve.

  • Avoid Negative Energy, Channel Energy Positively

Cultivate a positive mindset and channel energy into constructive actions, avoiding negativity. Enigma 6.0 helps you cultivate a mindset of abundance and positivity, attracting success and fulfillment into your life.

  • Avoid Attention-Seeking Behavior and Be More Independent of what others think about you.

Foster independence and authenticity by avoiding attention-seeking behaviors and relying on internal validation. Enigma 6.0 guides you in embracing your individuality and asserting your autonomy, empowering you to lead with confidence and integrity.

  •  Master the Art of Giving a Fuck

This module needs no introduction and this is one of the fundamental traits of a Sigma Male. It’s a continuation of the previous modules.


By now, you may have noticed that this program doesn’t include scripts aimed at attracting women. That means no effort to chase or impress them. Instead, the focus is on transforming yourself into a high-value man. When you become enigmatic and mysterious, you naturally become more attractive, making women want to pursue you. This program doesn’t have affirmations or scripts tailored specifically for attracting women. Instead, it combines various modules to help you become a captivating and intriguing individual, making you irresistible to them. We advise you to stick to just this program for the next 45 – 62 days by following the instructions. Once you start understanding the new “YOU” it will be much more easy for you to attract women. If you then want to boost your attraction, you can use this program as a refresher and run “Attract Beautiful Women 5.0X” on the same day. Avoid using “Irresistible Sexiness” when you are using this program as the script is not compatible with this program.


Important things to Keep in mind before you embark on this life-changing Journey to become a Sigma Male.


  1. Misunderstanding: Their tendency to operate outside of traditional social norms can sometimes lead to sigma males being misunderstood or misinterpreted by others who are more accustomed to conventional social dynamics.
  2. Loneliness: The independence and self-sufficiency that define Sigma males can sometimes lead to isolation or feelings of loneliness, as they might struggle to find like-minded individuals.
  3. Conflict with Social Norms: Sigma males might find themselves in conflict with established social norms and expectations, which can create friction in professional and personal relationships.
  4. Misinterpretation of Confidence: Their quiet confidence and reluctance to conform can sometimes be misinterpreted as aloofness or arrogance.
  5. Difficulty in Traditional Hierarchies: Sigma males may find it challenging to navigate environments that require strict adherence to hierarchical social or professional structures, potentially limiting opportunities in certain fields.
  6. Committed Relationships: Transforming into a Sigma Male may strain your committed relationship if your partner isn’t receptive to the changes or if you no longer feel compatible. This shift in mindset could lead to a breakdown in the relationship. However, some men have reported that despite initial resistance from their partners, their partners grew to love the new person they were becoming. Ultimately, the decision to take this risk is up to you.


Other things to keep in mind.

  • If you have specific mental disorders requiring extra attention, we recommend avoiding this program.

  • Be prepared for growing pains and emotional turmoil that can come with change. It’s part of the journey towards your transformation.

  • This program requires action and commitment. Instant results without effort are not to be expected.

  • If you’re waiting for change to happen without stepping out of your comfort zone, this program may not be suitable for you.

  • This program is designed to empower individuals, and while it was primarily created with straight men in mind.

  • Habits like watching porn and masturbating regularly, excessive drinking, drug abuse, or addictive behaviors can hinder your progress. Please refrain from using this program if you are stuck in any of those habits.

  • If you struggle with confidence and self-esteem, consider programs specifically tailored to address those issues before embarking on this one.


The reason why we list out these potential cons is to prepare yourself to face difficulties during this transformation phase.


If you’re seeking something different, consider exploring two other subliminal programs from our store designed to help you become a very successful man.

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To get a glimpse of how this program can work for you, click here or on the title below to access our YouTube version. It’s a slightly milder version but offers an unlimited test drive. If you’re satisfied with the results, imagine the amplified impact of this premium version with its 5-6 times more powerful script.

Sigma Male Transformation | The Enigma



Improved 3D Affirmations Technology: Positive affirmations are sent from one ear, and affirmations to clear Negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace Negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the Negativity to come back.

Self-Adjusting Speed Absorption: The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will absorb them regardless of your mood or state of mind.

6.0Tech. We are introducing this format barely after just a year since we introduced the 5.0 tech. However, the feedback we received from our customers encouraged us to evolve this further. Since patenting these techniques is almost impossible, we do not want to type how this works. Apart from the fact that it is one of the techniques we use to make multiple modules more effective.

MMS: Multiple Module Synchronizer

This is a technique we developed first for SAM 2.0. It’s a way to link multiple modules to work efficiently and bring more consistent results from programs with so many modules.

Improved Ultrasonic Version.

Ultrasonic option (now renamed ‘Silent‘)  will now be standard in all our subliminal programs; this allows our listeners to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the regular version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic. We have renamed the ultrasonic as ‘Silent.’

Click Here to learn more about the Ultrasonic/Silent version.

The Inner Coach is like the inner voice replicating a badass coach who pushes you to get things done.

My Mentor is more like a cheerful voice who guides you through executing difficult talks successfully and criticizes positively if you don’t perform successfully or fail.

Brainwave Sessions:

Previously, they were known as ‘Binaural Sessions,’ but it’s much more improved.
Subliminal programs take time to show results. If the program has multiple modules, it does take some time. But the results last longer and sometimes last for a lifetime. What this Brainwave Audio Session does is speed up the process. So we are combining these two different NLP techniques and producing fast and long-lasting results.

The Brainwave Audio Sessions speed up the process, while the subliminal programs help make changes much more profound and make the results last longer.

Please click here or the link below to learn more about the brainwave sessions and how to use them.

This is a Type A Program. You are advised against listening to any other program while you are running this.

Click Here or on the link below for more details on it.

Please note that this product, Enigma 6.0, is distinct and separate from SUPER ALPHA MALE 5.0, Extraordinaire 6.0X, or SUPER ENTREPRENEUR 5.0. If you have previously used products like Super Alpha Male 5.0, Super Sex Magnet 5.0, Super Entrepreneur 5.0, Mega Life Success 5.0, or  Super Pickup Artist 3.5, you may have already addressed certain obstacles, which could better prepare you for this program. Additionally, if you have used similar programs from other websites that gave you similar results to the previously mentioned programs from our website, you can also consider trying this program.

To get a sense of how our program works for you, you can visit the YouTube version and test it out. Trust your intuition, and if you feel ready and eager to begin, then dive right in. Your instincts are your guide.


Here are some simple instructions to guide you through the process:


Duration of the program:

We recommend using this program for at least one month, but you can stretch it up to 90 days. After that, it’s important to take a break for 10 days to allow for adjustment and integration.

Week 1:
Start by using the program for just one loop per day, for a total of 5 days. Then, take a break for 2 days. You also have the option to use the brainwave session, which lasts 14-16 minutes. Using the brainwave session is entirely up to you, and it has a different script. We’ve made significant improvements in this program, including new scripting techniques and unique content.

From Week 2 Onwards:
Most volunteers found success with one loop per day, but some needed more. If you feel the need, you can play up to 4 loops per day.

You can continue using this program for up to 90 days. If you feel you can benefit more, take a break for 10 days before continuing for another 90 days. During this additional 90-day period, you can skip the instructions given for Week 1.

Taking Breaks:
Yes, we recommend taking a break of 2 days, preferably over the weekends if possible.

Counting Days:
The 90-day schedule does not include the days you took for breaks. Those days should not be counted.

Brainwave Sessions and Ultrasonic Files:
Using the brainwave sessions or ultrasonic files is not compulsory. You can choose to use them if you prefer.

Comparison with Other Programs:

No, it’s not a matter of being better or worse than Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex or similar programs; rather, the objectives and focus of Enigma 6.0 are completely different. Super Alpha Male 6.0 Apex primarily addresses the foundational aspects, while Enigma 6.0 like the Extraordinaire requires you to have a certain level of confidence and self-esteem to fully benefit from it. The program aims to enhance specific areas and bring about unique transformations. For a more detailed understanding, we encourage you to read the product descriptions of both programs and see which one resonates with your goals and aspirations.

First-time Users:

Unlike the men who volunteered to test “Extraordinaire 6.0,” participants in this program were already familiar with our products. The majority of requests came from our loyal customers, while “Extraordinaire” was sought after by new customers willing to prepay. Now, many of these new customers have become loyal supporters and have also volunteered to test this program.

Just like the volunteers of Extraordinaire, they all had a certain base like decent self-confidence, self-esteem levels, and fewer subconscious blockages.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our colleagues and collaborating customers, this program is on a new level which will inspire more products in the future.

You can simply test the effectiveness of the program by clicking here and testing the YouTube Version for free.


Anti Piracy :

As our program results gain visibility online, it’s unfortunately not uncommon to encounter individuals who attempt to pirate our products in various ways. To counter this, we have worked diligently to strengthen our anti-piracy measures without negatively impacting our listeners’ experience. Sharing our products with others, purchasing from unauthorized resellers, or attempting to obtain false refunds are all practices that many online digital product creators face. We have taken extensive measures to minimize the damage caused by piracy, ensuring that our products are ineffective when accessed unlawfully.

We have priced our products competitively and are proud to be among the few subliminal producers who provide free updates for a certain period. We urge you not to waste your time engaging in piracy, not only with our products but also with those of other subliminal makers. By supporting the original creators, you contribute to our continued innovation and ability to provide quality products to help you improve your quality of life.

3 reviews for Enigma 6.0A

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very good sub.
    Thanks for allowing me to test.
    Started from 4.0 and stuck till the 6.0 version was given to me to test.
    Every update felt like I was given an extra boost.

    Good job Team Mindpro.

  2. 5 out of 5


    It was a privilege for me to volunteer, giving me a small insight into how these guys develop subliminal programs. It is a tedious process with so many intricate details. I had been requesting these guys to make this sub for ages, as I failed to consciously transform myself into a Sigma male. When I gave it some effort, I got a lot of results in my favor, but I fell back to my old ways the moment I stopped focusing. There aren’t any effective hypnosis audios on this subject, and the subliminal programs available for this are just a joke, as the ones who developed them don’t have a clue.

    I have used the Alpha Male 2.0 from these guys, and it was an amazing experience. Parts of it did feel like I was becoming a sigma male, but overall, it was not what I was looking for. Fabio has done it again, just like his all-time hit Alpha Classic and 2.0 and the 6.0 Apex (I did not use any other alpha male programs after the 2.0 version).

    I think this is the best sub I have ever used that worked for me, and the changes were more than I expected. I was lucky to have been given the 2nd last version internally; it was called (EX 4.5), which meant I didn’t have to wait too long to see the results. When I say the best, it doesn’t mean I am discarding the hard work of other subliminal producers. No. I mean, this is what worked for me the way I wanted. Period.

    The effects for me felt as early as the 5th day. I started noticing I talked way less, and I wasn’t really trying too hard to impress. Just like Alpha male 2.0, there is this brief period where your approach towards things and attitude are not really well balanced. I was expecting this, hence I put more conscious effort to correct this. As mentioned, I spoke way less which initially caused concern among my friends, colleagues, and family members. They thought something was wrong with me, while deep inside, I felt something was going right for me.

    I noticed that I was automatically avoiding doing things that waste my time, like going out with my friends too often and drinking. I realized that I can still be their friends by not having to drink. One day I planned a small hike nearby and just to try I invited my friends to join me. Obviously, many came up with a lot of excuses, but 4 of them showed up and went hiking. During the hike, we spoke to each other very little as the trail can get tricky. We bonded well as we helped each other, and we set up a small tent and just silently enjoyed the views. It’s when one of my friends broke the silence by thanking me, saying that something within me has changed. He was concerned at first, but he now thinks they all should be like me, and we should hike more often than going and spending time in the bar. I just nodded. Earlier I would have given a long-ass explanation of the benefits of hiking, etc… Now, I just nodded, and I am now sure about the effectiveness of the program.

    I see women drawn to me. When I visited Brazil, I had women approach me. It doesn’t work like that in the US or Canada, unfortunately. I wasn’t seeking any validation from women or anyone else for that matter. At the moment I want to be alone and get to know myself of the past, present so I can mold the future version of myself.

    In the workplace, I am now being more respected, I get more things done. I am now automatically tuning out of media that waste time and poison my mind. I don’t have the urge to stay informed about useless things. I uninstalled TIKTOK after deleting my account.

    It’s now more about me and my inner peace.

    Thanks, Elena, for assisting, and Thanks to Fabio for creating this.


  3. 5 out of 5


    This subliminal has been nothing but epic for me. It has made me totally grounded and disciplined. I am now becoming a man of commitment and focus. Even though I am more focused and disciplined, I am going through a big shift deep inside, questioning everything: where I have been, what I had done, where I want to go, what I want to do, and with whom.

    Earlier, I used to speak too much and often used to go around talking about my plans with everyone. But now, I am more reserved, I plan in secrecy, and I keep my cards close to my chest. This is making the people I know more curious about me; women who had ignored me are very curious about me. With SAM 2.0, I had women showing sexual interest, but not much happened apart from two or three hookups. But with this, women who ignored me and some of them I didn’t know before are showing interest in me. I am only 10 days into this project.

    I say it’s a project because this is the first subliminal that made me go back to the drawing board and start planning things in a more articulate manner.

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