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    Overcome Pornographic Addiction 3.0


    Type A

    Overcome Pornographic Addiction with the help of powerful affirmations.

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    Overcome Stress and Anxiety 4.0B


    Overcome Stress and Anxiety 4.0B

    Type B

    Overcome Stress and Anxiety is the most potent subliminal program of its kind to help your manage stress and anxiety levels.

    Stress and anxiety are some things that many of us can suffer from due to various circumstances that may not even be in our control. Sometimes, we can manage them by doing something else, only to have them return to us, and this cycle keeps repeating. People do different things to manage it. Some of you can maybe listen to music, while others depend on food, alcohol, or even drugs. Social media and a steady stream of news designed to capture the listners’/readers’ imagination have opened up a new dimension to tackle these problems.


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    Quit Smoking Now 3.0


    Quit Smoking Now 3.0 is a powerful subliminal program that is loaded with affirmations to help you quit smoking forever effortlessly with the help of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)


    This recording should not be used as a substitute for any medical care you may be receiving.

    Type – AB

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    Sexual Energy Transmutation | Relentless Alpha Energy 5.0B


    The Sexual Transmutation Subliminal Program is designed to help you regain your Alpha Energy and help you Perform at high levels.

    SET 5.0B

    This is a Type A program.

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    Type B

    If your habit of using illegal drugs has gone out of control and if you want to overcome the habit forever and if you have been trying various methods to overcome and if nothing has worked for you, don’t worry. We are here to help!

    Our Subliminal program will help by convincing your mind to avoid thinking about the drugs and will keep your mind occupied with more meaningful thoughts.

    It is also designed to help you develop the will power which will make it easier when you start thinking about illegal drugs again.