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This is the most powerful subliminal program that has been designed to help you get that perfect set of teeth that gives you that confidence to smile! There is already another program which is similar, but this program is meant for just one thing, that is to ‘STRAIGHTEN YOUR TEETH’

Please be patient for the results, the speed depends on your age and how much work this program has to do. For some, you can see the results in a matter for days, for others, I will take a few weeks.




  • 3D Affirmations This feature allows your body and mind to make faster changes.
  • Ultrasonic: Continue Listening to this program even when you are not in a position to use Headphones/earphones. (Please remember to use the normal version for at least 4 hours)
  • More than four times the amount of affirmations used in the YouTube versions


Listen to this track for at least two hours a day for the next 1-3 months. Or if you want super fast results you can listen to the track for at least 8 hours a day till you get the job confirmed after the successful interview, but not more than 21 hours.
Listening to the track using headphones/earplugs brings the best results.
You can listen to other music while listening to this track, and you can carry on other activities such as working, studying or playing or sleeping or working out, etc.

We can also suggest you set this video to a comfortable volume and open another tab to listen to any positive and uplifting music you want.


WARNING: Do not pirate this program anyway, it contains very strong anti-piracy affirmations which will make this program useless and reverse the effects.

We reserve our rights to keep the affirmations we used to build this program as a trade secret.


  1. 4 out of 5


    Listened to it for just two hours continuously and I feel like I am wearing braces, from the tips of my nose, to the jaws and all the front surface of my teeth feel pressure, the more I listen, the more I Feel, its only day one! I do not know how long this is going to take for total transformation but I do know for sure this thing works.

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