The Brainwave sessions are a leap from our Binaural Audio Sessions.


We decided to name the upgraded Brainwave Audio Sessions to reduce confusion between them the Binaural Audio Sessions.

The Brainwave sessions will have now become a part of Subliminal Programs like “Become A Social Magnet.”

Please note that not all Brainwave sessions have audible suggestions.

Brainwave sessions we have developed work like a booster.

Subliminal programs take time to show results. If the program has multiple modules, it does take some time. But the results last longer and sometimes last for a lifetime. What Brainwave Audio Sessions do is speed up the process. It can boost confidence and motivation on the surface, while the subliminal program works much deeper. It should be used with care. It would be best if you did not listen to it for more than the recommended period.

So we are combining these two different NLP techniques and producing fast and long-lasting results.

The Brainwave Audio Sessions speed up the process, while the subliminal programs help make changes much deeper and produce results last a lot longer.

How does it work?

The Brainwave Audio Session consists of layers of suggestions, subliminal affirmations, and Energetically Programmed Affirmations. These layers are added so that they work well with each other. These layers are then masked by relaxing Music and frequencies that alter your state of mind and put you in a hypnotic trance. Unlike the traditional Hypnosis session, where the hypnotist suggests a few steps to help you relax, etc., we only use brainwave frequencies to help you reach the optimum state.

Suggestions work as hypnosis, and you can hear most of what’s being said.

Suggestions are not audible in all our products. Some products have suggestions masked by the Music. Subliminal messages and Energetically Programmed affirmations cannot be heard consciously.

If you do not hear the suggestions in the brainwave sessions of a particular product, do not worry. It’s meant to be like that.


How do I use this Brainwave Session?

If you have used hypnosis audio in the past, you can follow the exact instructions.

You can sit on a chair or lie down on a bed. Just make sure you are comfortable. Play the Music on a set of stereo Headphones or Earphones. It doesn’t matter what the device’s make is or if it’s Bluetooth, etc.

When you play the Audio, please close your eyes and let it do its thing.

Make sure you have uninterrupted time to do this.


Brainwave Session for Day:

As the name suggests, this Session will be used during the day. This Session is shorter than the Brainwave session for sleep. They will have a small visualization exercise in sessions where the suggestions are audible. If there are no audible suggestions, relax. Some of you may go deep into a trance or sleep and may not remember; it’s okay. By the audio session’s end, the brainwave frequency will change to wake you up. If you have the habit of sleeping even after the end of this Session or are doubtful, please set the alarm to wake you up. After you wake up, rest for a few more minutes with your eyes open and continue your daily routine.

Brainwave Session for Sleep.

This Session has to be used when you are about to sleep. Just play the Audio following the instructions above, and close your eyes. Set the volume to a comfortable level. The brainwave frequencies in this Session are designed to put you to sleep or in a relaxed state. There are no audible visualization exercises in this Session, but, In a few products, the Brainwave Session for Sleep may contain positive suggestions that are audible. This Session lasts one hour, and most listeners will sleep even after the end.

Brainwave Session :

If you find the Audio named only ‘Brainwave,’ Session,’ you can use it anytime as long as you are relaxed or before you sleep.

Super Charged Hypnosis.

Super Charged Hypnosis is used only for a select number of programs. With this Session, you can either close your eyes for the duration of the program or look at something inspiring, like a motivating video or a slide you make yourself.

Is it mandatory to listen to the Brainwave Sessions?

No. If you don’t have time or don’t want to listen to it, you can skip them and stick to the Subliminal Programs/tracks.

You will have to listen to the subliminal tracks more often.


  • Do not listen to this audio Session if you are doing anything that requires your full attention.

  • Do not listen to this audio Session if you have severe medical conditions. Consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

  • Do not listen to this Audio if you have epilepsy or seizures.