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    Boost Your Immune System 2.0MX


    Type B

    Have you always wanted to boost your immune systems and have the inner strength to cope up with any infections or illnesses?

    The purpose of your immune system to keep you healthy, vibrant and push back any infections of diseases that can affect you. But that’s not it, you can also be weakened if you do not have a healthy lifestyle combined with stress, lack of good food or rest.
    This program helps you fight it.

    With this subliminal program. you will be able to rejuvenate your immune system

    This program is packed with thousands of powerful affirmations that guides your mind to develop a strong and healthy immune system for your body! Powerful affirmations convince your body to be more active and choose a healthier lifestyle to ward off infections or diseases.

    Considering the circumstances, we are allowing everyone to download this program for free.

    This subliminal program contains powerful affirmations that designed to

    ★Do not use this program and do anything silly to test it. This program contains mostly affirmations and solfeggio tones which are designed to convince your mind to boost your immune systems.

    ★Do not use this audio as a replacement for any treatment/medication you are taking.
    This program is rendered in the most powerful format and you do not have to listen to it for more than 2 hours a day.

    You may be asked to enter your credit card details while you try to download it, if that happens, just refresh the windows or come back later. There can be a glitch now and then. Please don’t enter your credit card details to download any of the free programs. This is just a glitch. It has happened to a few times among thousands of downloads.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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    Improve Your Eyesight 2.0


    Improve your vision by simply listening to Improve Your Eyesight subliminal program which is built with positive affirmations to help change happen.

    The health of our eyes can erode due to many factors. One could be the lifestyle and over the years it’s possible for the vision to break down and get worse because of the excess tension that builds up in the eyes, the surrounding tissue, and the muscles. The first instinct when you can’t see something is to strain harder to see, to tense your eye and face muscles, and to just generally try hard to see better. This makes the problem worse, it only makes your eyes weaker in the long run, and if you make a daily habit of it your vision will only get worse and worse.

    The powerful affirmations infused in this subliminal program can help you to relax your eyes, release tension in the muscles surrounding the eyes, and just naturally improve your overall vision with ease.
    Our Subconscious mind is the most powerful tool and it’s within us. It controls all the functions of our body, including relaxing our eyes, releasing tension, and improving our eyesight. And it can be trained to start paying attention to that.

    The easiest and quickest way to do that is through the use of subliminal messages because they go straight to our subconscious where, by repetition, they create a new way of thinking – in this case, the need to focus the efforts of your unconscious to improve the state of your eyes.

    This natural solution will:
    Relax your eyes
    Boost Blood circulation around your eyes.
    Help your eyes to relax. Just by straining your eyes you are damaging them, and by relaxing your eye muscles your eyes will be healthier and will have improved function.
    Slow down the effects caused by the eyes due to stress and aging and repair when and where it’s needed.

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    Get Rid Of Keloid 2.0


    Keloid Scar Treatment.

    Type A

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

    We present you a brand new subliminal program designed to help you get rid of Keloid/keloid scars.

    The program is rendered in the 2.0 format to get the best possible results.


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    Get Gorgeous Tan

    Type B

    This is the latest subliminal program we made that is designed to darken your skin naturally. This program is designed to replicate the effects of sauna/sunbathing without the harmful UV rays.
    This program has been deliberately made less power to stop your body producing too much melanin or cause hormone imbalance. So if you are listening to another program similar to this, please stop doing that. You either listen to this or listen to that.
    Unlike other programs, the instructions for this program is a bit different, so please read carefully.

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    Natural Acne Treatment (With Ultrasonic Option)

    Type B

    Greetings Everyone!

    We are happy to launch this subliminal program aimed at people suffering from spots, zits, or acne.
    This is a natural way of treating those issues.
    We help you to achieve that perfect skin by addressing the excess amount of acne by regulating the blood circulation around your face to a healthy level.


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    Get Supernaturally Beautiful Skin


    Type B

    We are delighted to release this subliminal program which has been requested many times. We took our time to build something that is very powerful to help you get that ultimate flawless skin.

    This program shares some affirmations used in ‘BECOME THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN’.We built this program in such a way that you can listen to another program like ‘Get rid of Scars’ Stop Pimples or Become the most beautiful woman.

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    Type C

    We present you the latest program to help you eliminate eye bags and dark circles naturally, through this subliminal treatment.
    Some of you may feel a small and tingling sensation under the eyes, there is nothing to worry.

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    Type B

    If your habit of using illegal drugs has gone out of control and if you want to overcome the habit forever and if you have been trying various methods to overcome and if nothing has worked for you, don’t worry. We are here to help!

    Our Subliminal program will help by convincing your mind to avoid thinking about the drugs and will keep your mind occupied with more meaningful thoughts.

    It is also designed to help you develop the will power which will make it easier when you start thinking about illegal drugs again.