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  • 4.86 out of 5

    Subconscious Blockage Remover 6.0Q


    Subconscious Blockage Remover 6.0Q

    Remove Your Subconscious Blockages and unblock your abundance with this Subconscious Blockage Remover 6.0Q. This powerful, yet free subliminal program is designed to realign your thoughts and vibrations, helping you shift towards a more prosperous reality. It’s important to understand that success isn’t limited to financial gains; it encompasses various life aspects, including love.


    SBR 6.0Q

    Type C


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    Super Hair Growth 5.0B


    Super Hair Growth 5.0B – With Melatonin Booster. Subliminal Program for Healthy Hair Regrowth and Boost Melatonin with Powerful Affirmations.

    Are you witnessing the distressing signs of hair loss?

    SHG 5.0B

    Type C

  • 4.94 out of 5

    Quantum Jumping 5.0Q

    Transform your reality and reach your desired outcomes in your life with the Quantum Jumping Subliminal program. Harness The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind with subliminal affirmations and Quantum Jumping Secrets. Achieve success with ease and speed


    Quantum Jumping subliminal is designed to help you change your reality that your life is more positive by attracting positive energy and favorable circumstances.

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    Mind Reset 3.0

    Mind Reset is the ultimate subliminal flush to remove any negative programming from your subconscious mind, unblock positive results and boost the speed of the results.

    Type A


  • 4.73 out of 5

    Instant Relax 3.0


    Instant Relax – Binaural Session


    Try this powerful Binaural session for free to instantly leave all your thoughts or worries behind and take yourself to a higher level and relax completely! 

    This program is a binaural session, and it contains no affirmations.

    Please do not listen to this while listening to Super Alpha Foundation or the first stage of Super Alpha Male or Super Alpha Female.  You can hear when you shift to stage 2.


  • 5.00 out of 5

    Learn English Fast 3.0

    Learn English Fast is a powerful and free subliminal program designed to help you master the English language as you desire and help you communicate effortlessly like a pro!

    Type A-B

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Get Out Of Debt 2.0

    Get Out Of Debt is a powerful subliminal program that’s designed to help you free yourself from the financial trap and become financially more independent and debt-free. This program is meant for helping you to clear a debt of any kind.

    This program is rendered in 2.0 format and it’s free for everyone.

    What this program does is to convince you to take action and motivate you to clear the debt and become financially more independent.
    With the powerful affirmations masked by natural sounds, this subliminal program will guide you to plan a way to get out of debt in the long run. The time it takes you to clear your debts naturally depends on how much you owe and how much you earn.

    So, please keep in mind that this is only there to help you find a way to clear the debt in the long term, make a clear plan for the future.
    Once you set a clear path of getting out of the debt, you can stop listening to this program.

    This is a Type B program.

  • 4.67 out of 5

    Boost Your Immune System 2.0MX


    Type B

    Have you always wanted to boost your immune systems and have the inner strength to cope up with any infections or illnesses?

    The purpose of your immune system to keep you healthy, vibrant and push back any infections of diseases that can affect you. But that’s not it, you can also be weakened if you do not have a healthy lifestyle combined with stress, lack of good food or rest.
    This program helps you fight it.

    With this subliminal program. you will be able to rejuvenate your immune system

    This program is packed with thousands of powerful affirmations that guides your mind to develop a strong and healthy immune system for your body! Powerful affirmations convince your body to be more active and choose a healthier lifestyle to ward off infections or diseases.

    Considering the circumstances, we are allowing everyone to download this program for free.

    This subliminal program contains powerful affirmations that designed to

    ★Do not use this program and do anything silly to test it. This program contains mostly affirmations and solfeggio tones which are designed to convince your mind to boost your immune systems.

    ★Do not use this audio as a replacement for any treatment/medication you are taking.
    This program is rendered in the most powerful format and you do not have to listen to it for more than 2 hours a day.

    You may be asked to enter your credit card details while you try to download it, if that happens, just refresh the windows or come back later. There can be a glitch now and then. Please don’t enter your credit card details to download any of the free programs. This is just a glitch. It has happened to a few times among thousands of downloads.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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  • 4.86 out of 5

    Super Awakener


    This Program is designed to help you wake your brains like a strong shot of Espresso would. Please make sure you do not listen to this on the same day while listening to any of Type A programs like Super Alpha Male/Female.

    The program does not contain any affirmations. Instead, it contains the optimal Binaural beats with different ranges to help you feel more energized. The Binaural is then combined with soothing and relaxing music complemented with natural sounds of flowing water and the sounds of morning birds.

    You can listen to this music at any time of the day/night when you are feeling sleepy, drowsy or tired.
    The program is designed to make your reach the maximum state of alertness and awareness and help you to become productive as soon as possible.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Relentless Positive Energy 2.0MX



     Energize your thoughts and Life with Positive Energy and Become Positive Instantly!

    Presenting you a brand new subliminal program that is designed to have a positive effect on you instantly. The program contains powerful affirmations and rendered in a new technique that enables the results to manifest instantly.
    If you are in a moody state, or you are feeling too negative and you just can’t help yourself snap out of it, this program will help you instantly. For most people, listening to this for just 10 minutes with your eyes closed and then relaxing for another five minutes will work!
    But for some, you may have to listen to this for a longer period of time.
    Do not use this if you are listening to any of the Alpha Male/Female series (which includes The Alpha Foundation Series), or programs like let go of the past, Release Guilt Shame and Fear and Heal Your Inner Child.

    Please do not use this as a substitute for any medication you are taking for any permanent or temporary mental health issues you may be having. Always give your Doctor’s advice more priority.

    It is possible for some people to have resistance at first, but after a few sessions, it will work out well.