Unstoppable Luck and Success 2.0


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Unstoppable Luck and Success

    Now Imagine if you can combine Luck and Success in one shot. This is what this subliminal program aims to do. This program combines the benefits of I am Luck 2.0 and Unstoppable Success 2.0, though some of the affirmations are shared with this program, we had to make a completely new set of affirmations for these two modules to synchronize and give the best possible results.

Unstoppable Luck

If you had been searching for Lady luck to smile on you, look no further!
If you believe naturally that you are lucky, you become lucky!
For some people luck seems to follow them around – you probably know someone who seems to have good fortune in everything they do. If you seem to have the opposite problem then you might think that luck is out of your control, that you can’t harness the power of luck, that you can’t attract good luck, or use it to your advantage – well this is just not the case.
Good luck is a state of mind. You can become lucky too – if you change the way your mind works, and the way you think of things. You too can be in “the right place at the right time” with help from our subliminal programs combined made with powerful affirmations.


Unstoppable Success
The script used for Unstoppable Success has been a strong foundation for many our programs and the feedback received has enabled us to improve this program combined with affirmations for luck make it the most powerful of its kind you can purchase.

Like Luck, success too is a state of mind, and if you can change the way your mind works you too can be successful, and we are here to help you change it.

Have you ever thought of how your life would look like if only you were insanely successful? But something or the other always seems to come your way and may not allow you to succeed in areas you wish you could. We can’t always blame the outside factors, Once we reach a certain age, its up to us to become successful or end up being a loser. Some always blame their past, while some are literally scared of success.

We are not promising you to make you successful overnight, but what we do is to brainwash your mind with positive affirmations to help you destroy all the insecurities within you and convince you that you deserve to become successful, by doing this half of the work is already done, and as you listen to this program, you will start taking actions with this new positive mindset towards success.
What this program aims to do?

.Make you believe that you too deserve to be successful.

 .Make you succeed in anything you do with the principles of the ‘LAW OF ATTRACTION’.

.We give you a winner’s mindset. (Support affirmations)

. Positive Mindset (support affirmations)

.Remove Subconscious blockage. (support affirmations)

For this you have to do your part too, you have to go out there and take actions, but this time you will notice that you are becoming much more successful than the last time you attempted to do that task (Before you started listening to this program)
This subliminal program has been requested multiple times by many people in the past few months which lead us to build and develop this program. We spent four months to test this program by people who paid and tested this program and it had been tweaked thrice to get better results based on the feedback.

This subliminal program also contains a module for those who have high resistance to subliminal programs. It is provided free of cost for everyone. Feel free to use it if you feel you are having difficulties in removing subconscious blockages. It is basically called Subconscious Blockage Remover. It is like a less powerful version of the Alpha Foundation.

The files are named as SBR, (Short for Subconscious Blockage Remover). Skip it if you feel you don’t need to use it.

The SBR is designed to do the following things.

.Remove Fear of Failure

.Stop Self Sabotage

.Let Go Of The Past

.Remove Subconscious Blockage.


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.Apart from just listening to the subliminal program, try to create a vision board which you can see once or twice a day and believe you already have it.

.Choose two to three things you would like to achieve in short term  and write them down.

.Always try to remember those two to three things you have written down while making decisions everyday

This subliminal program is Basically a single stage program, but  you have Subconscious Blockage remover stage in case you feel you would like to clear up some issues. This stage is added at no additional cost, if you feel you have to use it, then please listen to it for 1-3 months, and please take a break of 2-5 days and start listening to Unstoppable Luck and Success 2.0 for the next 1-3 months.

If you do listen to it for three months, please stop after three months and take a break of 1-2 weeks before you feel the need to restart the program.

Well, the optimum exposure time to this program is 8 hours, You can listen up to 18 hours if you can, but not more than that.
You have to be consistent, if you miss a day or two, its okay, but please add extra 2 days to the 32 days schedule. It is possible that you may miss listening to the program on weekends, its okay, just add the number of days to the schedule, but try to be as consistent as possible.


Along with the masked versions and Ultrasonic mp3 files, we have included Binaural Beats session. Listening to this version is not mandatory. You can listen to it anytime you want for just one hour. It shares the same background sound we used for our YouTube version but it contains more affirmations and it is designed as a kind of booster. You can listen to the binaural session right from day one. But it is better to use it when you are in a relaxed stage or just before you sleep. When you are listening to ‘Subconscious Blockage Remover’ Stage, please do not listen to the binaural version of Unstoppable Luck and Success. Please do not mix. For the moment, there is no binaural session for Subconscious Blockage Remover stage.

Ultrasonic is basically the silent version which can be used in situations where you can’t use your headphones/earphones. But, we advice everyone to listen to the normal masked version with headphones for at least 4 hours before listening to the Ultrasonic version.


The optimum volume for ultrasonic version would be 20-30%. I have found that if you are using a VLC player, it is much more easier to control the volume. More information on how to use the ultrasonic version can be found in the file you have downloaded. Please look for a file called ‘ULTRASONIC INFORMATION
If you use this program for one hour a day, it is a waste of time and money. You will not get any results.


Please use good quality headphones/earphones while listening to the masked/normal versions. It is important that headphones/earphones are of good quality. If you find a pair of headphones from a reputed brand for just $12 or $15, even that is good. Do not go for cheap ones.
Many people may be scared to use the ultrasonic version because they think it needs special speakers to work. All you need is a set of good quality STEREO speakers. I can give you one example of a pair of good quality speakers you can find for less than $20. Logitec z120 is a good one. We tested it and it works. You can find any other speakers that is from a good brand with similar configuration.
We at MIND PRO LABS wish you all the best and we hope to read about your positive transformation soon.



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