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    SUPER ALPHA MALE 2.0 for Gay Men


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    We are finally ready with Super Alpha Male 2.0 Designed for you. The regular 2.0 was launched in 2017 while we have taken more than a year to build the gay version mainly due to the fact that the regular version cannot be simply changed to the gay version by changing affirmations here or there. It needed careful considerations and a lot of back and forth communications between us and the men who tested this program from us. We started working on this program two months before the regular version was launched to the public and it was made available for a select few for a reasonable cost as test versions. After over 16 months of testing this program, we have been able to put together the finished version of Super Alpha Male 2.0G!


    We would love to thank the people who tested this program and some of them tested this for over a year and gave us valuable feedback to help us improve this program. We would also like to thank the Men who purchased the previous version, as the payment helps us develop this version!

    This is not just a big upgrade from the previous version, it is a completely different beast altogether. Almost every affirmation had to be rebuilt, rearranged, optimized and we needed to add more for reinforcement. This program is now divided into three stages and there is an extra stage called ‘Refresher’ which is designed to be used after completing all three stages in the order.
    The first Super Alpha Male for gay men was a hit when we had our first YouTube channel on. But there were few men who were not happy with the results which made us introduce the ‘FOUNDATION’. The results from Super Alpha Male after completing stage 1 was even better. Stage 1 of this program is basically the ‘Foundation’, so if you have listened to the foundation in the past 12 months, you can skip it and jump to Stage 2. Each stage is designed to be used for at least a month and you can extend it to two months for the best results.

    This is no Magic Pill! If you are going to just sit on a couch or play games on your tv or pc or just sit and waste time looking at your phone while you listen to this program, then this program is not for you. Don’t waste your time. This program is meant for people who are ready to jump to the next level. It’s for Men who want more in their lives and are willing to take actions, men who are willing to get on their feet. For them, this program will work the best and enable them to take their lives to the next level! This program will assist you to reach that Alpha Male status you always craved for!