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Motivate Yourself 4.0SB

Type – B

Motivate Yourself 4. SB is the most powerful subliminal program designed to boost your level of motivation with powerful affirmations for motivation and help you achieve more success and reach your goals.

Notice :

All those who purchased the previous version, Motivate Yourself 3.0, have been updated to this version for free.

All you need to do is to visit the download link we sent you when you made the payment for the Motivate Yourself 3.0 program.

Please do not confuse it with the 2.0 versions.

13th March 2023.

This program has now been updated with two new optional sessions named Brainwave Session and Mind Rewire session. Please scroll down in the product description for more information.


Looking for a powerful and effective way to boost your motivation and achieve success in all areas of your life? Our subliminal program for motivation is just what you need!

Based on the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, our program uses the power of subliminal messaging to help you tap into your innermost desires and achieve your goals with ease.

With powerful and positive affirmations embedded in relaxing background sounds, our program delivers instant results that last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to boost your productivity at work, achieve your fitness goals, or improve your relationships, our program will help you get there faster and with less effort.

Our subliminal program for motivation is easy to use and can be listened to anytime, anywhere. Simply play the audio in the background while you go about your day, and let the powerful affirmations work their magic on your subconscious mind.

And with long-lasting results (if you take actions while you listen to the program) that keep improving over time, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you start seeing positive changes in your life.

So why wait? Order our subliminal program for motivation today and start achieving success like never before!

If you would like to test the trial version of this program before purchasing,  simply scroll down and click on the ‘Play button’ of the YouTube video displayed and listen to the program for a few days.

This extreme motivation subliminal program is an improved version of Unstoppable Motivation 3.0, which was launched on January 4th, 2021. This new version results from countless feedback we received from those who purchased the previous version. Almost all affirmations from the previous program have been modified or replaced with more effective ones to work faster and more effectively.

Those who purchased the Alpha Motivation 2.0MX and 3.0 versions will be upgraded to this program for free. All you need to do is revisit your download link, and you can find the latest update.

Affirmations for Motivation

I am incredibly motivated at all times.
It is my will to be always motivated to get things done.
Motivation comes to me naturally and effortlessly anytime I want.
Right from the beginning of the day, till I go to bed, I stay motivated.
I am incredibly motivated and driven at all times.
I let go of anything negative that is preventing me from being a motivated person.
My motivation is inspiring to everyone around me.
I am always looked up to as someone with high energy, drive, and motivation.
I am always motivated at any stage of any project, no matter what the distractions are.
I am filled with the positive energy that is fueling my motivation, and it uplifts everyone around me.
Every day I get more motivated to get things done.
Every step I take brings me closer and closer to my goal..and more!

We only display a fraction of the affirmations for motivation we used in this subliminal program.

If you want to test this program before purchasing, please hit the ‘Play’ button on the video displayed below.


Mind Rewire Session :

(If you do not see the video online, it means that there is a new video about to be published in a few hours’ time. Please return after a few hours)

Improved 3D Affirmations Technology: Positive affirmations are sent from one ear, and affirmations to clear negativity are said. Thus we replace negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the negativity to come back.

Self-Adjusting Speed Absorption. The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will absorb them regardless of your mood or state of mind.

4.0B Tech: 4.0B Versions are significantly improved versions of 3.0 Tech with built-in result boosters. These boosting modules cannot be applied to all subliminal programs, though. This technology is further complemented by optional brainwave sessions designed to reduce the resistance posted by your subconscious mind by gently suggesting to allow positive changes to improve the quality of your life. B stands to signify the presence of the booster module. There is no need to listen to another separate booster to get more results from this program. The booster module found on this program is custom-built for this program alone. This was no need for this to be rendered in 5.0 tech as the script is shorter.

MMS: Multiple Module Synchronizer
This is a technique we developed first for SAM 2.0. It’s a way to link multiple modules to work efficiently and bring more consistent results from programs with so many modules. For the 4.0 versions, we developed this technique further during testing different subliminal programs, and SIB 4.0B is the first program on sale that gets this improved technique.


Improved Ultrasonic Version.

The ultrasonic option (now renamed ‘Silent ‘)  will now be standard in all our subliminal programs; this allows our listeners to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the regular version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic. We have renamed the ultrasonic as ‘Silent.’

Click Here to learn more about the Ultrasonic/Silent version.


Brainwave Sessions:

This hybrid session combines the properties of Hypnosis, brainwave audio, and subliminal messages. By combining them, we have created a bespoke brainwave session that transitions into different frequencies to help you relax and go deeper into Hypnosis if you want. Unlike the regular brainwave sessions, this session is a bit different.

This new brainwave session contains three primary layers and works almost like a hypnosis session, but it contains music to motivate and uplift you rather than put you in a trance. 

1. Motivating Hypnosis script.

2. Uplifting Music.

3. Binaural Beats to help your mind reach the Alpha State instantly.


You can listen to this session in two ways.

1. Open your eyes and watch the video while listening to the program. You can watch another video that has similar visuals, but please mute the sound and listen to the sound of only this video.

2. Close your eyes and listen by sitting or lying down in a place where you will not be disturbed for the next five minutes.

Use headphones or earphones for the best possible results.

Hypnosis sessions can bring results much faster than subliminal programs, but subliminal programs can get longer-lasting results.

Please note that this brainwave session continues to be optional. If you do not have time, you can skip it.

Mind Rewire :

Introducing Mind Rewire – this neuro-linguistic programming technique that will transform your life! This powerful session offers audible positive suggestions that will reprogram your mind, helping you to overcome negative thought patterns and achieve your goals. And the best part? You can listen to it with your eyes open! With Mind Rewire, you’ll experience a powerful shift in mindset, unlocking your full potential and unleashing a new level of success in all areas of your life. Plus, if you prefer to focus solely on subliminal programming, that’s an option too! Discover the power of Mind Rewire today and start rewiring your mind for success.






Well, the optimum exposure time to this program is 2 – 6 hours. You can listen up to 18 hours if you can, but not more than that.
You have to be consistent if you miss a day or two; it’s okay, but please add extra two days to the schedule. You may miss listening to the program on weekends; it’s okay, just add the number of days to the schedule, but try to be as consistent as possible. If you miss over six days, then it is better to start over.
Listen to the program for 1-6 months depending on your goals.




Do not download this program illegally, or pirate it in any way. This subliminal program contains very strong anti-piracy affirmations.
You can listen to this program by making multiple copies as long you intend to use it for only yourself. If you would like to share this file with someone else, please advise them to download it from our website.

We reserve our rights to keep the full list of the affirmations used in the program as a trade secret

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Amazing how fast it works. I have used a lot of subliminals from others and yours Fabio, but nothing worked as fast as this. The binaural audio is insane. You Fabio, have taken subliminals to a new level.

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