What is Ultrasonic?

The ultrasonic subliminal programs allow you to continue listening to the subliminal programs when you are not in a position to use headphones or earphones. It should be used with stereo speakers only!

They are also called silent subliminal.

How does Ultrasonic Work?

With the normal masked versions, the subliminal affirmations are masked by another sound, like music or water flowing or rain, etc. The affirmations are spoken at a normal volume and then hidden by another sound, this does not allow your conscious mind to hear it but your subconscious mind has the ability to process it and show the results.

Ultrasonic version is played at a high pitch which your eardrums cannot hear but it is picked up the tiny hairs present in your eardrums. They are not connected to your auditory senses of your brain.

The ultrasonic versions are basically the difference between pitch.

Can I listen to Ultrasonic Mp3 with Headphones/earphones/earbuds?

The answer is ‘NO’ Because of the risk of your ears getting damaged.

Please check out the video below to understand how to place the speakers and towards the end of the video, you can test your speaker compatibility.