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    Alpha Male Charm 2.0 MX Part 1


    Alpha Male Charm – Part 1

    This powerful subliminal program is designed to help you manifest a sexy masculine face using a set of unique Male Beauty Affirmations to help you look more powerful and true Alpha Male. This is a brand new subliminal program designed to make specific changes to your face and aura.

    This program is Part 1 of the Alpha Male Charm Series. Please click here for Part 2

    Please do not confuse this with ‘Become The Most Handsome Man or Sexiest Man

    Those subliminal programs are designed to tap the power of your subconscious mind to help you look more handsome or sexier by asking your mind to instruct your body to do whatever it takes to make you more handsome or sexy. But this program has affirmations for specific changes. Continue reading to understand more.

    This subliminal program is designed to help you manifest changes to your face to make it look more masculine and sexually more attractive. It is designed to help your face get that perfect balance, proportion, and symmetry that women are instantly attracted to. It is simply designed to enhance the alpha male characteristics of your face.

    You can listen to both parts on the same day. But for faster results, please stick to just one program.
    This program is designed to do the following changes.

    Make your face more Handsome
    Golden Symmetry for your face.
    alpha male Characteristics
    More Masculine Facial Dimorphism. (This module contains affirmations find the right Proportions for you to look irresistible to Beautiful Women)
    Straighten Your Nose.
    Get Rid of Eyebags and dark circles.
    Raw Masculine Sexiness.
    Leadership Charisma.
    Masculine Voice
    Get more defined Jawline.
    Get a More defined Facial Structure.
    Lean Face. (Right amount of fat content to help you look younger and fresher)
    Younger Looks
    Improve the condition Of Your Skin.

    This is a Type B subliminal program.

    The Part 2 version of this program contains more affirmations for Body.

    This program was in testing for the past few months, it’s only after encouraging results, we are publishing this online and putting this for sale.

    This part 1 can be used by men of any age or race.

    We decided to divide this program into two parts to help you get much faster results.

    Please feel free to go to our YouTube channel and by clicking the HERE and try it for a few days.