Alpha Male Charm 5.0 – Part 1

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Alpha Mal Charm 5.0SB



Introducing Alpha Male Charm – Unleash Your Magnetic Masculine Appeal

Experience the transformative power of Alpha Male Charm, the ultimate subliminal program designed to enhance your facial features and captivate you with irresistible allure. Harnessing the untapped potential of your subconscious mind, this meticulously crafted program unleashes your primal masculinity, leaving you with a face that exudes confidence and raw power.

Achieve the perfect balance, symmetry, and proportion that draw immediate attention. Amplify your Alpha Male characteristics, showcasing undeniable sexiness and captivating charm. From a defined jawline to a straightened nose, mesmerizing eyes to a resonant voice, this program refines every aspect of your face and presence.

Prepare to unleash your full masculine potential and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Embrace the magnetic appeal of Alpha Male Charm and ignite a wave of desire in those around you. Are you ready to become an irresistible force?


Unleashing Alpha Male Charm

This powerful subliminal program is meticulously crafted to help you manifest an irresistibly masculine face by utilizing a unique set of Male Beauty Affirmations. Its primary aim is to enhance your power and project the aura of a true Alpha Male. This groundbreaking series introduces a subliminal program that brings about targeted changes to your facial features and overall presence.

These subliminal programs harness the potential of your subconscious mind, urging it to guide your body toward making you more handsome and sexier. However, this particular program focuses on affirmations that specifically enhance Alpha Male characteristics and traits.

Due to the popularity of this program, we decided to dig much deeper and improve this program further. Thanks to a few gentlemen who volunteered to develop this program further by helping us identify some of the strengths and weaknesses of the last version. With their help, we have made the areas where we were strong and reinforced areas where we may have been a bit weak. Almost every word has been revised.

How does it function?

This cutting-edge generation of male beauty subliminal program rendered in 5.0 format is designed to help you manifest changes in your facial appearance, making it exude masculinity and increased sexual allure. Its purpose is to achieve a perfect balance, proportion, and symmetry in your face—attributes that women are instantly drawn to. The program aims to augment the Alpha Male features of your face. If you seek the ultimate male beauty subliminal program, this is your ultimate destination. Still skeptical?

Feel free to click here and try the YouTube version for a couple of days, which includes a sample list of affirmations. If the video is not online or taken out, please do not worry. It will be back online in a few hours.


While it is possible to listen to both Part 1 and Part 2 on the same day, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the results will be gradual due to the extensive physical changes involved. To achieve the best outcomes, it’s essential to avoid playing both files simultaneously on different media players or Windows, as some misguided users may attempt to do so. Unfortunately, some YouTube subliminal channels might encourage this behavior to gain more views.

If you do plan to use both parts on the same day, it’s recommended to dedicate the first part of your day to Part 1 and the second part to Part 2. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that using both programs on the same day may not work well for everyone. The effectiveness of these parts may vary from person to person. To find out if they work for you, the best approach is to try them out on our YouTube Channel and see how you respond to them over time.


This program is designed to bring about the following changes:

Unstoppable Lust Generator
Erotic Fantasy Trigger
Enhancement of Handsomeness in Your Face
Achieving Golden Symmetry in Your Face
Amplifying Alpha Male Characteristics
Increasing Masculine Facial Dimorphism
Improved Facial Symmetry
Nose Straightening
Elimination of Eyebags and Dark Circles
Raw Masculine Sexiness
Leadership Charisma
Cultivating a Raw Masculine Voice
Developing a Defined Jawline
Enhancing Facial Structure Definition
Attaining a Lean Face (Optimal fat content for a youthful and fresh appearance)
Youthful Looks
Enhancing Skin Condition

With the Alpha Male Charm – Part 1 subliminal program, you can embark on a transformation journey to unlock your true masculine potential.

Unlock Your Primal Masculinity and Captivate Women with an Irresistible Aura

Imagine possessing an attractive, primal masculine face that exudes raw power and charm—a face that commands attention and leaves women spellbound. With our revolutionary subliminal program, you can manifest these captivating changes and cultivate an irresistible masculine aura that will drive women wild.

As your facial features transform, becoming more defined, symmetrical, and exuding Alpha Male characteristics, you’ll experience a magnetic pull that draws women closer. Your enhanced jawline will exude strength and masculinity, while your straightened nose will exude confidence and refinement. The elimination of eyebags and dark circles will reveal eyes that captivate and intrigue.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your voice deepened and resonant, will reverberate with primal magnetism, leaving a lasting impression on those who hear it. Your leadership charisma will shine through effortlessly, commanding attention and respect wherever you go.

As your skin improves in condition and your face takes on a leaner, more youthful appearance, you’ll exude a vibrant energy that can’t be ignored. Women will be irresistibly drawn to your raw sexiness, captivated by your primal charm, and yearning to unravel the enigma that are you.

Embrace the power of our subliminal program, and witness the transformation as you manifest an attractive, primal masculine face combined with an irresistible masculine aura. Prepare to drive women crazy with your presence, leaving a trail of desire in your wake.



Improved 3D Affirmations Technology: Positive affirmations are sent from one ear, and affirmations to clear Negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace Negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the Negativity to come back.

Self-Adjusting Speed Absorption. The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will absorb them regardless of your mood or state of mind.

5.0SB Tech: The Main difference between this tech and the previous versions is how we build the script. Since patenting these techniques is almost impossible, we do not want to type how this works. Apart from the fact that it is one of the techniques we use to make multiple modules more effective.

Improved Ultrasonic Version.

The ultrasonic option (now renamed ‘Silent‘)  will now be standard in all our subliminal programs; this allows our listeners to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the regular version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic. We have renamed the ultrasonic as ‘Silent.’

Click Here to learn more about the Ultrasonic/Silent version.

Brainwave Sessions:

There are no brainwave Sessions for this program.

Please click here or the link below to learn more about the brainwave session and how to use them.

This is a Type B Program. Click Here or on the link below for more details on it.

This program may not work for everyone for reasons beyond our control. Some men and women may have developed a resistance towards manifesting physical changes, or changes may be too slow.

For such people, we continue to offer programs that are not focused on any physical changes.

Please click on any of the titles below to understand more.

Attract Beautiful Women 3.5

Irresistible Sexiness 5.0PM




  • Recommended listening duration: 2 to 8 hours per day.
    You may listen for up to 10 hours, but exceeding this limit is not advised for this version.
    The previous version required a minimum of 4 hours and could be played for up to 18 hours.


  • Start by listening for 2 hours a day for one week.
    Initial phase may not show significant changes, but you might feel something different happening.
    Increase listening duration if you don’t experience positive effects yet. You can consider increasing the number of loops even if you do experience positive results.
    Experiment with the number of loops (no strict rules).
    Avoid exceeding 10 loops to prevent increased resistance.


  • Consistency is crucial for desired results.
    If you miss a day or two, add an additional 2 days to your schedule.
    Adjust for weekends if you can’t listen, but aim for consistency.
     Missing more than 6 days is better to start over.


  • Maximize program benefits by listening consistently for 1 to 6 months.
    Allows for a comprehensive and transformative experience.


  • Each loop is approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes long.

Remember, the key is to find a listening routine that works best for you and stick to it consistently.

This program is designed to do a lot of small changes. The speed of changes can vary from person to person. Some changes may take longer than others.


We retain the right to maintain the affirmations and script utilized to develop this program as a trade secret.

12 reviews for Alpha Male Charm 5.0 – Part 1

  1. 5 out of 5


    For the last couple of months, there had been rumors of this sub and I had patiently waited. I brought this three days after launch.
    I am 24 and I have decent physical shape, so I will ignore the Part 2.
    I am stuck at home like most people, but I am listening to this for 4 hours a day. I tried it for just 2 hours a day on the first week and I must say that it still works very well and it’s faster than the BTSME and BTMHM. For the first week, it had been just the physical sensation around the face and neck, but there were days when I felt nothing. I learnt it the hard way to avoid constantly looking in the mirror when I listened to the older subs. The results slowed down. I have now learnt not to be needy and I think that also helps in speeding up the results.
    So far i can say that the biggest improvement is I have lost those eye bags which made me look tired. Then on the first week I was noticing the minor so called asymmetry on my face and I realized that it was probably caused by me sleeping on one side. I now try to sleep on my back and avoid sleeping on one side. I do not know how much success I have managed but I can say that during the second week I don’t notice it.
    My jaw seems to be looking better, although I do not know if it has grown or shrunk.
    I normally wait till I complete the sub but this has exceeded my expectations. I hope they can bring out this tech in Alpha Male or Sex magnet too.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Compre esto recién salió aproximadamente 9, 10 días los cambios hasta son mis ojeras han desaparecido, y veo mi cara más simétrica, mi piel a mejorado un poco, buen trabajo lo dije en el comentario que hice hace poco en Sensualidad irresistible son muy buenos profesionales en esto, sin embargo estoy totalmente de acuerdo con el comentario anterior, creo que deberían actualizar con esta tecnología y la llamada alineación cuántica todos los audios, especialmente SAM y SSM, Sensualidad Irresistible y todos los demás, como lo dije en mi comentario en Sensualidad Irresistible todo con el fin de acortar los tiempos de escucha, ustedes tiene la capacidad de hacer más efectivos los audios. Gracias

  3. 5 out of 5


    this is good!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Ivan Z. Croatia (32 years)

    Listening around two weeks part 1 and part 2 I noticed next changes:

    Par 1: my face gets more symmetrical, more masculine, more relaxed. I used to have long face with left side side lower then right, and deviated nose. Now it looks so much better! With each listening my face is getting more compacted and attractive. Everything is changing for better. I find myself more attractive and handsome. I am starting to perceive myself different. I look younger. Fresh skin. The almond eyes are the best thing ever. They look so attractive it’s insane. My mind is also clearer and calmer. Voice sounds different.

    I usually listen while sleeping. No ultrasound. It only took couple days to see the change. The sensations from original program are crazy strong but yet never had any side effects. I can feel my whole head and face getting rearranged. Its something I never experienced yet so smooth. Fabio and Alena did a great job with this program. I never believed this could be possible. There are no words I can describe how satisfied I am with this subliminal program. I only listen for 2 hours every day each program.

    Part 2: I am much more grounded. My body feels more masculine and I do things with different flow. I take my time when doing stuff and people wait in line for me to finish. I used to work in stressful conditions in hospital always rushing with poor posture and feeling insignificant, but now that’s changed. This subliminal made me change mindset and slow down and enjoy every moment when doing things.Now I have good posture that attracts respect from others. I started exercising regulary and already gained some mass and muscles. I feel stronger. I eat healthy. I feel good in my body. I noticed I look overall better because I applied new stuff to my self care routine and clothes. Taking time to prepare and choose the right clothes. I am more physically active and like to move around.

    It’s important to say that all these changes came easily and from it self. Really it’s fun to observe yourself while noticing doing these things and enjoying them.

    I like the way this is going. This is probably the best subliminal program for getting the best and more beautiful version of yourself. If you were having second doubts about this program I honestly encourage you to try it out and see yourself change in best version you can be.

    Part 2 sub has become somewhat new experience when listening. It creates wave sensations in body trough spine , my body gets hot, I radiate energy. Must be all sugestions about Testoteron an HGH. I like it, it melts me away.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Changes have been amazing so far. I have used BTSME too. That did attract more women, but the physical changes I experienced so far from this has been far better and noticeable. I have used it only for a month and it has been amazing. What I plan to do is to stick with this for another one or two months and wait for the social distancing to ease, then I will use BTSME along with this. I think it will be a hit.

  6. 5 out of 5


    MindPro Labs have done it again i bought this product before the lock down and will begin listening today. I like MindPro Labs Elena is operating a strong customer support team. Fabio is leading a small team to deliver the latest in bleeding edge technology. Will be publishing my results in the coming weeks. Thanks again MindPro Labs

  7. 4 out of 5


    it’s crazy how subliminals have evolved. I can see the changes, but it does take sometime.

  8. 5 out of 5

    No Lack

    I’ve been using AMC part 1 for about 5 weeks now after finishing a very successful 3 months on SAM. So far it seems to be working! My plan was to eventually mix in part 2, but after communicating with Elena (who is so helpful), she advised me to stick with part 1 only because I am in my 40s and I’m happy with my height. I hope that they can eventually come up with a part 2 version for men that don’t need to be taller, but still want the muscular, testosterone, HGH benefits. So, I’ve been sticking with part 1 for 4-8 hours day with a few hours a week on the SAM refresher. It is definitely working! It’s hard to describe, but I just look better. The specifics that I’m noticing are that my facial features seem more defined, my eyes look bigger, clearer, and they stand out more, skin is tighter, and I just have this glow. Again, hard to explain, but there is definitely something there. An unexpected benefit (and I’m not sure if it’s related or not) is that my weight lifting workouts have been awesome and my body looks great! The best it’s ever looked. Funny, I was disappointed that part 2 isn’t appropriate for me, but I seem to be getting the same results from part 1. Maybe there is a jolt of testosterone/HGH in it too?? I plan to use it for another month or two, and hopefully things get even better. Awesome product! Great customer service! Highly recommended!!

  9. 5 out of 5


    My height had plateaued at about 177cm for about a year, but I grew to 180cm after only a month of listening to part 2. Other than that, it has definitely been easier to build muscle and lose fat.
    My face has definitely improved heaps thanks to part 1 as well. It is much easier to mew and maintain good body posture, and I have a much greater motivation to eat healthily and go to the gym.
    I only wish that the results from part 1 would be as quick, or quicker than part 2.
    Hopefully AMC 3.0 will achieve this 🙂

    This subliminal really does its job fantastically well.

  10. 4 out of 5

    Buff Canuck

    An excellent subliminal, I used it for 45 days, 4hrs per day. I noticed that my voice did get deeper and my jaw became more defined, the bags under my eyes were reduced, however, they did not completely diminish. Results from this subliminal will take time to see at least they did for me, overall I am pleased with this subliminal.

  11. 5 out of 5


    I completed this program in 2021.

    I remember going through it and seeing changes in my skin especially. I have been writing with Elena for years about getting rid of scars and acne. Throughout this program that’s an area I had noticed a lot of improvement in.

    Additionally, I would look at myself in the mirror more and more often thinking, dam I look really good, something I had never done before as I was always embarassed about how I looked.

    Having a girlfriend now, I’m looking forward to going through this again to bring on that charm.

    I am just starting to go through this program again and will see how it goes, now that my acne is pretty much cleared up completely.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I am a very happy customer. Thank me for convincing them to improve the product further, not because the previous version was bad, but because I felt it could be better in terms of attraction. This along with the previous version are a unique product. Being someone who has purchased tons of subliminal products in the past, I can say that these products from Mindpro work magic.
    In terms of speed, it’s not faster than the previous version perse, but it needs less working time.
    Where this has a big advantage over the previous version is the looks and attention of the women I got were unreal. I don’t know if it will work for you or not, but for me, this worked wonders.

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