Alpha Male Charm 5.0 Part 2

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Alpha Male Charm 5.0 Part 2

AMC 5.0 Part 2

Type B

Unleash Your Male Beauty with Powerful Subliminal Affirmations

Discover the transformative power of Part 2 of the Male Beauty Subliminal Program. This specialized program targets specific changes in body shape, muscles, and more. Combine it with exercise and motivation-boosting affirmations for accelerated results. Read on to learn more.


Unleash Your Male Beauty with Powerful Subliminal Affirmations

Discover the transformative power of Part 2 of the Male Beauty Subliminal Program. This specialized program targets specific changes in body shape, muscles, and more. Combine it with exercise and motivation-boosting subliminal for accelerated results. Read on to learn more.

Welcome to the Male Beauty Subliminal Program – Part 2 of Alpha Male Charm 5.0 Part 2. Unlike other subliminal programs that focus on general attractiveness, this unique program harnesses the power of your subconscious mind to bring about specific changes for a desirable masculine physique. Explore the details below.

The Male Beauty Subliminal Program – Part 2 is meticulously designed to help you achieve the perfect shape of a truly attractive male body, setting you apart as an Alpha Male.

While it is possible to listen to both Part 1 and Part 2 on the same day, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the results will be gradual due to the extensive physical changes involved. To achieve the best outcomes, it’s essential to avoid playing both files simultaneously on different media players or Windows, as some misguided users may attempt to do so. Unfortunately, some YouTube subliminal channels might encourage this behavior to gain more views.

If you do plan to use both parts on the same day, it’s recommended to dedicate the first part of your day to Part 1 and the second part to Part 2. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that using both programs on the same day may not work well for everyone. The effectiveness of these parts may vary from person to person. To find out if they work for you, the best approach is to try them out on our YouTube Channel and see how you respond to them over time.

Harnessing the Power of Affirmations:

  • Boost Testosterone Levels: Experience the benefits of optimized testosterone levels, promoting masculine characteristics.

  • Attain an Alpha Male Body Structure: Develop broader shoulders and a strong, muscular physique that exudes confidence.

  • Sculpt Rock-Solid Six Packs: Strengthen and define your abdominal muscles for an attractive and eye-catching appearance.

  • Metabolism Booster: Stimulate your metabolism to shed excess weight and achieve a leaner, more toned physique.

  • Optimum Waist Size: Attain the ideal body height-to-weight ratio through affirmations that promote an ideal waist size.

  • Work Out Motivation: Boost your drive to exercise, enabling you to stay committed to your fitness routine.

  • Lean Muscular Body: Build a lean, muscular physique that radiates strength and masculinity.

  • Strong, Muscular, and Perfect Physique: Transform your body into a powerful and well-built form that captivates attention.

Note: The “Grow Taller” module is not included in this product as it may not work for everyone. If your growth plates have been fused for a long time, the “Grow Taller” module will have no effect. However, if your growth plates have not yet fused, you can click here to download the version with the “Grow Taller” module, which is priced similarly but has longer audio files.

What is the Difference Between the 2.0MX version and the 5.0 Version?

The 2.0MX versions of the Alpha Male Charm series were extremely successful in our store. They were so popular that even people who didn’t believe in subliminal programs bought them and brought us, new customers. Some men even asked us to create female versions of the Alpha Male Charm series for their friends, wives, or girlfriends. This program has been tested by people all over the world, making it the product with the most diverse range of customers on our store. Through feedback, we gained a better understanding of areas to improve and made significant enhancements to the script. Almost every word has been revised to be more effective, resulting in a much faster version compared to the previous one. You can experience the improved version on our YouTube channel.


Warning: If you change your mind later on, we will not offer you any refund to purchase the version that you feel fits you. We have two options for this program that you can test on our YouTube Channel before purchasing.

Please click on any of the links below and use the program according to the instructions.

If a video is not working, do not worry, it must be in the process of being rebuilt. It will be published shortly.

Alpha Male Charm Part 2: Male Beauty YouTube Video 1.

Alpha Male Charm Part 2: Male Beauty YouTube Video 2.

If you are interested in a standalone program aimed at making you taller, please click here for more details.

Testosterone Booster is not going to be as strong as the testosterone booster module found on the standalone program named Super Testosterone Booster 4.0X

Accelerate Your Results:

To expedite your progress, combine this subliminal program with regular exercise and affirmations designed to enhance your motivation to work out. These additional steps can significantly amplify your overall transformation.

Effectiveness and Age Considerations:

While Part 1 of the program is suitable for men of all ages and races, Part 2 may be less effective for older individuals whose growth plates have fused over an extended period. Height-related changes may be slower in such cases. However, if you wish to test it out, visit our YouTube channel by clicking HERE and try it for a few days.

As the program focuses on height gain and alteration of bone structures, achieving results may take time. While the changes required in Part 1 may appear more dramatic, they are comparatively minor. Dividing the program into two parts aims to provide you with faster and more noticeable results.

Unlock your true male beauty with the power of subliminal affirmations. Part 2 of the Male Beauty Subliminal Program offers specific affirmations to help you sculpt the ideal masculine physique. Combine it with exercise and motivation-boosting affirmations for accelerated results. This program has undergone extensive testing and is proven to be effective. Start your journey to enhanced male beauty and embrace the transformation.

Note: Please consult a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diet or exercise routine.


Improved 3D Affirmations Technology: Positive affirmations are sent from one ear, and affirmations to clear Negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace Negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the Negativity to come back.

Self-Adjusting Speed Absorption. The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will absorb them regardless of your mood or state of mind.

5.0SB Tech: The Main difference between this tech and the previous versions is how we build the script. Since patenting these techniques is almost impossible, we do not want to type how this works. Apart from the fact that it is one of the techniques we use to make multiple modules more effective.

Improved Ultrasonic Version.

The ultrasonic option (now renamed ‘Silent‘)  will now be standard in all our subliminal programs; this allows our listeners to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the regular version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic. We have renamed the ultrasonic as ‘Silent.’

Click Here to learn more about the Ultrasonic/Silent version.

Brainwave Sessions:

There are no brainwave Sessions for this program.

Please click here or the link below to learn more about the brainwave session and how to use them.

This is a Type B Program. Click Here or on the link below for more details on it.

This program may not work for everyone for reasons beyond our control. Some men and women may have developed a resistance towards manifesting physical changes, or changes may be too slow.

For such people, we continue to offer programs that are not focused on any physical changes.

Please click on any of the titles below to understand more.

Attract Beautiful Women 3.5

Irresistible Sexiness 5.0PM


  • Recommended listening duration: 2 to 8 hours per day.
    You may listen for up to 10 hours, but exceeding this limit is not advised for this version.
    The previous version required a minimum of 4 hours and could be played for up to 18 hours.
  • Start by listening for 2 hours a day for one week.
    Initial phase may not show significant changes, but you might feel something different happening.
    Increase listening duration if you don’t experience positive effects yet. You can consider increasing the number of loops even if you do experience positive results.
    Experiment with the number of loops (no strict rules).
    Avoid exceeding 10 loops to prevent increased resistance.
  • Consistency is crucial for desired results.
    If you miss a day or two, add an additional 2 days to your schedule.
    Adjust for weekends if you can’t listen, but aim for consistency.
     Missing more than 6 days is better to start over.
  • Maximize program benefits by listening consistently for 1 to 6 months.
    Allows for a comprehensive and transformative experience.
  • Each loop is approximately 1 hour long (or 1 hour and 5 minutes for the AMC 5.0T P2 Version)

Remember, the key is to find a listening routine that works best for you and stick to it consistently.

This program is designed to do a lot of small changes. The speed of changes can vary from person to person. Some changes may take longer than others.

We retain the right to maintain the affirmations and script utilized to develop this program as a trade secret.


2 reviews for Alpha Male Charm 5.0 Part 2

  1. 4 out of 5


    I’ve had this for about two months and I think I’m starting to see a bit of a Difference, I’ve always Struggled with working out, manly in the the past in the gym comparing myself to others then I Just gave up within like 10 minutes, then I Thought what’s the point, I’ve started working out at home with Dumbbell the last 2 months and my motivation has Definitely improved, I’ve never really had a 6pack mostly a 4pack, but the last few Days, I’ve started noticing a 6pack stating to come

  2. 5 out of 5


    Hi guys.

    This subliminal is awesome and it is soo powerful, literally I can feel the energy in My body.

    In only two loops into it I was sitting in a chair and started listening to it when I stood up my core (ABS) started paining and i feel more energetic. People look at me a lot. My body posture also changed as mentioned in description alpha male charm.
    Picking only healthy diet 🥦🍎🥗🍌.
    It’s bringing lot of testosterone in, I can feel my voice changing .

    Workout motivation haven’t kicked in yet.

    Thank you.

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