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Motivate Yourself 3.0 Subliminal

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Motivate Yourself 3.0

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Motivate Yourself 3.0 is the most powerful subliminal program designed to boost your level of motivation with powerful affirmations for motivation and help you achieve more success and reach goals

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How to be Motivated?

With the help of our specialized subliminal program. you can increase your level of motivation that helps you become more successful and reach your goals.
Motivate Yourself subliminal program contains affirmations for motivation that have been developed with the feedback we got from countless people who have used Super Alpha Male and Super Alpha Female. The program rewires your brain by sending the powerful affirmations for motivation to your subconscious mind and boost your motivation to an optimum level and help you achieve your goals faster and get the things done and unleash your inner beast.

This extreme motivation subliminal program is an improved version of Unstoppable Motivation 2.0  which was launched two years ago. This new version is a result of countless feedback we received from those who purchased the previous version. Almost all affirmations from the previous program have been either modified or replaced with more effective ones to work faster and effectively.

Those who purchased the Alpha Motivation 2.0MX will be upgraded to this program for free. All you need to do is revisit your download link and you can find the latest update.

Affirmations for Motivation

I am incredibly motivated at all times.
It is my will to be always motivated to get things done.
Motivation comes to me naturally and effortlessly anytime I want.
Right from the beginning of the day till I go to bed, I stay motivated.
I am incredibly motivated and driven at all times.
I let go of anything negative that is preventing me from being a motivated person.
My motivation is inspiring to everyone around me.
I am always looked up to as someone with high energy, drive, and motivation
I am always motivated at any stage of any project no matter what the distractions are.
I am filled with the positive energy that is fueling my motivation and it uplifts everyone around me.
Every day I get more motivated to get things done
Every step I take brings me closer and closer to my goal..and more!

We are only displaying a fraction of the affirmations for motivation we used in this subliminal program.

Improved 3D Affirmations Technology:

Positive affirmations are sent from one ear and affirmations to clear negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the negativity to come back.

Self Adjusting Speed Absorption.

The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will be able to absorb them regardless of how your mood or state of mind is. Complimented with the updated

3.0 Tech

This all-new, latest Gen technology has been on cards for years. It can be applied for only a select few subliminal programs. The intention is to give you much faster results than the previous generation of subliminal programs. It works much faster than the 2.0 tech and it digs deeper. The 3.0 Tech not only features more advanced techniques, but it’s also worth even more. If you consider buying subliminal programs for each of the problems it solves and the solutions it creates, the program will cost a lot more. But we have priced it to the point where the program is accessible to almost everyone around the world and gives the best value for money! 


Improved Ultrasonic Version.

Ultrasonic will now be standard in all our subliminal programs, this allows our listener to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the normal version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic.

Binaural Session: 

This session consists of specialized audio that helps you get results within seconds. Use this audio-only once a day, please do not use it for more than 3o minutes. Some of you may feel motivated within 5 minutes. As soon as you feel your motivation is increasing, please do not use it for more than 15 minutes. Please use a pair of headphones/earphones while listening to this as this session contains bilateral beats that play frequencies that are different from each ear. If you don’t have time to listen to this, or if you don’t want, you can skip this session. This session is only meant for increasing the results faster but it will not bring the long-term results that you can find in a subliminal program.


Well, the optimum exposure time to this program is 2 – 6 hours, you can listen up to 18 hours if you can, but not more than that.
You have to be consistent if you miss a day or two, it’s okay, but please add extra 2 days to the schedule. You may miss listening to the program on weekends, it’s okay, just add the number of days to the schedule, but try to be as consistent as possible. If you miss over 6 days, then it is better to start over.
Listen to the program for 1-6 months depending on your goals.




Do not download this program illegally, or pirate it in any way. This subliminal program contains very strong anti-piracy affirmations.
You can listen to this program by making multiple copies as longs you intend to use it for only yourself. If you would like to share this file with someone else, please advise them to download it from our website.

We reserve our rights to keep the full list of the affirmations used in the program as a trade secret

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing how fast it works. I have used a lot of subliminals from others and yours Fabio, but nothing worked as fast as this. The binaural audio is insane. You Fabio, have taken subliminals to a new level.

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