Super Intelligence Booster 6.0B

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Super Intelligence Booster 6.0 | Limitless Intelligence and Enhanced Cognitive Health. 

Type A

Super Intelligence Booster is a Powerful subliminal program designed to help you boost your intelligence, memory, IQ, and smartness with positive affirmations.


Super Intelligence Booster: Unlock Your Cognitive Potential

Super Intelligence Booster is a powerful subliminal program designed to enhance your intelligence, memory, IQ, and overall cognitive abilities through positive affirmations. Discover how the Super Intelligence Booster Subliminal can transform your mind.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Cognitive Abilities and Mental Clarity?

  • Imagine becoming significantly smarter by reshaping your self-image to that of a genius.
  • Have you ever wished for better memory and increased learning capacity?
  • Would you like to sharpen your mental clarity, focus, and concentration?
  • Do you desire the ability to concentrate for extended periods?
  • How about harnessing the full potential of your brain to achieve unparalleled success?
  • Would you like to elevate your intuition to extraordinary levels?
  • Have you ever wished to increase your IQ?

Super Intelligence Booster 6.0 is not just an upgrade; it features a completely revised script and additional modules, making it the most powerful subliminal program of its kind. Compared to the previous 4.0SB version, the 6.0 version incorporates heavily revised affirmations using newer techniques, allowing multiple modules to work together more efficiently. This format enables the addition of more modules without compromising speed or effectiveness.

Automatic Upgrade for 4.0SB Users: If you purchased the previous 4.0SB version, you have been automatically upgraded to the 6.0 version at no extra cost. Simply access the new files through the link you received with your original purchase—no need to email us for an upgrade link.

Humanity has been evolving for thousands of years, and as we progress, our IQ levels and cognitive functions continue to improve. Thanks to numerous breakthroughs, an enhanced education system, and the internet providing instant access to information, we are becoming increasingly intelligent.

Why Raise Your Intelligence Levels? Enhancing your intelligence can help you stand out in a crowded field of smart individuals. It gives you a silent yet ruthless competitive edge, keeping you ahead of others. Using this intelligence-boosting subliminal correctly can transform your life, giving you an unparalleled advantage. Imagine thinking several steps ahead of others—this program can help you leap forward, depending on your focus.

What Does the Updated Super Intelligence Booster Offer?

  • Enhance Your Intuition
  • Find the Best Solutions to Any Problem
  • Faster Information Processing and Problem-Solving
  • Achieve Anything Mentality
  • Holistic Perspective
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence
  • Improved Attention Span
  • Increase Your IQ
  • Superfast Learning Ability
  • Super Concentration Ability
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Unstoppable Success
  • Improve Your Creativity
  • Positive Attitude
  • Common Sense Booster
  • Improved Visualization Skills
  • Smarter Self-Image
  • Smarter Approach
  • Enhanced Cognitive Abilities and Clarity
  • Improved Brain Hemisphere Synchronization and Interhemispheric Communication
  • Efficient Neural Connectivity
  • Balanced Neurotransmitter Levels
  • Balanced Brainwave Rhythm
  • Improved Blood and Oxygen Flow to the Brain
  • Healthy Myelination

Click here to visit the link to compare this with the previous version.


Please click the ‘Play‘ button on one of the videos visible below if you would like to test it for a few days before you purchase it.

The Online versions are samples of what the paid versions can do. They are still more potent than most of the programs available for sale.


Improved 3D Affirmations Technology: Positive affirmations are sent from one ear, and affirmations to clear negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the negativity to come back.

Self-Adjusting Speed Absorption. The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will absorb them regardless of your mood or state of mind.

6.0Tech. We are introducing this format barely after just a year since we introduced the 5.0 tech. However, the feedback we received from our customers encouraged us to evolve this further. Since patenting these techniques is almost impossible, we do not want to type how this works. Apart from the fact that it is one of the techniques we use to make multiple modules more effective.

MMS: Multiple Module Synchronizer
This is a technique we developed first for SAM 2.0. It’s a way to link multiple modules to work efficiently and bring more consistent results from programs with so many modules. For the 4.0 versions, we developed this technique further during testing different subliminal programs, and SIB 4.0B is the first program on sale that gets this improved technique.


Improved Ultrasonic Version.

Ultrasonic option (which has now been renamed as ‘Silent‘)  will now be standard in all our subliminal programs, this allows our listeners to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the normal version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic. We have renamed the ultrasonic as ‘Silent’.

Click Here to learn more about the Ultrasonic/Silent version.


Brainwave Sessions:

This is a hybrid session that combines the properties of Hypnosis, brainwave audio, and subliminal messages.  By combining them, we have created a bespoke brainwave session that transitions into different frequencies to help you relax and go deeper into hypnosis if you want. The suggestions in these brainwave sessions are inaudible. They are an evolution of the previous brainwave sessions. This program will be the first product in our store to have this approach to use both Suggestions and affirmations that are used in the brainwave sessions to reduce internal resistance.

Then, we have another layer, a set of energetically programmed affirmations designed to communicate your positive intentions to your mind and body to experience the desired changes according to the law of attraction.

There are two Brainwave Sessions available with this program.

Brainwave Session for the Day:

As the name suggests, it is designed to be used during the day.

Brainwave Session for Sleep:

This Subliminal hypnosis session is designed to be used just as you are about to fall asleep.

You do not need to listen to both brainwave sessions on the same day. You can choose which one is more convenient for you. If you want to listen to both of them, you can. You do not have to stick to just one brainwave session. You can alternate between them.

These sessions were designed with the help of a hypnotherapist who has been our customer from the beginning. Our team learned a lot more about NLP techniques used in their field, and In exchange, we taught them some of our techniques to get long-lasting results for themselves and their clients. The script for the brainwave session was designed with their help. We will continue to seek ways to make our programs even more effective and deliver faster results.

Please note that this brainwave session continues to be optional. If you do not have time, you can skip it. The brainwave session in this 6.0 version has been carried over from the 4.0SB Version. The file has been simply renamed as the 6.0 version to avoid confusion. The brainwave sessions have a completely different scripting technique.

To know more about the brainwave sessions and how to use them, please click here or the link below.


This is a Type A Program. Click Here or on the link below for more details on it.




The optimum exposure time to this program is 2-6 hours. You can listen for up to 8 hours if you can, but not more than that. For most people, two hours may be enough. Listening for 4 hours can bring the results that the previous version brought when you used it for 8 hours.

The previous version needed 4 – 8 hours, or up to 18 hours if you could.

This subliminal program has a lot of things that can reduce the resistance of some people.
Listen to the program for 1-3 months.
If you choose to listen for up to three months, but you want to continue further, please take a break for two weeks. During this time, please do not listen to any other subliminal program. Most of you will continue to benefit if you are still listening to this program during this break.
After the break, you can restart this program and listen to this for just 2 hours a day, and you can continue listening to another subliminal program that is not classified as ‘TYPE A.’

7 reviews for Super Intelligence Booster 6.0B

  1. 4 out of 5


    This program works very well in fact my software development skills. Got better while running this one. I was so impressed i ordered a custom sub from them.

    Elena always answers my questions. The customer care makes all the difference.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am feeling really sharp ever since I started listening. I used to suffer from ADHD and a whole host of other issues, this seems to have made me closer to a mindset I always wished to have. This session has also helped me in other areas which I did not expect. I am at the moment single and seeing different women, but only on dating levels. I had a very tough time to stay focused in while conversing and I kept forgetting to make those suble moves or say the right words at the right time, but ever since I started listening to this, I have been able to do what I am supposed to do and say what I am supposed to say. Naturally this has improved chances and I am having an even better time as I am now able to have a little more control of how I want things to go. I have failed a lot of times, so many times that a person would just give up, but it is also my determination that has got me to this point.
    Obviously, I downloaded this session to help me with my work and that too is going very well.
    I agree with others, the customer care is very good. They answered a lot of questions before I even purchased it.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I feel physically and mentally better since I was listening to this booster. My mind had become much clearer and my learning capability was sharpened even I was listening to this in just 1 week but I feel better. I listened to the youtube version of this booster for one month and finally, I bought the premium version and I can feel the differences much better.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I can feel the difference between the old one and the new one in just a few hours. I felt a sort of vibration or goosebump the moment I started listening. I don’t know what that was, and it was my first time feeling like this when I heard to a subliminal. The audio I used was the calm ocean.
    I use this to improve the quality of my work. I had been getting distracted and being out of sync ever since I got back to work. I picked up a lot of bad habits while I worked at home. This audio is helping me immensely to get back on track, and I am almost there after listening to this only for five days. I have the old version too, which I brought two years ago. It now takes less than half the time for it to show the effect.
    Excellent job, Fabio and team.

  5. 5 out of 5


    SIB is the most underrated audio in the subliminal world. I rate this more than sam 2.0. I have not yet tried SAM5.0 to be fair.
    The difference in performance, the difference in how much money I am making by being more focused and smarter is immense. I don’t think I even need attract money and wealth. I regret for not getting this earlier.

  6. 5 out of 5


    This works excellent I have been studying for a certification exam that I failed 4x previously but listening to this for a month and studying I passed with an exceptionally high score this time.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Daryl Beckett

    Bonjour ! This is an excellent well crafted subliminal Mind Pro has done it again, if your looking for a quality subliminal that deliver results this is it, I highly recommend it purchasing it !
    Bonne écoute tout le monde ! 😊

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