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Do you have the habit of ruining your own chances of doing something positive by saying or doing something?

Self-sabotage manifests itself when you just stop yourself from doing something you know would be beneficial and successful, it manifests itself through you when you just go back to old habits that were not working when you started making good progress and it also manifests itself as an obstacle that always seems to be the one to get in the way of your success even though you could have easily surpassed it if you really tried.

Our subliminal program will help you to stop self-sabotaging your way to success.
This program is the most powerful of its kind you can find online. It is packed with very powerful affirmations to make profound changes in the way you feel about yourself and improve your chances of success.

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Listen to this track for at least four hours a day for the next 1-3 months. Or if you want super fast results you can listen to the track for at least 8 hours a day for the next month, but not more than 21 hours.
If you ever feel that you are being tempted back after 3 months, you restart and use this program as a refresher and listen to it for a week.
Listening to the track using headphones/earplugs.
After listening to the program for 4 hours with the normal version, you can shift to listening to the ultrasonic track if you are not in a position to use Headphones/earphones. The Instructions on how to use the ultrasonic version is inside the file you download.

You can listen to other music while listening to this track, and you can carry on other activities such as working, studying or playing or sleeping or working out, etc.

WARNING: Do not pirate this program anyway, it contains very strong anti-piracy affirmations which will make this program useless and reverse the effects. We reserve our rights to keep the affirmations we use for this program as a trade secret.


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