Super Entrepreneur 2.0MX

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Super Entrepreneur 2.0MX

Super Entrepreneur is the most powerful subliminal program designed to help you Become A Successful Entrepreneur with powerful affirmations.

You become a successful entrepreneur by developing certain habits that set you apart from the ordinary entrepreneur. These days, you can hear a lot of people being called entrepreneurs, but only a very few are really successful.

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Super Entrepreneur 2.0MX

Super Entrepreneur is the most powerful subliminal program designed to help you Become A Successful Entrepreneur with powerful affirmations.

How to become an Entrepreneur?

You become a successful entrepreneur by developing certain habits that set you apart from the ordinary entrepreneur. These days, you can hear a lot of people being called entrepreneurs, but only a very few are successful. This subliminal program will help you achieve your goals even if you do not know the rules on how to become an entrepreneur right from the first day!

Regardless of how much money you want to make or what goals you have, It’s only after you have developed a set of habits you can achieve those goals.

Affirmations to Become A Successful Entrepreneur.

This subliminal program contains the longest lists of affirmations we have used in any of our programs. This meant that we had to develop a way to effectively deliver the subliminal messages to your mind and get the results. Unlike many other subliminal programs on sale, this program is designed to help you take action. It is there to nudge to take action and get things done. If you have no intention to do what it takes to change and if you are just going to listen to this program while you sit in some corner playing games or watching tv, etc, please do not waste your time and money on this. This will not work for you. This is for someone serious about wanting to make changes and become a successful person.

This program had been under development and yet sold to a select few loyal customers for the past one year to help us develop it to a stage where we can sell it to anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur. So a big thanks to everyone who has been providing us constant feedback to help us improve this program. This is the program that took the longest to develop.
The people who helped us develop this program ranged from someone who was jobless, right up to multi-millionaires who wanted something that gave them an unfair advantage over their competitors.


Due to the sheer amount of affirmations, like many Alpha series programs, this program is divided into four stages. And each stage truly acts as a stepping stone to the next stage, so you must complete one stage at a time. If you want better results, please listen to each stage for 2 months.

Below, you can read what each stage is designed to cover.

Type A


. Overcome Fear of Failure
. Overcome Anxiety
. Disconnect from Other’s negativity
. Remove Negativity from within
. Be More Organized
. End Self Sabotage
. Forgive Others, Yourself, and Move On.
. Let Go Of The Past
. Overcome Guilt and shame.
. Overcome Fear
. Overcome social anxiety
. Stop Procrastination
. Improve Your Health
. Limitless Possibilities
. Supreme Self Confidence
. Super Entrepreneur
. Unstoppable Success
. Unstoppable Motivation
. Seize The Day
. Super Sales success
. Set Your Goals.
. Improve Your Memory.
. Superfast Learning.
. Wake Up Early.
. Deep Sleep.
. Get out of Debt.



.Destroy Procrastination.
.Relentless Positivity
.Unstoppable Success
.Destroy Stage Fear
.End Self Sabotage
.Millionaire Mindset
.Money Magnet.
.Balance Your Brain Hemisphere.
.Improve your memory, focus, and learning speed.
.Overcome Approach Anxiety (adapted to suit this program).
.Overcome Social Anxiety.
.Royal Charisma.
.Communicate Clearly.
.Find Your Niche.
.Unstoppable Confidence.
.Unstoppable Motivation.
.Unstoppable Success.
.Seek the Challenge.
.Super Entrepreneur.
.Social Magnet.
.Unstoppable Luck: Be in the right place at the right time.
. Perfect Health.
. Attract Customers.
. Dream The Right Solutions.

Stage 3:

Stage 3 contains additional affirmations of what’s already been used in stage 2 to enhance the results. Apart from that, the Quantum Shift Module has been infused in this stage.

Stage 4:

Stage 4 is a round-up of all the previous stages with even more affirmations from Quantum Shift infused in it. This stage can also be used as a refresher. But compared to the other stages, this stage has fewer affirmations overall. The need for this stage is just to reinforce what has already been covered in the previous stages and act as a refresher when needed.

This program is the most intense program we have created. While we do not claim that everyone who has tested has had phenomenal success, but most of them did! Some people who purchased this program did perhaps think that this may be a silver bullet to become a millionaire, but later understood and appreciated the work needed to get there. We do not guarantee that all of you are going to become a millionaire or your business or career boom while you listen to this program, but we are sure that you will change the trajectory of your life towards becoming a highly successful and skilled Entrepreneur.

Some of those who used this program were already multi-millionaires, and this program helped them out when it came to developing their already existing businesses or diversifying or starting another business right from scratch. There a few volunteers who were not so privileged when they started listening, but they have made massive gains after they started listening to this program.

If you are working for an organization, this program will still help you to continue giving your best towards helping the organization and enhancing your career. You do not have to be in the mindset of starting a new business to listen to this.

In the coming weeks, you will be able to read their testimonials.

Improved 3D Affirmations Technology:

Positive affirmations are sent from one ear and affirmations to clear negativity are said in the other. Thus we replace negativity immediately with Positivity. This will give no room for the negativity to come back.

Self Adjusting Speed Absorption | MX 2.0:

The affirmations are sent at varying speeds, and your mind will be able to absorb them regardless of how your mood or state of mind is. This part has now been improved and we are now capable of delivering the messages in a much more efficient way.

Improved Ultrasonic Version:

Ultrasonic/silent versions allow our listener to continue listening even while sleeping. But we advise everyone to listen to the normal version for at least 4 hours each day before shifting to Ultrasonic.

Binaural Session:

The binaural session is optional. It is to be used when you are in a relaxed state or just before you sleep by listening to it at an optimal volume. You can also listen while meditating. This session contains affirmations that are modified and it can bring faster results. You just have to listen to it once a day.

Quantum Shift:

This is a technique that we developed after years of research and applying these techniques to custom programs we built for our clients and ourselves. Apart from the affirmations designed to help you become a successful entrepreneur, we now have a module that is designed to help you shift your reality where you are a much more successful entrepreneur. This does not magically take you from one dimension to another, but its job is to convince your mind to see yourself in a dimension where you are already successful and align with it. But this still depends on YOUR willingness to take action. So please do not wait for things to change.


While this program has 4 STAGES.

You have to use each stage for at least 1-2 months. Some suggested that 45 days were enough. We leave it up to you.


Well, the best exposure time to this program is 8 hours, you can listen up to 18 hours if you can, but not more than that.

If you are already a reasonably successful entrepreneur and if you are just looking for a bit of boost, you do not have to listen to this for more than 4 hours.

You have to be consistent, if you miss a day or two, it’s okay, but please add an extra 2 days to the Minimum 31 days (1 to 2 months) schedule. You may miss listening to the program on weekends, it’s okay, just add the number of days to the schedule, but try to be as consistent as possible.



Ultrasonic is the silent version that can be used in situations where you can’t use your headphones/earphones. But, we advise everyone to listen to the normal masked version with headphones for at least 4 hours before listening to the Ultrasonic version.


The optimum volume for the ultrasonic version would be 20-30%. I have found that if you are using a VLC player, it is much easier to control the volume. More information on how to use the ultrasonic version can be found in the file you have downloaded. Please look for a file called ‘ULTRASONIC INFORMATION
If you use this program for one hour a day, it is a waste of time and money. You will not get any results.


Avoid Junk food for most of the time while listening to a program like this, please try to have a more healthy diet as this program does take a lot of energy. Also please make sure you are hydrated. If you require to take a few vitamin tablets, please consult a physician for advice on what’s best for you.

Drinking a bit of alcohol occasionally is perfectly okay, and we understand how alcohol flows in the world of entrepreneurs, but we advise you to keep it under control and have fun. Some people who were testing it admitted that the results were overall better when they stopped or restricted the alcohol intake.


Please use good quality headphones/earphones while listening to the masked/normal versions. It is important that headphones/earphones are of good quality. If you find a pair of headphones from a reputed brand for just $12 or $15, even that is good. Do not go for cheap ones.
Many people may be scared to use the ultrasonic version because they think it needs special speakers to work. All you need is a set of good quality STEREO speakers. I can give you one example of a pair of good-quality speakers you can find for less than $20. Logitec z120 is a good one. We tested it and it works. You can find any other speakers that are from a good brand with a similar configuration.
We at MIND PRO LABS wish you all the best and we hope to read about your positive transformation soon.

We are one of the few Subliminal Makers who is on the quest to improve our subliminal programs by applying new techniques to get the best out of our programs. Even while you use our YouTube versions, you can feel a lot of difference. Do not feel shy to test the YouTube versions if you are skeptical of how our programs work. It may have only a fraction of the affirmations we use for the paid version but it works much better than most of the paid versions of the subliminal programs with similar titles.

Please click HERE to go the YouTube video.

We reserve our rights to keep the affirmations/script as a trade secret.

Due to the sheer amount of affirmations, your mind needs a lot of time to process the information being fed and this for some can take time and it could be tiring. Make sure you are well hydrated and practice eating healthy food. Do not listen to any other programs/binaural beats or frequency etc on the same day. Please do not send us emails asking if it is okay to listen to any other subliminal programs /Binaural beats (other than the ones provided with your purchase)  on the same day.


Do not pirate this product or use pirated versions of this or any other programs on our website. We have infused strong anti-piracy affirmations designed to stop the program from working if pirated. The anti-piracy codes will be activated if you attempt the pirate it or use a pirated version. You may feel some gains while listening to the pirated version but eventually it will stop working completely and for the person who pirates this, the effects will wear off completely and no matter how many times you listen, you will never get back the results.

If you paid for this and you made multiple copies just for yourself, then it will work for you. Do not have to worry.

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13 reviews for Super Entrepreneur 2.0MX

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I guess I am the first one to review this sub!

    Firstly, I would like to give team Mindpro a big congratulations on launching this sub for everyone. I have been using this sub for the past one and a half years through its various iterations. I am impressed by the improvements made in the next version. I came to know about Fabio when I first used ‘Super Alpha Male’ which was a tremendous program. It was the first sub for Alpha Male that actually worked for me.

    Please don’t take this review as someone who is bragging about his success and please do not take my review and think it will work the same for you.
    I am already a successful entrepreneur and I was looking for something like this for the past four years to take me to the next level, I used various other products such as hypnosis, tapping and including the subs that cost much more than this. Some of them did work, but they were missing something and they didn’t do anything to improve my situation. Mindpro listened to my inputs a lot, and I think there were ten to twelve other entrepreneurs onboard who had given their inputs. Though they did share what was discussed between us, they did a very good job to hide our identities. It’s refreshing to meet a team of subliminal makers who don’t pretend to know everything and actually have the humility to listen to the potential clients. They have come a long way from the times they used to sell stuff off their YouTube channel. They were a lot rough on the edges but somehow managed to make products that worked. The ultimate version I have is a customized version of this project, it uses the same tech, but with lesser topics and I did use this version too. Though this version was given to me to test for free, the final version is something I requested them to build and I paid for it.

    I think there will be more reviews on this product that will be covered in a better way, but I will just keep it short by saying that, this sub helped address the spots where I was weak, and strengthen where I was already stronger. It has made me more gritty in the way I approach the challenge and I sometimes grab the challenges by its neck and try to win it. I have an extra inner drive to get things done. The module called, Quantum Shift is something I didn’t know if it worked for me at first as I am already a reasonably successful entrepreneur and a millionaire. Though my life is still kinda same, I have the same house and cars, I noticed my social circle is broadening and I am meeting more people who are more successful than me. This has given me new goals and targets on what to achieve. Those who have achieved the success level I have my notice more changes than I have as some people who tested had shared this.

    I would suggest you guys reading this review to read a few books on finance. A book like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ will enable you to change the way you think about money and success. I recommend ‘Rich dad and poor dad’ too. There are countless other books too but these two books are the ones that spring into my mind. Please share in your reviews or on their youtube channel about any other books that may be helpful for us to move up.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I would like to say that I had been given a free copy of this program for testing. I am a very loyal customer and I have requested a couple of custom programs from them. If my requests were not realistic they were frank enough to tell me that it won’t work as expected, unlike few other subliminal makers.
    I got a pleasant surprise from them in February of this year asking me if I would like to test this program in its final form. I have not been paid by them to test or review.
    They were looking for someone from my background. I accepted the request and stopped listening to another custom sub I had ordered a few weeks prior to getting invited. I did have to pay a small fee to download to get through the anti-piracy affirmations.

    From day two I could feel that this was different from anything I had used before. It has so many affirmations embedded in it, yet it worked very well. The difference I could feel on the second day was, I felt very refreshed after I woke up. I do get a decent amount of sleep but I always woke up in between and I felt very tired whenever I woke up. But when I started using this, I felt much more energetic and eager to get my day started.
    Fast-forwarding all stages, I can say that as a person I am a much more improved version of myself. I walk tall, I talk clearly, I am much more confident, motivated and energized and I now have a better sense of purpose.
    In my career, I already had a bar. It was doing okay in sales. But there were a couple of things to be improved. Though the beer was good, the rest of the things on sale were crap. A limited selection of wine kept a certain type of people away, burgers were stale. Patties were frozen, and the buns were from the supermarket. The decor was old, the place basically needed an update but I was still making enough money to get through. I was already aware of this but I kept procrastinating and I told myself, ‘What if nothing changes despite me making all these changes?’
    From the third week, I was already implementing changes. I stopped getting buns and frozen patties from the super market, instead I went to the local market for fresh meat and veggies and other things. I stopped taking short cuts and my kitchen staff were actually loving it. I gave control of the kitchen to my chef. I stopped interfering. I had been hesitant to do this, but the moment I gave him the control, he gave me this big hug and let me know that things will be better. We decided to close the place for a week for a quick renovation and we lightened up the place with the help of a very young interior designer who had just graduated. It was risky but she knew a lot of things for her age. She assured me that I won’t have to spend that much money and she knew where to get the accessories. It just paid off. I spent 1/10 of what was quoted by others and the place looked so much better. She added a few touches that men won’t bother paying attention to, but women appreciated a lot. We reopened the place on time and right from the word go, the place started getting packed. My chef was showing me what more can be served and I noticed that we were now almost a Bristo style bar. I thought for a day and I decided to let the place become a Bristo Bar where there will be an area where you can have your drinks or restaurant-style dining with moderately priced fresh food. It worked. The business has never been better, in the first two weeks alone, I had already made the money I spent on the renovation. I am attracting more local people and hungry travelers who are looking for a warm place to take a break. More locals are admitting that they can now get away from cooking dinner and take a break in our establishment, with some asking me, what took us that long. I had a feeling that I may have to fire a few of my old staffs, but they all got up to speed, they are proud to work here and the star among them is my chef. I never knew he was this talented. Of course, like anything in life, there were ups and downs, nothing was straight forward. We had trouble from other restaurants because we did not have the permission to serve much apart from quick bites, but a customer who was impressed with the changes helped us out to solve these details very fast. It was a steep learning curve which was very enjoyable.
    You may think why I typed these details. I used to be too stubborn let go of my control of the place to my staff. I thought they would mess it up and I kept bothering them, especially my chef. He would have quit if he didn’t have children enrolled in the local school.
    But when I started listening to this, I was letting go of the emotions, feelings attached to the past that has made me this control freak and I was loosening up and appreciating the value that others can bring in. Earlier, I thought it was just about me, but now I realize it’s a whole team. I have sometimes worked as the staff there and let my manager be my boss when we had too many guests and I have now hired a few more staffs who can help me be more organized. I did have to keep spending money for some time, but I made enough to cover the expenses and I didn’t have to take any loans. I think, the affirmations for ‘Get out of debt’ helped out here. But I am considering to open another Bristo a few miles away from here and I am seeking professional advice on how to run two Bristo successfully, so I will have to take a loan for that.
    The combination of affirmations have been beautifully put to make this work well.
    Thanks for choosing me to test this, I am still going ahead and purchasing this product to repay.


  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thanks for choosing me to test this. It came at a time when things hit rock bottom. I do not know if it’s my belief in the law of attraction or just pure luck that I was invited. Having used subliminal programs for years, I did not ever get to where I want despite good results mainly due to the fact that I was listening to too many videos, frequencies or mp3 files on the same day. It was after I started using this I realized my mistake and corrected it immediately despite a lot of temptation. I have not started new business like some people who used this, Instead this program helped me grow up in ranks in the place where I am employed. Before listening to this, I was not in a very good position and I could have been on the black list to be fired. I was perhaps making it worse by imagining the worst things happening to me. Self esteem and confidence had been very low. After starting this, I feel my confidence, motivation and self esteem have shot up and it helped me a lot to move up in the company I am working for.
    Thanks once again for choosing me to test this.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Beautifully put together, it was a wonderful journey. End results were better than expected.
    Excellent customer care.
    Congratulations on the launch.


  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    Using this for the past two weeks. This is my second subliminal from this team. The first one was Unstoppable Success.
    I do not know if it has something to do with the subliminal, but I have been renewing so many contacts from my business that went cold. I was finding out what everyone were doing and how we can start working together again. I do not see affirmations targeted at this, but maybe it is a combination of a lot of different affirmations. I have also been getting calls from businesses that stopped communicating with me due to a few disputes or miscommunications with an intention of restarting the business with me. It feels surreal actually.
    The fact that I can get so many choice of background sounds and an ultrasonic track with this is a good thing.
    I have to give it more time to understand how much this product is bringing in.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    I bought this subliminal on 21 Sep 2019, I didn’t see any drastic shift but I have to say that after listening to stage 1 my attitude and habits are changing I mean I can feel it. I am taking wise decisions and actually putting in work that is needed! It takes a lot of listening I guess before results can be felt. Moving on to stage 2, will update in few weeks.


  7. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sanjay Kumar

    I finished Stage 2, and I am on a two day break.
    The changes are sometimes too subtle to notice, I started changing little by little and I was thinking I was not making any gains. It was only a couple of days into this program I realised that I was not procrastinating that much and I had been waking a lot earlier than usual. Sometimes I wanted to start my day as early as 4.30.
    I have also noticed that I was starting to work more in my office. I am still doing my internship, by the end of stage 1, I had my full time job confirmed in the same company, but a different location.
    During the start of Stage 2, I noticed that the results faded away and there was a strong resistance for about 3 days, I wanted to go back to my old self of being lazy, sleepy and grumpy, then it disappeared and I am back to progress.
    I have to agree with the others who say they need to listen to this program a lot in order to get results.
    I use the normal version for four to five hours a day and use Ultrasonic for 7 or 8 hours while sleeping.
    I will return in a few weeks time.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ghazi B

    A small intro before I type the review.
    Used to be unemployed before I started SAM classic a couple of years back.
    I started listening to SAM, and it kinda inspired me to start my own business based on where I am strong. I loved to do detailing on cars, so I learnt a lot of stuffs from YouTube university and applied for practical courses offered by the people who make these products. Rented a small garage where I could park two or three cars, borrowed my friend’s old Stang and worked on it for free and used that as a demo and got people moving their rides into my shop in no time. It was a slow start by steady. Alpha body language helped to make sure I showed who was the boss to some clients who sometimes spoke like they knew more about my job than I did. Got lucky with ladies a couple of times. Then I stuck with that program for a long time on and off. But I reached a threshold where think It was not helping me get to the next stage and SAM 2.0 did seem appealing for me but I wanted something else. SSM was not what I needed as I was already very good with ladies and SAM Classic already helped me to make me the dominant one and opened my eyes to a lot of interesting things that I didn’t know before.
    So this came at the right time. I had been discussing about similar products with other subliminal vendors, they acted a bit more arrogantly. I wanted a change from these guys, purely due to curiosity. Despite a bit of heated exchanges, I did purchase a few products that were cheaper than this but promised more potential. They didn’t work at all and I do not know why. Then I came back to purchase these guys and they seem to have improved a lot compared to how they were doing before. In the past I sent money via paypal and they sent the files via email. Despite producing a very good product in SAM, they were very rough on the edges, but now they got a very sweet sales team, who are very helpful and not at all arrogant, which was a very good sign that they are doing something well!
    Now enough of that, and I will get back to the product!
    I have finished just the first stage, and do I feel a big difference?
    NO! The changes are really subtle, they seem to be aimed at getting us ready for the next stage.
    I can see a tiny improvements in almost every area of my life. I procrastinate less, I wake up much earlier and at the end of the day, I seem to have more than enough time to complete everything I wanted. Confidence wise, I do not feel much of a difference because I was already a very confident person and SAM took it o another level. I did procrastinate a lot before, but after starting this, procrastination is the one area that has seen the biggest change. Motivation too has improved but not much, and I think there is more room.
    I am seeing that I am keeping everything neat and tidy and I am going one step further to make my customers feel happy. Customers feel a bit more welcomed when they visit me and I am able to now convince them to leave their car with me for a couple of days more with more ease than before. It means more money. I am thinking of expanding my business and offer more services like restoring and painting. For that, I have to move to a different location, and I don’t mind.
    I will be back after I complete stage 2. For now, I give it full marks, especially because of their customer service.

  9. Rated 4 out of 5

    K kobayashi

    I was skeptical at first as I had got a copy of something similar from another vendor a couple of years ago and it just left me confused.
    This feels a bit different, Nothing ground breaking has happened yet as I have completed only two weeks, but I feel more clear and focused.
    It feels like it’s laying the ground work for the next stages.
    I will return after finish the 2nd stage.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have to put my hands up and say that I tested the initial version of this and I felt the effects but I didn’t update them well enough and I was kicked out of the testing phase. I rightly deserved it. I am saying sorry to Mind pro team again. But I purchased this version when it was costing $125 because I felt that money will be recovered in no time and I did!

    These tracks do deliver what they say but you should expect some delay in results. You may think you are not getting the results but then take a step back and observe the changes that are happening in and around you. You will be surprised how many small changes you are making in the first two weeks itself. No amount of praise can justify the clear thinking that went into while they built it and I have to say that this is the best of it’s kind.
    I think I was very lucky in the first place to have started listening to this a few months before this corona mess and used the time to study about investing and how to manage them from multiple sources. I have done this in the past but I have rarely acted on it. But while I was listening to this, I felt I was more driven to act on things stage by stage, seek help when necessary, pay people for the right help rather than trying to freeload and fail. I have learned the difference between good loans and bad loans. I was already self-employed but I hardly got any other income apart from what I already have. I am now the owner of four properties which I got for a very cheap price and found a way to renovate it very well without breaking the bank. Two of them were purchased with my own money and the other two were purchased with a loan and I have divided those two properties which I got with loans into two, so one half of the payment goes into my pocket and the other half goes to the bank to pay off the loans. I also met some car enthusiasts during a conference where I accidentally happen to hear them talk about values of cars shooting up, and I along with two other chaps purchased a few that were hardly running but still in decent shape, renovated them and sold them for almost twice the value and we have split the money. On this journey, I met a lot of really nice people. You also meet people whose only intentions are to rip you off, there is some filter they have put in this program that lets you know that they are up to no good.
    During these tough times caused by the spread of the coronavirus, many people have lost their incomes, these though times are going to cause a lot of trouble for people who live from cheque to cheque and I am sorry for them as not all of the party and burn their savings. I used to live like that a couple of years back until I woke up one day and imagined what will happen if there is a big problem. So I give myself the credit for waking up and seeking the knowledge and tools to help me. I am now in a very comfortable situation, the fact that I have leased my properties to people who have no problems to pay me because they are either students with scholarships that support their accommodation or some properties that are being used as warehoused by big online retail giants ensures I don’t have to worry about the flow of money for some time, and even if it stops next month, I have built a comfortable cushion to help me get through these tough times. This is why they are called savings.
    I used to burn through money and buy a lot of useless things. I would have been one of those guys who would have brought those cars I renovated and sold for big margins, but now I have lost the attachments to these things and I only see what I can get out of it rather than being emotionally attached to such expensive objects and pour money into them. It’s the same with real estate properties. I did not invest in fancy looking properties, I just looked at places where nobody is looking and found out who my potential clients are going to be and based on those results I purchased it and found the right clients. If I had tried to purchase a property before listening to this program, I would have ended up purchasing something pretty and would end up with almost no income out of it. I have not yet gained the full confidence in buying and flipping properties, something within me stopped me from doing it, but I now see that it was right I didn’t do it because the value of some properties is going to do down in many places due to the economic slowdown caused by the lockdown. You may think that I am mean to be using these tough times prey on people who need money but this is how things work and I don’t hurt anyone. I will keep trying to learn more about buying and selling properties and the legal details I need to pay attention to.

    This is worth every penny, if they had priced it $1000, I would have still gone ahead and downloaded it. It worked well enough for me and their support is excellent.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lily Tran

    I was invited to test the SE subliminal series back in August last year. My husband and I were both testing this. So far, I have finished all 4 stages of this SE series while my husband is still at stage 4 because of his on-and-off schedule.

    It was a long journey and I reported to Mindpro team very often. They know me well as I was using and reporting to them during the Mega life success series last year.

    Stage 1

    Myself: In February 2019, the Mega life success (MLS) series changed my life a lot. That time I was just promoted to a manager level and very worried about that. Using the subliminal, I was studying a lot and learning many new skills. But I did not simply apply them to my work. I digested them and then used them in the way that most suit my work and myself. And I built a really different leadership style, like no-one in the company. It worked very well, my team mates trusted me and counted on me much more than I expected.

    During SE, I become less aggressive. I do not try to win the discussion, the deal at any cost. I want the win-win situation. I support other departments, other teams. I am more flexible. I am not trying hard to prove myself, I try to be less noticed. It seems that I am against all the improvements I made during MLS, but it is actually not. I think this is the higher level of those skills.

    My husband: his company attended an exhibition and he was standing at the booth to talk with oversea visitors. And his CEO happened to see that and back to the company, he told the HR manager to make a promotion plan for my husband. The reason is: when he saw my husband standing there and confidently talking to clients, my husband is like “shining” (his word) like a real businessman. And he’s very sure that my husband should really become a businessman and step up to higher level of management. When the HR manager told him and he told me, I was literally shocked as I am always complaining about his communication skill. He’s a manager but he’s from engineering, so he’s lack of many business skills.

    Stage 2

    I got promoted to a higher management level which can be called a mini-CEO in the company. And almost at the same time, my husband got promoted to General manager of the factory from the Production manager position which he has been doing for quite some years.

    Those promotions were out of our expectations but they happened. It was incredible and kinda unbelievable. Of course we were worried about the new position and responsibility, but we believed that the subliminal would give us a push when we needed it the most. Like always.

    Stage 3

    During the stage 3, we were extremely lucky in office work as well as outside investment. Stronger intuition. Better income.

    Stage 4

    Nothing much about work to notice during this stage. My 6yo son told me that I changed a lot. I used to be very impatient with him but recently I become much more calm and patient. I also notice that I stay calm not only in work but also in daily life.

    My husband is still on the stage 4.

    After the SE sub series, what I am feeling is that, entrepreneur is not about owning a company or not, or leading one or not, or being super wealthy or not. Entrepreneur is the mindset that makes us act more freely and fearlessly and choose new things or new ways which we never think of before. It is the freedom from the inside.

    *** Last minute update: I will completely resign this September, already notice the CEO. I will start my own business which I’ve been into very long time.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very good sub this is.
    I just needed to use this sub for 4 hours a day and I was starting to see the results come little by little. I did not use the ultrasonic version nor the binaural version. I only used the traditional subliminal files.
    Since I was initially sharing a room with another person, I did not want to use the ultrasonic files, but when Moved into a different apartment where I was alone in the room, I just continued to not use any subliminal while I slept and it still worked great for me. They should remake The SAM 2.0 With this tech and I am sure they are doing.
    Excellent support team led by Elena, and Silvia covering her when she wasn’t working.
    A couple of years back, I remember sending messages via Youtube when they still had that feature and Fabio replying.
    It’s nice to see him have a website and a few very professional people help him.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am yet to use the premium version, but I am still giving them full 5 stars because, all their products worked for me in the past. They advised me which ones to consider and avoid. If they had not advised me, I would have ended up wasting my time and money. But the reason I am giving them five stars is, today I got nearly $20 of refund because I had purchased it just as when the discount offer expired and they had decided to extend the discount offer for two more days. Even though I didn’t demand the discount, they still refunded the money because they felt that was the right thing to do. Thank you Elena and Silvia. It’s difficult to come across a customer care that is as kind as you two are.
    I am sending you all my positive vibes and energy. May you all succeed in anything you choose to.

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